Cancer Career Horoscope 2019

Cancer Career

2019 Cancer Career Horoscope: The Planetary Transits

Cancer natives, you are moody & sensitive. Majority of decisions in your life have emotional aspect more than the practical one. A normal discussion can often turn into an argument with you because reasons & you seldom go together. There are chances of confusions & illusions related to career choices in the New Year. Rahu and Ketu will be on the 6th and 12th axis in your birth chart, so in 2019 they would play a vital role in Career of Cancer natives as per cancer career horoscope 2019.

This horoscope forecast is based on Vedic Moon Sign. Are you Cancer Moon Sign? If not sure, find it out instantly.

If we focus on the planetary transits in 2019, we would see that Saturn, owner of 7th (house of partnership & business) and 8th (house for professionals) house will transit in the 6th house of service and daily-working employees. Also, Jupiter the lord of 6th house of service and daily working employees will transit in the 5th house of creativity and accomplishment. Till the month of February 2019, Rahu & Ketu axis will be on the 1st and 7th house and from the 1st week of March 2019, Rahu & Ketu will be on the 6th and 12th house.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2019: Effects of Saturn

As Saturn will be in the 6th house of daily routine and service, there is a possibility you might experience slow progress in services or at work. It is likely you might face some obstacles in job. Moreover, Saturn is the 8th lord owner for Cancer sign; therefore it is likely professionals would fare well in this year. You would get opportunities to get into new project. The odds of gain from new project and ideas are pretty high.
For business people, presence of Saturn in Sagittarius sign is great news from career prospects. There is fair probability of gain from foreign place or sources.  There are chances of expansion in business as per the Cancer career horoscope 2019. You would get a chance to launch your products in foreign land. There are bright prospects of growth in business post February 2019.

Cancer 2019 Career Forecast: Uncertainty can affect business plans

Ubiety of Rahu and Ketu on the 1st and 7th axis is likely to give some illusion related to business. There might be some confusion which would force you to make some changes in your business plan after the first week of March 2019.
Conjunction of Ketu and Saturn in the 6th house would create confusion & chaos. Self-doubt and speculations might cloud your thoughts and resultant judgment, resulting in detachment from work or job. This conjunction might create conflicting thoughts which would become quite difficult to question or even accept. Seek advice from some senior in such times, to prevent disasters in your career.

If you are working in an organization, you would try to change the job in 2019 as per Cancer Career forecast. It is advisable to consult an experienced or senior person like father or guru, before changing the job or investing a big amount in any new project.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2019:  Rise in Creativity

Rahu is posited in the 12th house. It is likely to create work-pressure. You should take special care of work and try to prioritize things to avoid any delay. Cancer career horoscope 2019 advices you to be loyal towards your work if you want to succeed.

For the professionals, Rahu will be the co-owner of Aquarius sign. In the month of March 2019, it transits the Gemini sign which would enhance your creative skills and give you an edge over other people at work. You would like to be experimental & innovative. It is likely to bring success & fame through social media. In 2019, social media channels would be great source of inspiration for you & you are likely to learn a lot from there. Your mentor would play an important role in your career growth.

Cancer Career Predictions2019: Possibility of Projects Abroad/ Foreign Country

Jupiter transits the 5th house of creativity and accomplishment in your birth chart. There is possibility you might develop interest in acquiring occult and hidden knowledge. Your intelligence & in-depth knowledge on varied subjects is likely to help you come out of obstacles as per Cancer career predictions 2019.
Mars the 10th lord of career will be in the 9th house this year. So, the initial months of year 2019, would be favorable for your career. There are odds of good fortune in work for you in the New Year. In February 2019, you are likely to perform well at your work place. In the month of March, the career lord is likely to help you achieve desirable gain and promotion at work.

The period from 7th May 2019 to 22nd June 2019 is unfavorable in terms of taking in new foreign project. Avoid making any sort of investment in the market till 22nd June 2019. Professionals who are planning to start some new projects should either start the projects by March or after 22nd June 2019. Mars, owner of 10th house of career will get debilitated from 22nd June 2019 to 9th August 2019. Be patient in this period. Expected results might take some extra time, so you should avoid speeding up for things.

Career Forecast for Cancer 2019: Best Time of the Year

The period between 14th April 2019 and 15th May 2019 is auspicious for gains and promotions at work. You might experience positive changes in career at this time. As Jupiter aspects the 9th house from the 5th house, there are changes your boss or supervisor would be supported of your ideas and plans. They might also guide you to deliver exceptional results.

Career Readings for Cancer 2019: Unfavorable Periods

Avoid any foreign investment or projects between 7th May 2019 and 22nd June 2019. The period from 22nd June 2019 to 9th August 2019 requires you to avoid any sort of risks. You should handle each & every work with utmost attention & carefulness in this period.

Between 10th April 2019 and 11th August 2019, Jupiter the lord of 9th and 6th house will retrograde. During this time period, you might start finding problems in your work environment. There are chances your colleagues won’t support you much in this duration. Career readings for Cancer 2019 suggest you to be cautious while taking any important decision. 16th June 2019 to 20th June 2019 is a very important period for you career. Before signing in any new assignment, seek proper consultation by some senior or expert.

Mercury lords communication & speech. It owns the 12th house of expenditure, foreign related work and social network. As Mercury retrogrades between 5th March 2019 and 28th March 2019, your business might face some challenges in this period. There is a possibility of loss in foreign projects. Take extra care of every means of communication in which business transactions are moving forward as losses related to them is likely to affect your business majorly in this period.

Horoscope for Cancer Career in 2019: Chances of growth or promotion

This year you might feel that you are getting slow progress at work. Horoscope analysis for Cancer career 2019 advises you to have patience and learn some new skill in the meantime. Review & analyze the work done in the past as it could possibly lead you towards the path of success.

If you overcome the temptation to change the job, this year you are likely to receive a good fat paycheck for your dedication & hard work. Chances of promotion are fairly bright for Cancer natives as per the career horoscope of Cancer for 2019. It is likely you might have to face some hurdles & problems in office and there would be delay in desired progress. But this year is more about enhancing your skill set in the same job or business. This year’s hard work will prepare a foundation for your future success. The month of November in 2019 would be good if you want to change the job.