Health Horoscope 2020 for Libra moon sign

Health Horoscope

Libra moon sign natives are quite health conscious, and like to watch out for their eating habits and health regimes. They are fun-loving and like to stay youthful. To attain good physical shape they can commit to regular exercise and walk schedules. But they are a little negligent about their emotional and mental well-being. They easily get apprehensive and frustrated over minor things, especially, if it concerns their family or love relationships.

In the year 2020, the general health of Libra moon sign natives is expected to be good. Whatever health issues you face in this year will largely erupt due to your own negligence towards your health needs.

Important health periods that may require greater attention are:

  • The months of January and February may bring about some stress-induced health problems. So, you need to keep a check on needless concerns and apprehensions.
  • The months of November-December will demand greater focus on your mother’s health as Jupiter will be moving into the Capricorn sign.

A low start to the New Year with a weak vitality

The initial months of the year 2020, will be a little too chaotic for you. You will find yourself in the center of too many things. A huge amount of energy will be dispersed in handling these various issues, which will leave you feeling low and all drained out, at the end of the day.

Your health horoscope for the year 2020 shows that the months of January-February, will witness the presence of Venus in your house of family. Also, too many planets will be placed in your 3rd house, during this period. A combined effect of this will give you stress related to home front and domestic life. You will find it difficult to manage things at home despite trying out quite hard to maintain peace and harmony at home. The pressure of all this will strain your emotional health and you will feel stressed out and weak.

In March-April, when Venus will move towards your house of children, it will signal a probable effect on your children’s health. Some unidentified digestion or skin problem may surface, which will take some time to be diagnosed. This may create some health troubles for the Libra moon sign people. Pain in stomach and mental anxiety will be some of the common symptoms, in this period, with no concrete root cause to be recognized. It is advised to keep yourself and your family under medical supervisions and guidance, if you observe any abnormal health symptoms.

During the same period, your mother’s health will require greater attention, as Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be present together in your 4th house of domestic peace and mother. Acidity, boils and indigestion will be some common problems that may affect your mother's health in this period.

Health will require focus and care for both physical and psychological welfare

Sudden health problems may crop up in the months of May to June, when Venus will retrograde and take a step back in your 8th house. The opportunities to get gains and maximize profits will be there. But they may trigger an increase in your work load, further leading to stress. All Libra moon sign born people are advised to work towards finding an equilibrium in work and personal life, in order to mend any disturbance in health balance.

Extra care and attention on health needs is required in the months of July to August, as indicated by your health horoscope for the year 2020. For women, in particular, problems related to urinary infection may surface and for men, skin irritability due to weather change may arise. You will find it hard to escape health troubles, in this period, as destiny will not support you and extra efforts will be required to maintain good health and to take care of it in an appropriate way.

A state of good health will be entrenched as you approach year-end

As Venus will move into your house of career during September-October, some mental turmoil over financial issues will be evident. Fears and apprehensions over financial issues may grow further with Rahu occupying your 8th house and Ketu settling itself in your 2nd house with Moon. This will be the time to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life to get relief from stress and anxiety.

The months of November-December, will give the Libra moon sign natives much needed relief from all the stress and health disorders. This period will help you in regaining your health stability. Financial issues will be sorted out and peace and harmony will prevail at home front. Overall, this will be a good health period for you and your family.

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