Virgo 2018 Love Horoscope

Virgo 2018
Year 2018 would bring you a blend of mixed results, Virgo. Initially, you may face some temper issues causing detachment in love relationships. The period from January-February is likely to show up some anger and ego issues in you. There is a need to control your anger as this attitude could spoil your relationships. However, March is the month when your passionate feelings are most likely to blossom.

This 2018 Vedic love horoscope is for Virgo Moon Sign. Not sure if you are a Virgo Moon Sign? Find it out instantly here.

Cosmos are blessing you with valor and vitality in the period from 2nd May to 6th November. You would be full of passion now. There will be romance and intense love between you and your partner. Also, the period from March to May is spicier for married folks.

In spite of all this, your love life may seem disatisfactory on a general note. This is due to malefic planetary influences on the house of love and romance. Some desires might remain incomplete. Learn to compromise and give more attention to your partner. Focus on spending quality time with them. On the positive side, expect some improvement in the second half of the month especially from September. You will plan romantic dates and lavish dinners with partner. Expenses on love affairs might increase.

Beware and control your desires as you may be involved in more than one love affair at a time. Your understanding level with partner may not be adequate. Health of partner might also lead to pressure. However, there would be improvement in relation after 11th October. This period would be much positive for married couples too.

Those who are single and looking to fall in love may find their partner soon. There are high possibilities of relationship and marriage after 11th October. You are likely to team up with one who works hard and party harder. The person is likely to be knowledgeable, intelligent, smart, and educated.

Those who are struggling to balance their relationships need to be careful and alert, as there could be likely break ups. Differences in opinion and choices are likely to prevail between you both. However, you would be able to manage the situation by keeping yourself busy with day-to-day activities. You will come out as a clean board.

The year will conclude on a positive note, Virgo. You may experience some positive trends in love life as the year comes to a close. However, there is a need to pamper and support your partner. Try to adjust for betterment and alternatively things will fall into place.

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