Fate of BJP & Congress in 2014 Elections

Fate of
The fate of BJP & Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in 2014.

As per the constitution of India, the members of Parliament are elected by the citizens of India by way of General Elections which are held every five years (exceptions apart). India is once again poised for an event in the coming year which not just India but the world at large would be watching keenly.The results of State Elections held in December 2013 in four states have given a new trend to watch for. There is a curiosity in the air – “will BJP sweep the election”, “can AAP become a national level political party”, “and is the performance of Congress Party going to be as dismal as it was recently or will it recover?”
To answer these and more questions astrologically, let us analyze in this article the horoscopes of India’s two biggest political parties: Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

Analysis of Horoscope of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)


BJP was formed on 6th April 1980 at Delhi. The horoscope of BJP has Gemini Lagna. The Lagna lord Mercury is positioned in the 9th house with Ketu. They are being aspected by three cruel planets: Saturn, Rahu and Mars.

The strengths or opportunities in BJP’s chart

Currently the party is passing through the maha dasha of Sun which is the lord of 3rd house and is positioned in the 10th house. Sun has exchanged place with Jupiter the lord of 10th house. This maha dasha started in April 2012. Sun also receives the aspect of the 6th and 11th lord Mars from the 3rd house.

As per Astrology, the 9th house represents Luck, Dharma (Religion) and Journeys. In addition Ketu also is considered to indicate spirituality. Hence the intelligent readers can understand the roles of Religion and Spiritual matters which have been inseparable part of the BJP’s bio data. Also let us not forget Shri L.K. Advani’s Rath Yatra. To help you with a quick recall think of Ram temple, Ram Janam Bhoomi, Babri Masjid issues.

The 3rd house represents stamina, courage, mental inclination and communications among other things. In the natal chart of BJP, there are four planets placed - Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu. Thus it is a very important house to be studied thoroughly because it deals with a number of subjects including the prowess and capability of the party. These 4 planets give this house the energy and force as per their respective nature and lordships.

Apparently in the recent past, we have seen BJP pulling up itself, gaining in strength and gathering support. Also, there is a role of strong communication, courage, fearlessness and high spirits currently which speaks for itself.

Now let us see the sub dasha operating. It is Rahu positioned in the 3rd house whose sub dasha started in June 12, 2013 and will be followed by sub dasha of Jupiter on May 06, 2015. Both these planets are placed in 3rd house, highlighting the role of the 3rd house and the factor it represents.

The weaknesses or threats in BJP’s chart

The lord of second house is Moon which is debilitated, in a bad house (6th) and suffers from Kemdrum Yoga. The second also stands for vision and wealth. This explains that perhaps BJP is not as resourceful as it would like to be. Further due to its ideology, it has few takers and often found itself alienated for being a party subscribing to RSS values
Jupiter, a benefic planet & the lord of 10th house is in the company of 3 malefics.

What to expect for and from BJP in the coming months

Rahu is the significator of harsh speech, short temper, aviation, computers, electronics and IT. Rahu also denotes foreign people, foreign castes, foreign elements and foreign travels.
Without going too technical with the Astrological terms, it is foreseen that:
  • In the coming months, the morale of the party including its leaders and workers will be extraordinarily high.

  • The people of India can look forward to some angry, fiery and aggressive statements from its leaders and spokespersons.
  • Also expect some bold and courageous movements and steps by the Bhartiya Janta Party.

  • The party will use novel and innovative method of communication which could be a lot IT oriented such as the social media.

  • The issues like infighting or difference of opinion or indiscipline shall continue to be the challenges which the high command will have to brace up to face and tackle effectively.

  • The results will be highly favorable.

  • If the BJP is to form a government in the centre it will have to be through the method of a ‘coalition’. On its own, it may not be able to gather enough numbers and will need the support of other smaller political parties as its partners.

  • Even after forming the party, BJP will have to struggle very hard to keep itself in power and the coalition partners in good humor.

Analysis of Horoscope of Congress Party


Congress Party was formed on 2nd January 1978 at Delhi. The horoscope has Pisces Lagna with Ketu in the 1st house. The Lagna lord Jupiter is retrograde and is positioned in the 4th house. It receives the aspects of Venus and Sun from the 10th house.

It is now passing through the mahadasha of Jupiter (which started in March 2009). Then there is antar dasha of Mercury which has the lordship of 4th and 7th house and is positioned in the 9th house. The sub dasha will last till February 2016. It is the pratyantara dasha of Mercury when Congress lost in 4 states. This will be followed by the pratyantara dashas of Ketu and Venus beginning March 2014.
Let us analyse the key features of Congress’ Horoscope

Mars which is the 2nd and 9th lord is debilitated in the 5th house. We have already discussed what these houses stand for. The lord of 6th house is Sun and Venus is the lord of 8th house. Both these planets occupy the 10th house and aspect Jupiter, the lord of 10th house.

In the D - 9 chart, the situation looks slightly better as they share a 5 / 9 relationship, with Jupiter in 1st house ( as the lord of 2nd and 5th houses) and debilitated Mercury occupying the 5th house ( as the 8th and 11th lord).

What to expect in the coming months

The dasha and sub dasha lords are in a 6 / 8 relationship with each other, though both are placed in good houses – Kendra and trine. However, Mercury is quite weak in its shadbal and the forthcoming pratyantara dashas are not likely to bring any relief or great hopes. During the election time, in transit Jupiter shall be in Gemini and Saturn along with Rahu will be in Libra. 

  • In the coming months, the think tank of the party will have to do some smart planning and strategize its moves very carefully.

  • The competition will be very tough.
  • A lot of efforts will get washed down, therefore, to get the desired results the efforts will have to be many times more.

  • The party should be ready with extra resources of all types as there may be a need to do the same thing more than once.

  • Two persons will become prominent in the near future; one will be an elderly, wise and learned person. This person will weigh every word before speaking; consider every possibility and option before taking a decision. While the second one will be a young, handsome and energetic person.

  • Some very wise but traditional moves shall benefit the party in the elections.

  • Congress will spring some surprises too.

  • The leadership will face many challenges both within and outside the party.
  • In comparison to the results of elections in the 4 states, Congress will pull itself up and improve its performance considerably.

If Congress has to form a government in the centre, its allies will always keep it guessing about their next move. Perhaps it would not be wise for the Congress leadership to take their support as an unconditional one.

The Final Picture

Perhaps we are going to witness one of the most exciting and keenly fought vote to power. One of the key points before the public will be corruption. Both the parties seem to be well prepared though we are still a couple of months away. Every trick of the trade will be used by them to score over each other.
No party will win hands down. Interestingly, both Congress and BJP are under the effects of Sade Satti.
So be prepared to see a major and a unique political contest of our times.