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Venus in Capricorn

Capricorn is a movable Earth sign and there is a sense of fixity in their character and temperament. They tend to be reserved and emotionally contained people. And when Venus, the planet of love is placed in Capricorn, it gives trouble with expressing feelings and emotions to the partner. People with Venus in Capricorn find it hard to assert their desires and put them across to their partner. They tend to be timid in love life. There is insecurity in their mind, the feeling of rejection and ultimately loneliness and they tend to run away from this, which makes them appear emotionally unavailable at times.

There is sense of seriousness and discretion in how they conduct their affairs. They are quite practical concerning their love matters. In fact, they are skillful in deception, if required. This position of Venus gives them a lot of distress and also heart related diseases. These people are best in professional domain. They should however accept their partner as a helping hand in the times of struggle in order to achieve success.

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