Leo Marriage Horoscope 2019

Leo Marriage

Leo 2019 Marriage Horoscope: Love is in the air!

We all dream for the Mr. or Ms. Perfect but for Leo natives the wait is about to be over. The 2019 Leo Marriage horoscope shows the great possibility of getting hitched for single people with lunar Leo. The planets in your birth chart are posited auspiciously to bless you with a romantic life this year. Married Leos would not get bored as 2019 promises them many pleasant events related to family affairs.
Jupiter is the lord of 5th house for Leo, the house of Romance. The presence of Jupiter in the 5th house is very favorable for Leos. Your life would be full of love, passion & romance. If you are single and looking for love, then your 2019 Marriage horoscope has some excellent news for you because this year you would be smitten by the love.

This 2019 horoscope analysis is for Leo Moon Sign, the zodiac where Moon was placed in your birth chart. If you are not sure of your Moon Sign, you can find it out easily.

2019 Leo Marriage Horoscope Predictions: No more solo riding in New Year!

If you are a lunar Leo and still waiting for love to enter your life, its time to straighten up and sit tight because you would be swarmed by happiness & love in 2019. It is a very rare and sweet period to initiate new relationships. The partnerships started in this period have great longevity. Young or old, every one of you would have a very active romantic and erotic life in 2019.
There are chances that single people will finally get the chance to meet their love interests and exchange rings. The Saturn transits the 7th house of marriage and will remain in the Venus nakshatra. Venus is the prime significator of marriage. If you are planning to exchange rings with your beloved this year, Leo 2019 Marriage Horoscope predicts chances of a prosperous married life for you.

Leo 2019 Marriage Predictions:  Its time for pleasure trips with people you Love!

 You can go on long drives and beach vacations with your love ones to experience the magic of love. If you want to finally start a family, Go Ahead! Leo 2019 Marriage horoscope shows the chances of having a healthy baby without any complications.
If you are married and have moon in Leo, try to be little cautious as there are chances you might fall into the pit of extra martial affairs because of all the romantic overflowing energies inside you. Control the urge to avoid any unnecessary complications.


Even though 2019 is all rainbow and butterflies for you but as per the Leo 2019 Marriage Horoscope, take note of these favorable dates because chances of romantic affairs consummating into marriage are maximum on these dates only.
2nd January 2019 to 29th January 2019 - It is a very romantic period for singles to start their love life but chances of getting married are bleak. Married people can go for candle light dinner and long drives to rekindle their love life.
30th January 2019 to 24th February 2019 – If your beloved was running away from the question of marriage, pop it now! He/she is most likely to agree. People in long distance relationships might miss each other so much that they would meet & end up getting married as per the Leo 2019 Marriage astrology.  
25th February 2019 to 22nd March 2019 - There could be problems between married people due to the nagging behavior of one. Try to be tolerant otherwise your uncontrolled behavior could become the cause of temporary separation.
23rd March 2019 to 16th April 2019 - It is a suitable period to get married for you. There are chances that you might fall in love with your coworker and you both would keen to get married quickly. Leo natives should spend more time with their wife and children and arrange some family vacation.

17th April 2019 to 10th May 2019- Even the strongest of relationships can experience great disturbances during this period. The Marriage Horoscope Leo 2019 shows that there are great chances of relationships getting bitter due to unnecessary fights in this period. If you are having any illicit affair, there are chances you would get caught and destroy your marriage in this period.
30th June 2019 to 24th July 2019 - Suitable period to exchange vows and unite in the sacred bond of marriage for people with lunar moon. There could be some troubles in love relationships due to the Venus combustion, so avoid taking any major life decisions from 10th July 2019 till 20th September 2019.
24th November 2019 to 15th December 2019- This is the best period of 2019 for single people with Leo moon to get married according to the 2019 Leo Marriage astrology. Your married life would be full of spark and passion if you tie knot in this period.