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2019 Planetary Transits - Mars

  • Mars transits Pisces from 1st January to 6th February in 2019
  • Mars transits Aries from 6th February to 22nd March in 2019
  • Mars transits Taurus from 22nd March to 7th May in 2019
  • Mars transits Gemini from 7th May to 22nd June in 2019
  • Mars transits Cancer from 22nd June to 9th August in 2019
  • Mars transits Leo from 9th August to 25th September in 2019
  • Mars transits Virgo from 25th September to 10th November in 2019
  • Mars transits Libra from 10th November to 25th December in 2019
  • Mars transits Scorpio from 25th December to 31st December in 2019
  • Mars will be debilitated between 22nd June and 9th August in 2019


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