Health Horoscope 2020 for Aries moon sign

Health Horoscope

Ruled by Mars, Aries moon sign natives are strong-headed, hot-tempered and action-oriented. They are tirelessly and constantly working towards achieving their targets, and thus, their stress levels are usually high. During the year 2020, Aries moon sign natives are expected to experience varied results on their health, with mixed strength for recovery, as Jupiter will be placed in your 9th house, for the entire year.

Some important health periods which require greater attention are:

  • The period of Jupiter’s retrogression from 30th March to 30th June will demand focus on physical health. Problems related to back, neck and joint pains will be common, in this period.
  • The period of retrogression of Mars from 8th October to 24th December may cause in legs and knees. Be careful while doing any physical activities that may put in extra pressure on your legs or those which require standing over longer periods of time, in this period.

A healthy beginning to the New Year for Aries

There is nothing better than starting your New Year on a healthy note. When you are healthy, you are surrounded by positive thoughts and you have an optimistic outlook to deal with diverse situations in life. You look good, you think good, and you feel good, in the pink of health and that reflects on your professional and financial standing.

During the start of the year 2020, your moon sign lord Mars will be placed in your 8th house, in its own sign, to give you inner strength to fight off any health ailments. At this time, an Aries moon sign born person will be able to effectively balance their physical and mental actions for a healthy and fit period. From February till March, your general health conditions will continue to remain good and no major health problems are indicated here.

Mid-year call for caution towards health

Your health horoscope for the year 2020 shoes that after March, when conjunction of Jupiter, Ketu and Mars will take place, there will be changes in your daily routine. You will tend to work beyond your capacity and that may cause you some undue stress. With the placement of Rahu in your 3rd house and that of Ketu in your 9th house, your mental well-being will be further affected. Anxiety levels may shoot up in this period. So, you are advised to stay calm and maintain your composure to avoid any major impact on your health.

Between April and May, Mars will move into its exaltation sign to join Saturn, which will be in its own sign. During the same time Jupiter will be debilitated; and the combined effect of all this will hinder the pace of your health and well-being. You will be focused towards your career and attaining your professional goals and in the process too many things will occupy your mind space, which will take a toll on your health. The impact of a low health status will be reflected upon the performance at work and also on the income gains of Aries moon sign native.

In June, you will shift your focus towards your health needs. You will be pretty conscious of your physical and mental well-being in this period and will take necessary steps to lead a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and meditation will prove highly beneficial for your favorable health conditions, in the long-term.

The months of July and August will again try to pose some health challenges for the Aries moon sign born people, as Jupiter is going to retrograde. It will step back in its own sign and Mars will be in your 12th house, so your vitality will be affected. However, a little cautiousness towards health and dietary needs may save you from severe and long-term health trouble.

Approach year-end with health revival

A period of ups and downs will set in, when Mars will move into your moon sign, during the month of September, indicates your health horoscope. At this position, it will get the aspect from Jupiter, which is placed in your 9th house and also from Saturn, which will be in your 12th house, to cause you some health ailments which may require medical attention. You may curtail this affect by creating a good balance in your work and pleasure schedules and by maintain good eating habits.

During the last quarter of the year 2020, retrogression of Mars in October-November may hit the immune strength of Aries natives and they may fall prey to some common health problems due to change in weather conditions. You are advised to take proper care of your health to avoid catching a flu.

By December, things will be back on track and you will experience revival of your health, since Mars will move back to your moon sign, to offer you strength to overcome the bad phase of health. You will end up on a healthy note, to start afresh another year with much vigor and enthusiasm.

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