Virgo 2019 Health Horoscope

Virgo 2019

Virgo 2019 Health Horoscope: Happier & Healthier year!

You are cleanliness freak and usually prevent yourself from infections & diseases caused due to carelessness. Regular exercise and balance diet is the mantra of your healthy lifestyle. Saturn, Mars & Sun are the significant planets which influences the health & wellbeing of Virgo natives.
This horoscope forecast is based on Vedic Moon Sign. Are you Virgo Moon Sign? If not sure, find it out instantly.

Saturn, the main owner of the 6th house of health & diseases will be in the 4th house of comforts in your birth chart this year. It will give you a comfortable year with lesser health issues but if you have heart related problems, try to be little vigilant.
As Saturn will be in the Sagittarius sign till the end of 2019 in the “Puravasadha” constellation, it is likely it would create some issues related to blood flow in the heart. Virgo 2019 health horoscope suggests morning walk & balanced diet for healthier & better heart.

Virgo 2019 Health Predictions: Effects of Mars on health

Mars being the lord of 8th house of sudden mishaps & accidents, is posited in the 7th house in the starting of the year and will transit into the 8th house from 6th February 2019 to 22nd March 2019. Pomegranate & beetroot should be your buddies in this month as Virgo 2019 health horoscope predicts the chances of low hemoglobin levels.
In the January 2019, you might start feeling apprehensive about your health. Your obsession would help you to fight diseases and infections during this period. Be alert & careful while on height or driving.
Mars brings relief and speedy recovery in February 2019. It transits its own house in February which enhances its energy and power. You would feel energized and motivated in this period. Chances are the fear of falling sick would evaporate from your mind & give you mental peace at last.

Virgo 2019 Health Horoscope: Kick out laziness & stress

Saturn will be in retrograde state from April 2019 to September 2019. Health needs special attention during this phase. Street food and cold beverages should be avoided during this period. It is likely you would feel lethargic due to Saturn’s aspect on the 1st house. Inactivity and procrastination could increase your work load as well as add some extra pounds around your waist. Join some physical activity to keep the energy level up.

Conjunction of Saturn & Ketu in your 4th house calls for special attention & care for health related matters. You should avoid red meat and greasy food. The saturated fats and cholesterol they provide are bad for your heart health. Increase the intake of dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt, ghee, butter, etc as it would keep your muscles strong and healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables would boost your immunity and give you strength to fight viral infections, cold, cough and fever.

Virgo 2019 Health Predictions: Disciplined lifestyle will improve health

Sun is posited in your 5th house in the beginning of January 2019. It could lead to inflammation in chest & stomach. Pain in gall bladder should not be avoided. Reduce the coffee and tea intake; instead replace it with green tea & green bean coffee. Try to maintain your daily routine to prevent health from getting affected. Your habit of regular workout & having nutritious diet can be your arsenal to fight diseases & infections.
Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your mother. Avoid any unnecessary argument and/or confrontation. Virgo 2019 health horoscope shows the possibility of psychological commotion due to differences or problematic relationship with mother.  Yoga & aerobics would be both fun and beneficial to keep your health & wellbeing on track. Plan vacations with family & friend to restore spark and zeal in your life.