Gemini Travel horoscope 2020

Travel horoscope

Human beings have been traveling since the time we didn’t even had proper infrastructure to carry on such expeditions. But still they used to travel for work, food and also at times just for the sake of travelling. Travel has various classifications, basis distance and purpose. So, you have short travels, long travels, weekend trips, work-related or official trips, family vacations, pleasure trips or relocation, also. In astrological analysis, all these travels are represented by some houses in your birth chart, for instance, the 3rd and 4th houses of your natal chart signifies, short and long/foreign travels, respectively, while your 12th houses represents relocation.

Apart from these houses, your travel predictions are also based on your moon sign and some key planetary placements and combinations. As for Gemini moon sign natives, travel is more about exploring new cultures and traditions. Being a curious soul, you take on expeditions to gathering a lot of information about the place. The year 2020, is a bit jittery for the traveler in you, which will make you rethink, and in some cases also delay your travel plans. This interruption is caused by the mighty Saturn which will be altering its position to deter your adventure and family excursions.

This analysis is based on your moon sign, so, if you are not sure that Gemini is your moon sign, you can check it out instantly, by clicking here.

Saturn to play spoilsport in your travel desires

Saturn will be transiting in the 8th house of Gemini moon sign natives after 25th January 2020 and will continue in this position for the next 2.5 years. This will be the start of Saturn (Shani) dhaiya period for the Gemini natives. This will be a period of extreme caution on life aspects. Pertaining to travel also, Saturn’s transit in the 8th house of your moon sign is considered inauspicious. You must avoid extensive and frequent travels in the year 2020. Long distance journeys, particularly to foreign locations should be avoided in all circumstances, as there are chances of a sudden mishap, accidental injuries or health disorders while travelling.

However, you will still have some favorable opportunities to travel for various purpose in the year 2020. Little care and awareness may make these travel prospects advantageous for you.

Plan your weekend trips with Sun’s guidance

Sun is the lord of your 3rd house and will be transiting in its own sign in Leo in the 3rd house from 17th August to 16th September 2020. Since, the 3rd house of your birth chart signifies short distance travels, Sun will offer you many opportunities to travel to nearby locations. In some cases the journeys could be little extended to some other city or state, but you will only be flying domestically. Any weekend trips or family outings can be successfully planned in this period. This will also be a great period to go on an adventure or fun trip with your siblings. This will not only give you the much needed ‘us’ time but will also help strengthen your bond.

Venus will make you travel for personal interests

The transit of Venus in your 9th and 12th house, respectively, will make you travel for children, education and love life, particularly to foreign locations. Between 10th January and 3rd February 2020, you will need to plan few trips with your children or love partner, as Venus will transit in your 9th house. Some of these journeys will be undertaken for their benefit or to attend to their needs. If you are a student, you may go to abroad to apply for a course, check for higher education prospects or may be as part of some student exchange program with a foreign university. Whatever will be the purpose, these trips will give you beneficial returns, in the long term.

From 29th March to 2nd August 2020, Venus will be transiting in your 12th house. This will again be a favorable period for you to plan pleasure trips with your love partner and go on some amusing excursions with your children. Education related journeys are also in the offing. All of these travel opportunities will tie you abroad and will turn out to be quite favorable for the purpose for which they have been undertaken.

Mars to make you move for work

Mars is the lord of your 6th house, which signifies job or service, and will be transiting in your 9th house from 15th May to 18th June 2020. This period will increase your work-related travel, especially to neighboring countries. However, you will not get the expected results from these official trips.

While the volume of travel will be more, the return on investment will not be too big. It will, thus, prove to be a mediocre period for work-related travel. Advice would be to, not spend too much on such travels in this period, and avoid or at least postpone signing any major work deals, during these trips.

Get some ‘me’ time with Mercury

Craving for some alone time, the period from 1st February to 7th April 2020 might just give be that time of the year for you. Transiting in your 9th house, Mercury, which is the lord of your ascendant house will give you ample opportunities for solo travel to some peaceful locations abroad. Being the lord of your 4th house also, Mercury will further give you relaxing and unwinding foreign travel opportunities with your family.

In case you miss the above chance to plan a solo or family trip, Mercury will give you another opportunity during 10th May to 24th May 2020 when it will transit in your 12th house. This time again you will have the chance to grab some exiting solo excursions or plan for great family vacations to serene foreign locales.

Furthermore, Rahu’s transit in your 12th house after 23rd September 2020 will boost your overseas travel opportunities. A little caution and care while planning these trips, is advisable, to reap the desired benefits.