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Libra Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2019

Libra Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2019

Libra natives, you are likely to go through a bumpy road in 2019 in matters related to finance & wealth. Your 2019 Finance and Wealth horoscope shows mixed results which can be worked on by following a tight budget as the year proceeds. Your new year will start on a fine note. Investments are unlikely to bring in any profit and might even affect your existing resources so avoid any kind of new investment. Extravagance on house or vehicle would most probably become the reason of stress later in the year.

This horoscope forecast is based on Vedic Moon Sign. Are you Libra Moon Sign? If not sure, find it out instantly.

Manage your expenses to avoid problems as the year progresses. Libra Wealth & Finance 2019 predictions suggest you to lend or borrow money only during the start or end of the year. Profits from old property would help you to manage your spending. Expenses on children may rise from the month on September 2019. Investments around mid-2019 are likely to turn out total loss.

2019 Libra Finance and Wealth Horoscope: The Planetary Transits

Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 6th house of Libra natives. It will be placed in the 2nd house of wealth till the month of November 5th, 2019. This would work in your favor and is likely to increase your saving. During this time, you would get hold of your ancestral property.

Venus is the lord of ascendant and also the 8th lord of tax & sudden gain. Venus will be with Jupiter from 1st January to 29th January 2019. In this period, shopping jewelry would be favorable. There is possibility of profits from the monetary investments in the long term saving policies. Chances of tax rebate are foreseen as per the 2019 Libra Finance and Wealth Horoscope.
For Libra, Mercury is the lord of 12th house of expenses and 9th house of luck & higher education. Mercury will be posited in the 3rd house with Saturn. They will be in conjunction from 1st January to 20th January 2019. During this period, chances of expenses on higher education and expenditure on the foreign place are foreseen. Spending related to foreign trips to religious purpose are also possible.

Mars, the 2nd and 7th lord is responsible for finance and wealth matters related to family and partnership. In 2019, Mars will be in the 6th house till 6th February 2019 due to which expenses on health and yoga classes are possible.

Libra 2019 Finance and Wealth Forecast: Prospects of wealth gain

During 2019, Jupiter will aspect the 6th house in your natal chart which would increase your expenses on health. Also, the aspect of Jupiter on the 8th house of sudden wealth gain is likely to offer you opportunities to buy a house at good cost. There is probability of renovation expense as per the Libra 2019 Finance and Wealth forecast. You might also get promoted in your job. Chances of salary hike are also foreseen. This would help you to improve your financial status.

Saturn aspects the 5th house of Libra moon which would possibly give expenses related to children. If you are trying to get admission in some institution for the higher education then do the proper research as it can cost you higher than expected. Do not invest any money in stock market.

Libra Finance and Wealth Predictions 2019: Possibility of expenses on health

For people with Libra moon in their birth chart, there are prospects of wealth gain from family. You should take care of your health as expenditure on health is foreseen in the Libra Finance and Wealth predictions 2019. You will enjoy shopping and it will become your source of happiness. You might also buy jewelry as a form of investment in this year. Buying or selling of property will bring good gain.

Mercury will be in debilitated state from 12th April to 3rd May in the 6th house of Libra moon. During this phase, you might face some legal complications. Expenses related to health issues are also possible, so take care of your eating habits.

Libra Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2019: Possibility of rise in expenses

Venus will get exalted between 16th April and 10th May 2019. This period is auspicious for Libra natives. It is likely to offer sudden monetary gains. During this time, you have possibility of getting some luxurious electronic device.

Also, Mercury will be exalted from 11th September to 29th September 2019. Be careful in this period as chances of unplanned expenditure related to online shopping and spending in the foreign land are foreseen.

Sun will get exalted in the 7th house from 14th April to 15th May which would offer you financial gains in business. Chances of profits from business partner are also observed in the Libra Finance and Wealth horoscope 2019. You might also receive gifts from friends in this period.