Venus in Aries

Aries is fire, ruled by Mars, which is also a fierce planet. Both Venus and Mars are neutral towards each other. When a watery feminine planet occupies Mars’ sign, the person becomes assertive in their expression, especially in love life. Such people tend to be cheerful and positive, with a striking zeal for life. They are fun to be around and have a sense of excitement in their aura. In romantic situations, these people tend to be excessively energetic and impatient.

They can also be careless in their love life at times. Their manner of loving someone is quite direct and upfront. They cannot sugarcoat their romantic feelings by labeling the relationship as friendship. They can be aggressive too. But they are honest, full of adventure and with an enthusiasm for life. Both Venus and Mars represent passion and sensuality and amalgamation of their energies leads to excessive sexual feelings and attraction. Venus in Aries also gives a tendency to show interest in others’ spouses. They are also irreligious and quite driven towards the materialistic or indeed corporeal aspects of life. They do nonetheless possess an attractive personality. They are artistic beings, with strong inclination towards creative pursuits, beauty and fine arts.

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