Capricorn Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2019

Capricorn Finance

Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2019 for Capricorn

In terms of Wealth and Finance, 2019 is going to be an erratic year for you. Capricorn natives, inflow of money will be pretty good but there would be lots of expenses on enhancing skills & hobbies, education of children and for getting gifts for spouse. Investments in share markets should be done after proper analysis only. There is possibility of hike in salary but expenses on parties & festivities would come along.

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Chances of tax rebate are observe in your 2019 horoscope analysis. Opportune year to invest in insurances and long term plans as well as to enjoy the profits of investments made earlier. A pilgrimage or spending on charity is observed in Finance and Wealth horoscope 2019 for Capricorn. Improvement in financial condition is foreseen and this would help you to complete the pending work.  

2019 Capricorn Finance and Wealth Horoscope: The Planetary Transits

The ascendant lord of Capricorn i.e. Saturn will be posited in the 12th house of losses & expenditure in 2019. This indicates chances of extravagance and to prevent that you should invest in some savings plans. Following a proper financial budget in 2019 would help you to stay financially stable in the New Year.

Sun the lord of 8th house of sudden gain & losses will in the 1st house of Capricorn moon from 14th January to 13th February 2019. Sun can give you unexpected tax issues, so manage all your financial accounts & transactions properly. Health of father needs attention otherwise expenses on the same are likely to happen as per the 2019 Capricorn Finance and Wealth predictions.

Jupiter will sojourn in the 11th house of gain in the year 2019. Jupiter would bless you with gains and thus your finances would improve. Friends would be helpful in financial matters related to business. Jupiter will also aspect the 7th house of business and foreign travels during its transit in the 11th house. This aspect is likely to increase you spending on travelling to religious places.

Capricorn Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2019: Chances of improvement in the financial status

Likelihood of working with overseas organizations seems favorable in the period between 1st January and 20th January 2019. Mercury, which is lord of 6th house and 9th house, will be posited in the 12th house. It is likely to give you expenditure related to trips to the spiritual places, healthcare, new business plan, etc. These expenses would be positive and probably would help you to improve your health and increase your sources of income.
Between 1st January 2019 to 29th January 2019, Venus will be in the 11th house of gain, friend circle, and unexpected gain. During this time, Jupiter and Venus will be in conjunction which indicates the possible chances of generation of different sources of income. Career in writing and partnership business is likely to bring in great profits and popularity. You will expend money on your hobby or might buy gifts for your love & children.

Capricorn 2019 Finance and Wealth Forecast: Investments on skills will help business to grow

Favors from government and tax rebate can be expected in the period from 14th April to 15th May 2019 as Sun the 8th lord will be in exaltation mode. Purchase of new property would also be favored by Sun in this period.
Venus will get exalted in 3rd house from 16th April to 10th May which creates high probability of hike in salary or incentive for people with Capricorn moon. Spending on siblings or partying is foreseen in the Capricorn 2019 Finance and Wealth forecast. Money spent on learning new skills would help you to bring changes in business or improvement in career.

Rahu will be in the 6th house from March 2019 onwards. Expenses on electronic gadget are often seen as a direct effect of transition of Rahu. Profits in business are likely to increase as compared to expectation and ones earned in the last year.

Capricorn Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2019: Possibility of increase in shopping expenses

Chances of over-spending are foreseen from 10th September to 4th October 2019 due to debilitated Venus. Expenditure on travelling needs to be managed carefully to prevent unnecessary losses. Luck is not likely to support you so shun from investing in share markets in this period.

Venus will be posited in the 11th house with Jupiter from the starting of the year 2019 till 29th January. Expense on jewelry and shopping for children & loved ones is observed in the Capricorn Finance and Wealth readings for 2019. You would also earn money using your creativity and art work.

Expenses on the traveling are possible as Saturn will offer you the opportunity to travel places far from home. Saturn being placed in the 12th house would try to control the loss of wealth. By proper management of finances and wealth, you can create a long term & stable savings plan for your family. Trusting people blindly could become the reason of heavy losses in 2019.