Gemini 2018 Love Horoscope

Gemini 2018
The year seems much positive in terms of love and relationships, Gemini. You are a fun-loving soul and like to enjoy each moment. This habit helps you in getting involved with the opposite sex easily. As far as your 2018 love horoscope is concerned, the initial months of the year are wonderful to engage in new love affair. You generally feel attracted towards the opposite gender.

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Period from 13th January to 6th February is a bit risky for you, Gemini. You might have to undergo a separation or break up during this period. However, you would let it go and wouldl not take it seriously. Period from 2nd March until 26th March would be the time to experience sensual pleasures and bed comforts. The cosmic drive behind this is exalted Venus. You will be intense and passionate in this period. Apart from this, period from 20th April til 14th May would also be very special for you in terms of physical intimacy. At this time, Venus will be in Taurus in your 12th house and Mars will be transiting the house of romance.

As per 2018 Gemini Love Horoscope, you would feel sexually dissatisfied in the month of August. However, due to Venus Transit in Libra in your 5th house, period from 1st September would be wonderful for love matters. Though period will last only for 20-25 days, it will be glorious. You would spend quality time with your partner and will enjoy their company. Your compatibility and understanding level will be at peak during this transit.

Luxurious dates and lots of entertainment is indicated throughout the year, Gemini. Your desires related to love partner would give you a true picture in the period from 2nd May to 6th November. However, married folks might suffer due to their irritated and aggressive behavior in this period.

Those who are ready to mingle, the start of the year seems suitable for you. You are likely to fall in love with a knowledgeable, educated, and smart person. However, those already married may find some brewing issues.

Some differences with partner could crop up in the second half of October.. Lack of understanding and bonding would be the reason of conflicts between you and your partner. On a positive note, there’s no extra marital affair indicated as per 2018 Gemini love horoscope. Feel relaxed and happy about it.
The year full of surprises will conclude with a satisfied phase for lovers. However, health of spouse may draw a lot of expenses and probably sour relation with partner. In order to rectify the damage, you need to keep your speech in check. Do not use harsh words with partner and take care of their feelings and emotions.

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