Scorpio Travel horoscope 2020

Travel horoscope

Scorpio moon sign natives are sensitive, secretive, but firm in their approach. They expect a similar level of sensitivity and structure in their travel plans, also. They like travelling but not with an element of surprise. They tend to overdo planning, packing, to ensure that nothings been left out and none deviate from plan. Though they are a bit reserved, but are also quite emotional. So, if they are on a romantic vacation, they would like to spend some alone time with their partner on a secluded beach resort or villa.

If things go as per their planned, Scorpio can make for the happiest travelers in the world. They are an inclination to explore the uncharted territories and places with old-world charm. They can be adventurous too, but leisure trips with family and friends makes their day even better.

In the year 2020, there will be some crucial travel opportunities to be grabbed by the Scorpio moon sign natives. To begin with the year will start on a rather positive note, as the Sade Sati period of Saturn will get over by 25th January 2020, for the Scorpio ascendants. The results of the conclusion of this period will begin to show during the start of the year, as you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

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Your first breakthrough in travel for the year 2020 will come through the transit of Saturn.

After 25th January, Saturn will be transiting in your 3rd house. This placement will favor your short distance travel opportunities. Since, Saturn is the lord of your 3rd and 4th house and will be moving in its own sign in the 3rd house, you will receive many travel prospects within the country, in this period. This will be a great period to plan for vacations with your siblings and family. The journeys you will embark on in this period will not only give you opportunity to unwind and energize, but will also help strengthen your bond with your family members.

Since, Saturn is going to remain in this position for the next 2.5 years, these domestic travel prospects will be a common feature for you. You will, thus, have ample time to make the most of this period for the well-being of your family and for yourself.

Other than Saturn, transit of Venus and Mercury will also play a vital role in defining your travel plans for the year 2020.

Transit of Venus: The travel opportunities from Venus will come through its transit in your 9th and 12th house. Since both these houses signify foreign travel, this period of Venus’s transit will take you to global locations to explore business prospects and will also offer you some incredible trips with your spouse.

The first such travel plan can be commenced during 2nd September to 28th September 2020, when Venus, which is the lord of your 7th house will be transiting in your 9th house. This placement of Venus will offer you long distance travel opportunities, mostly to foreign locations. The purpose of these trips will largely be related to business growth and expansion. This is also a favorable placement of Venus to plan for some great romantic vacations to Paris or Venice with your spouse. Be it business or romance, you will see visible and lasting gains coming through these journeys.

Another period of Venus’s transit will fall during 1st November to 11th December 2020, when it will move into your 12th house. In this placement Venus will be comfortably positioned in its own sign Libra and thus will give our superlative travel opportunities, which in turn will give out excellent results. The travel in this period will again be more inclined towards attending to business needs or spouse’s desires. Since 12th house represents foreign travel and settlement, you will have long and stretched trips to overseas locations and there could be a chance of a longer than expected stay. This is a pretty good time for those, who were planning to move abroad and also those who were trying to position their business on the global map.

Transit of Mercury: Mercury is the lord of your 11th house of income. So, all the travel that will undertake in its transit will essential help you in generating more income. Mercury will be transiting in your 9th house during 3rd August to 17th August 2020, giving you frequent and long journeys to international locations. These journeys will help augment your financial status to a certain level, as this placement of Mercury will give out moderate results. Hence, income gains through travel in this period will not be very great but frequency of travel will be high.

However, the period from 23rd September to 28th November 2020, will be a step forward in realizing your financial desires through global expeditions. During this time Mercury will make a move in your 12th house, in its friendly sign. This placement, obviously, will come across as a better position for Mercury to give out favorable results of your travel. Any journey that you will embark on, in this period will take you abroad to bestow you with options to enhance your income and financial position. You can also have an opportunity to settle down in on of these locations for work purpose. Whether this will be a temporary settlement or permanent, can only be verified by analyzing the position of Mercury in your natal chart.

A word of advice…

The period from 18th October to 16th November 2020, will witness the transit of Sun in your 12th house. Sun is the lord of your 10th house of career and will be moving into its debilitation sign in the 12th house, thus losing out on its strength. This feeble Sun will thus, not turn out to be favorable for you career-related journeys. So, it is advisable to avoid any official travel in this period, as the results will not be as per expectations, and you will only end up wasting your money and energies on these trips.