Health Horoscope 2020 for Taurus moon sign

Health Horoscope

A larger state of health and well-being is dependent on your own personality. Some of you have an innate inclination towards maintaining a good health by following exercise or dietary regimes. While others are a little lazy to think on these lines and will only work towards maintaining certain health goals when there is a dire need.

Taurus moon sign natives are not very health conscious and like to indulge their taste buds. They are stubborn and persistent in their approach to work and life otherwise. Thus, they create a sort of pressure for themselves in trying to do more and stretch beyond capacity. They are vulnerable to weather change, which can affect their health adversely. Thus, they are required to take care of their dietary habits and environment.

Ruled by Venus, which will be positioned in your 6th house of diseases, in the year 2020, your health needs, in general, will demand some level of caution throughout the year. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ should be the healthcare mantra for the year 2020 for Taurus moon sign natives.

Important health periods, which may require certain degree of caution:

  • An increase in stress levels is anticipated for the large part of the year, with respite anticipated by the end of the year. Though, no major health problems are projected.
  • Pain in lower body parts, especially, legs, thighs, knees and feet will be an area of concern, during the beginning of the year 2020. Avoid too much physical strain to curtail such body aches.

Beginning of the year: Focus on health will be infirm

You will start this year with Venus being placed in your 9th house, in Capricorn sign. This placement of Venus will hinder your focus on your health, as you will be more concerned about materialistic gains and family and love relationships. In trying to meet the demands of your family members and lover or spouse, you will be engrossed in possessing luxuries items for which you put all your energies towards maximizing monetary gains. This will prove detrimental for your health, which you will conveniently chose to ignore, in the process. Your health horoscope for the year 2020 points to an unidentified body pain that may surface due to increased physical activity, during this period.

From February to March, when Saturn will move in its own sign, Capricorn and Venus will move into your 12th house, there will be an increase in the work load of Taurus moon sign natives and they will experience a pull towards attaining quantifiable gains. Being a go-getter and persistent being, you will relentlessly work towards achieving the said gains, thereby compromising on your health, in the process. It would be great if you could try and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life and take proper rests amid your busy and demanding professional schedule.

Middle of the year: Keep a check on your stress levels

A greater attention towards health will be required in the subsequent months of April and May, when Venus will be in its own sign and will cast an aspect on your 7th house, shows your health horoscope. Along with this, Jupiter will debilitate during its movement in your 9th house in Capricorn sign, where it will join Saturn. A collective impact of all this will be apparent on your health condition, which will get affected due to increased physical and mental stress. Taurus moon sign natives are advised to make your body take good amount of rest, in these two months.

During June and July when Venus will retrograde, amid the event of Sun’s transit in its own sign, in Taurus, your general health may be a little disturbed. Special attention should be paid towards avoiding any sort of throat infection, in this period. Watch out for your eating habits, to keep such infections at bay.

End of the year: Medical aid will help in speedy recovery

From August till September, Venus will be joining Rahu, leading to troubles in money matters and friction in family relations. There will be an atmosphere of confusion and you will not be able to think straight. This will create disputes among you and your family members and there could be a lot of verbal contradictions. All this will result in high stress levels, anxiety and complaints of recurrent headaches for Taurus moon sign born natives. Meditation could be quite useful in treating such stress-induced headaches.

By October-December, physical vitality will be lowered and your immunity will take a hit, according to your health horoscope for the year 2020. This will call for more attentiveness towards health. Infections related to skin and throat may ensue and will require immediate medical attention for prompt recovery.

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