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Libra 2018 Love Horoscope

Love matters in the year 2018 seem positive, Libra. The beginning of the year would kick start well for you, as the period from 17th January until 7th March will be full of love and romance.The level of understanding and bonding will sustain throughout the year. You will give proper attention to partner, which will make you even more compatible. On the other hand, passion, intensity, and lust will drive you in this period, Libra. You will plan lavish dinner dates to express your love. Love relationship with spouse will be satisfactory especially before11th October. The cosmic energy behind the great love trends is grace of Jupiter.

This 2018 Vedic horoscope is for Libra Moon Sign. Not sure if you are a Libra Moon Sign? Find it out instantly here.

Starting from 1st August until a month, there could be foreign trips for enjoyment and entertainment. Also, the period from 2nd May until 6th November would be positive in terms of intimacy and physical relationship. You will not feel detachment and dullness even once. Both of you will be engaged in love, enjoying romantic moments. Your sensual desires are likely to fulfill in this period.

Those who are waiting to fall in love should wait a little more as this year is not suitable for you. It will be a good idea if you postpone entering into new relationships. If you find a new love, it may not last. However, if still feel the need to engage or want to get married, do it before 11th October 2018. This is because period after that may prove to be unfavorable for new love affairs. On the other hand, you are likely to attract good looking, courageous, fearless and brave partner. They will be emotional and soft in their approach.

On the other hand, there is a need to exercise caution while handling a love affair as break up is highly indicated. This is because of the ill effects of Saturn. However, you will let it go and move on easily and quickly. You may face loneliness for some time but your ability to give space and leave things on time to heal will help you.

The year will conclude on a promising note, Libra. You will have good relations with spouse. However, new ones might have a hard time coping up with difficulties. In order to control the damage, you need to be a good listener. Do not insult or suppress them in front of anyone. Try to maintain the love and faith in your relationship as these two are the pillars of any relation.

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