An Astrological Perspective of 2014

An Astrological
New Year 2014 is round the corner with its full bloom and aspirations. As the days move on, it's time to introspect the misunderstood prophecies about the world - like interpretation of Mayan Calendar by some seers and the fear of end of life. It’s the law of nature – when one life comes to an end, only then a new life comes into existence. Similarly, year 2013 is coming to an end and is giving way to the New Year 2014. This cycle of beginning and end never stops, symbolizing life and renewed energy.

This year also our zodiac belt shows many movements. Jupiter is entering into Cancer, becoming exalted and there Saturn is leaving Libra, coming out of its exaltation. Exchange of Jupiter and Mercury in the chart and also the close aspect of Mars to Mercury, Sun and Pluto depict its own course of action.

2014 is being born in Moon sign. The New Year blossoms on a New Moon day in pitch darkness reminiscent of misery, agonies and spate of natural calamities faced by the World in 2013. But as the Moon grows into the shining Full Moon overcoming the darkness, the sufferings of the millions will also vanish - phase by phase as the year advances. The Moon sign Lord Jupiter is well placed in the seventh angular house indicating the family life would be cordial with a sense of understanding between the spouses. This shows increase of family bonds among people. As the Jupiter aspects the first house, the mind and attitude of the people would be peaceful in general and the tendency to fight or involve in violent terrorist activities may subside. The first house is also viewed by Saturn and Mars which may at times induce people to go for terrorist activities creating chaos in certain part of the globe or some natural calamity may disturb the peace. However, peace will prevail for major part of the year.

Analysis of aspects influencing Global Welfare & Relation among Nations:

The developed nations will voluntarily come forward to help the UN and the under developed nations in alienating poverty and health hazards. The rivalry among rich and powerful nations may not arise this year. Some of the nations in the Asian continent may face internal and external frictions. The Middle East and Arab nations will witness upheaval against the establishment. The cry of restoration of Democracy in certain military ruled States will be loud and the possibility of success to the people’s movement is bright.

Economic scenario: The economic setbacks witnessed in 2013 may not get repeated in the New Year. American economy will recover and its unemployment problem may get resolved to a certain extent. The dollar will recover its lost status. The Western economies will plan their strategies to combat the Chinese and Japanese competition especially in the consumer and automobile industries. The World Bank and IMF will be lenient in releasing the funds to lesser developed countries. The Indian economy may also recover from the onslaught it faced in 2013. The emergernce of the New Government will ensure and infuse growth & concessional measures to the manufacturers to combat the competition from the foreign players. The IT sector will do well and the flow of foreign exchange will be cheerful. The foreign investment will also be beneficial to the economic growth. The Agricultural sector will get a boost and an all round development can be envisaged.

Natural Calamities and Disasters: Tsunami and frequent rising of tidal waves entering the landscape causing dislocation of life in the South East Asian countries is foreseen. However it may not be as severe as the earlier devastation caused in Japan in 2011/12. There may be disasters in the mines of African and Asian continents. The fire hazards in multiple complexes and residential areas in various part of the world are forecast due to the actions of the terrorists and suicide bombers.

Political issues:  A change in the Government is foreseen in Indian sub continent, but the new Government may not be able to run the affairs of the state smoothly due to the constituents of the coalition. This weakness will have its repercussions on the effective administration of the Government. In the Middle East, there will be changes in the setup and the people would opt for democratically elected Government. 

In Myanmar, the long struggle by Aung San Suu Kyi will bear fruit and the military junta will start the process to pave the way for a civilian rule. In Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksha Government may face revolt from its own party and from the Buddhist clergies. In Pakistan, the Nawaz Sherif Government may find it difficult to run the show as the coalition partners may threaten to withdraw from the Government. In Bangladesh, the Sheikh Hasina’s Government would find it difficult to survive as the opposition to her grows stronger.

Conclusion: Over all, 2014 will be better than 2013 in all walks of life. Let us welcome 2014 with new hopes & wishing peace throughout the world!