Venus in Cancer

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by Moon, which is a watery planet. Moon shares an inimical relationship with Venus, which again is a feminine watery planet. People born with this placement are under the strong influence of the water element and have a quick ‘flow‘ of feelings. They are sensitive and quickly get attached to people. They are especially vulnerable in love because they can be easily sweet-talked and can get hurt. They trust others easily and are quite optimistic in love matters. They get attracted to the opposite sex and their own personality is also magnetic. They are nonetheless quite sympathetic to others.

This analysis is Moon Sign based. Vedic Astrology predictions are so accurate because Moon Sign can be determined only with exact birth details. If you don’t know your Moon Sign, FIND OUT INSTANTLY by filling in the form below.

Venus in Cancer makes the person wise, learned, strong, virtuous and powerful in terms of social and professional success. It also gives a strong penchant for creative and artistic pursuits. These people do well in creative fields such as arts and beauty. They desire a lot of wealth and happiness in life. They usually face troubles due to their strong linkage with women and wine. They can be quite moody and unpredictable too. People with Venus in Cancer should try to be emotionally strong. They should avoid the tendency to sulk and blame it all on themselves.

Jupiter in Capricorn

(Moon Sign based)

Jupiter is the significator of prosperity, abundance, children, spouse, and a blissful married life and Capricorn gives ambition, self-discipline and growth with a proper form and structured planning. You will be rooted in your belief system and patterns. However, this position may bring sadness and dissatisfaction despite your achievements.

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Jupiter in Pisces

(Moon Sign Based)

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion makes you curious, innovative, anxious, and intelligent. If not afflicted, Jupiter in Pisces will bless you with loving relationships and financial stability.


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