Venus in Aquarius

(Moon Sign Based)

Venus in Aquarius represents the one who has an intense desire to establish harmony in relationships & chase material goals through the upliftment of society.

Venus in Aquarius


Venus in Aquarius makes you excited to do new things and become goal oriented. You will never do anything that won’t make you crazy as Venus here behaves as an Uchchabhilashi, i.e., the one who is willing and excited to get exalted in the next destination of Pisces. Venus in Aquarius is an optimistic and positive attribute of anything.

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Aquarius is the epitome of blessing shower on society whereas Venus represents love and harmony. It is like looking at the world through gentle and loving eyes with complete optimism.

There might be some issues too because Venus is a benefic planet, placed in Aquarius, the sign of a malefic planet, Saturn. Venus in Aquarius can make you goal oriented. It indulges you in the expectation of fruits of life and this is why it becomes difficult for you to perform Karma without the expectation of outcome. Here, Venus does not promise spirituality. The desires, the emotions and the want of something are excess.

You can work as a merchant (especially a diamond merchant) or a businessman who deals in metals, jewelry, ornaments, perfume, hotels, resorts, and dairy products. Venus in technical sign, Aquarius can, make you an animation designer. You can be involved in the field where you can sell creativity, emotions and art. You can become a good poet or musician as well.

As far as health is concerned, Venus in Aquarius causes health problems related to urination, diabetes, eyesight, dry eyes, and excessive lust. Venus in Aquarius is also responsible for pain in legs and ankles. If affliction is severe, Venus can give health troubles related to kidney.


What happens when Venus retrogrades in Aquarius?

Your desires and lust would become uncontrollable when Venus gets Retrograde in Aquarius. In the desire to become a free-spirited personality, you will never know when you would have been caught in self-trapped situations. You will experience a boundary or restriction. Your desires will trap you.

Retrograde Venus in the sign of Aquarius, can sometimes give you uncompromising nature where you never settle in less. However, this approach has its own pros and cons.


What happens when Venus combusts in Aquarius?

You may become perfection seeker when Venus gets Combust in the sign of Aquarius. You will start finding faults and shortcomings in society and among people. You will start taunting government rules and regulations. This is the best placement if you can guide masses to upgrade their level of creativity.

If you have combust Venus in Aquarius, you have potential to make this world beautiful by joining politics, NGO or any other social services.


Venus in Aquarius: Effects in all 12 Houses

Venus in Aquarius in 1st House

You are good looking, self-centered, resourceful, and lucky. You are always ready to impress the people and you have unique and multiple talents. There is a high possibility that you will be a good dancer or singer.

You may look like your mother. Your mother too could be very creative. You would enjoy good wealth and luxuries. Married life will be really good. Your spouse would be beautiful and would come from a rich and reputable background. Finances too will rise after marriage.

You can do well in the artistic field. You have potential to become an excellent diamond trader. Diplomatic and convincing skills are good. You can go into the field of acting and modeling. You need to take care of yourself as issues related to diabetes are possible.


Venus in Aquarius in 2nd House

You are good-looking and can be involved in family business. Your voice is polite and attractive. You have the ability to guide others. You can be fond of jewelry, especially diamonds.

You can face delays in having kids. If you are female, there is a high possibility that delivery of child may not be normal. Education will be good but a break in education is also indicated. There might be a break in education, and you can shift from studies to family business.

You can face issues like weak eyesight. You can have diabetes too. You may love to eat sweet foods as well. Wealth is really good, and it shows you are born and brought up in a rich environment. Your tastes are luxurious and expensive.


Venus in Aquarius in 3rd House

You are energetic, diplomatic and goal oriented. You have the caliber of obtaining what you want through your constant efforts. You can be good at sports and may love to indulge in creative arts.

You can be a good painter, architect or animation designer. You will get success in life, but after a delay. Venus in Aquarius is really a good placement for attaining a success with the help of siblings and colleagues, especially if they are females.

You can face issues like thyroid. The body may remain dry. You can be habitual of drinking plenty of water which is a good thing. You need to take care of your weight as well, especially if Jupiter has some association with Ascendant.


Venus in Aquarius in 4th House

You are emotional and take a lot of decisions on the basis of your current emotions and mindset. You can be inclined towards foreign culture. There is a high possibility that you will live in foreign lands or far away from your birth land.

Married life will be good but will take place after a delay. Your spouse may be your mother’s choice. After marriage, assets and property will grow. Your spouse could be older than you.

The placement is good for doing business. Business dealing in royal antiques, cars and jewelry will be favorable for you. Your health can be affected, especially issues related to lungs and breathing problems can be experienced. You need to take care of your health.


Venus in Aquarius in 5th House

You are intelligent, cunning and creative. You can have stage talents. You can become a very good actor. You can be romantic and fickle-minded. You are very good at maintaining and establishing contacts and networks.

There is a high possibility that a break in education may be there due to distraction, most probably towards the people of opposite sex. You can learn music and acting in a school. You would have been interested in participating in co-curricular activities in your school time. You can win many rewards through your artistic talents.

Progeny issues are possible. You can face delays related to your first childbirth. You can face issues related to diabetes, pancreas and hernia. You may look younger than your age. Your wealth will increase a lot, but slowly, most probably after the age of 36.

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Venus in Aquarius in 6th House

You can have bad health and low immunity. You are not flexible and can be bad at maintaining and establishing relationships with anyone. If malefic influence is present, your character can also be questionable.

You can face issues related to kidney, appendicitis, infertility or weak eyesight. You need to take care of it. If there is strong involvement of Ketu/ Mars/8th house Lord, surgery can be possible.

You may face issues or conflicts with women at workplace. Your married life may have some issues. You can have conflicts with your spouse about so many things.


Venus in Aquarius in 7th House

You are a good-looking, gentle, materialistic, diplomatic and business-minded person. You have all the traits of a businessperson, but business will be lucky and fruitful more into partnership.

In business, you can deal with coals, diamonds, generating electricity through dams or water bodies (especially if Venus is placed in Shatabhisha Nakshatra) and consulting business. Business in partnership with spouse will be really good.

Married life will be good. Your spouse can be your neighbor, colleague, or childhood friend. Your spouse can be older than you, or otherwise marriage can be delayed, especially after the age of 30.


Venus in Aquarius in 8th House

You are emotional, psychic and lustful personality. You are rich and have good command over occult related subjects. You can be fond of reading dark stuff. You love water and can be fond of hygiene.

You will enjoy a lot of inherited property through your family as well as through your spouse and in-laws. Mother’s health can be affected, especially some issues in her lower abdomen. You too can have some issues related to eyesight, urination and genitals.

You can do well in the field of technical research. If malefic influence is present in 8th house, the character can be questionable. Do not get involved in illegal or unethical activity.


Venus in Aquarius in 9th House

You are highly religious and spiritual. You have good contacts with foreigners, especially those who are religious or following any religious group or community. You will do a lot of foreign travel. This travelling can be possibly associated with pilgrimages as well.

Your child will be good and wise. You will be well educated and there is a high possibility that you will pursue a Ph.D. Your father will be a religious person. You can meet a lady as a Guru.

You are creative and will enjoy good fame in music and poetry. You can get success in playing a musical instrument. There is a high possibility you would have inclination in old music and reading ancient text and scriptures. You will explore spirituality a lot.


Venus in Aquarius in 10th House

You are ambitious, career-oriented and intelligent. You have the ability to establish your career through your own efforts. If your career is something through which you can help people by solving their problems, that would be quite lucky for you.

You can do well in the field of law (especially corporate law) and medicine (especially in medicines). Luck through a female at workplace is possible. If Saturn is well placed, you would become famous for your good deeds and blessed by a good social image.

Problem related to legs and lower portion can be possible. There is a high possibility that you walk slow generally. Your willpower or immunity can also be low. You can be lazy as well. If malefic influence is present in the 10th House, you can do bad deeds by will or by force.


Venus in Aquarius in 11th House

You are rich, and your family status could be high. You have a lot of wealth, and you enjoy the support of your elder siblings. You have more than one source of income. You will enjoy luxuries and company of women.

Wealth and financial gains will increase after marriage. If malefic influence is present on 7th House or on Venus, it creates the possibility of more than one marriage. Horoscopes of couples should be matched properly before entering the marriage relationship.

Progeny will be good looking and will enjoy wealth and luck. You can do love marriage as well. Luck will rise after the birth of the first child. Kids will be successful in their careers. Venus in Aquarius in the 11th House will bring comfort and reputation in society.


Venus in Aquarius in 12th House

You are free-spirited, a good mentor, spiritual and could be habitual of doing lot of fantasies and imagination. You can be creative and have good taste in music, fashion and food. You are spendthrift and fond of travelling and eating expensive food items.

You can become a good musician and painter. Your siblings may live in foreign lands. Your spouse could be foreigner too. There is a high possibility that you do not get the fruit of your efforts and hard work, but you will get everything by going on a spiritual path.

You should take care of your health. You can face issues or sometimes surgery on the lower abdomen portion. You can go through cataract surgery in your left eye. If Venus is in Aquarius in the 12th House and is Combust, then your eyesight could have been weak since childhood.


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