Gemini 2018 Horoscope / Gemini 2018 Astrology by Pt. Punarvasu

Gemini (Mithun)

2018 Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy. If you do not know your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

2018 Horoscope

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2018 Gemini Horoscope comes with plentiful energy and positive vibes. You never felt so ready to set your resolutions into the quick gear! Chances are that you will meet ample new opportunities and strokes of luck but at the same time, there will be competitions and challenges too. Fortune is blessing you with happiness but there are some obvious costs involved.

This year, you will become more compassionate, helping and gain interest in social work and volunteering opportunities. However, Rahu, the dragons head in the 2nd house might give you a false speech, tendency to make commitments you cant fulfill. It might be a good idea to think twice before you promise someone or accept deadlines. Inability to keep your word could cause embarrassment later. Caution is also advised when lending money to others, as chances of return are relatively low.

From March to July, you may find it difficult to make decisions in life and change your stance frequently. From May to November, you will see that some enemies will try to drag you down during this period but at the same time, Mars is making you a walking spark of confidence so you will likely overpower opponents. At the same time, this period demands a cautious approach as a sudden accident could also occur and give long-lasting problems.

Despite these occasional issues, you will observe that 2018 will bring new vibrations in life and a relatively better phase in career. Your business specific ambitions would get fulfilled and you will also see a lot of support from foreign sources. Hard work will pay off well and patience will be rewarded with more income prospects and profits. While there may be some unwanted expenses too, you will handle finances well. You will witness more goodwill and reputation at the workplace too. Overall, there will be growth, even if slow.

In love matters, you will find some worthwhile prospects to form lasting alliances. Someone at workplace may attract your attention and this new love interest could be your life partner too. This is a positive year for married life but during the last quarter of the year, some conflicts and disputes might occur due to Jupiter transiting into Scorpio. Overall, you will see equal progress in all aspects of life, however, relationship sector demands more of your time as indicated in 2018 horoscope.

Gemini 2017 Horoscope / Gemini 2017 Astrology by Pt. Punarvasu

You will find this year would be positive as you would be energetic and pretty aggressive in all you do. However as the year progresses you might find some amount of pressures that will start mounting and mostly in form of opposition to your ideas. The movement of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius is in your house of marriage, relationships, partners and joint projects. Mostly this would have a negative impact and could build up resistance and hurdles in this aspect of life. You will find some amount of luck that your spouse would experience during this period and the status and position of spouse would rise due to the affect of Saturn. However you might find your projects and work might have some amount of hurdles. The pressure will increase somewhat from the 6th April 2017 and after the 20th June 2017 you will find suddenly as if you are unshackled. There would be certain amount of freeness, energy and good amount of progress. The high energy will return and some substantial growth will be possible between 20th June 2017 and 26th October 2017. Mostly the period beyond that will help you get into a new pattern and if you focus on overseas businesses, activities and enterprise connected with foreign sources then the year will be luckier than expected.

Further you will find yourself happy about your home. Environment would be positive and there would be good amount of energy for you. Happiness will come in also because of increase in your connections and your contact base and growth will come in because of various factors. Some respite and progress will come in due to progress in life of either mother or an elderly person around you. Creativity and new ideas would bring in a new amount of progress for you after 11th September 2017. Further happiness with regards to children will also increase after the 11th September 2017. There would be substantial rise in position and status between September and December 2017. Mostly progress and growth will become possible because of your new ideas and high mental energy. You will find that this is the time when you will be able to handle large projects, complex situations and handle stress in a better manner during this year. Further you will find networking & meeting with new people and creating growth because of your own efforts would be your key to success in 2017. This phase will continue well into September 2017 and after September 2017 you might find some amount of changes in family life, home environment and some amount of politics also with regards to your family members.

Be careful in how you speak with people around you. Maintain a good amount of diplomacy as that will help you to a large extent. A new source of income can be built up if you are ready with your opportunities and if you plan well then a paddle source of income can be created after September 2017. Socially you will find yourself very active and desires & need to get into relationships would be high till April 2017 and again after September October 2017. Mostly this period could make you go through different emotions and make some difficult decisions with regards to relationships. Do not take any strong stands and avoid controversy as much as possible. Further this period will also see a lack of clarity and communication in relationships and love matters. There could be a work related romance which could also give you trouble and difficulties between 14th March and 15th April 2017. Level of competition at work could bother you and there could be a female opponent at work who could also create issues. Be careful and avoid controversy at all times till April 2017. To sum up, the year would be good as long as you are flexible and are willing to avoid controversy. You will find maximum growth by increasing your networking capabilities and improving your relations. Further the next most important aspect would be new ideas, creative work and doing things differently. As long as you are able to follow these and avoid issues with partners then 2017 should be pretty favorable for you. Family matters and marriage matters could be challenging and you need to have a pragmatic approach to handle this year better.

The year would experience the the effects of Venus-Mars Conjunction bringing in rise in passion. Further, the Sun and Mercury would come together in Budh Aditya yoga many times during the 12 months. Saturn, would fall back into its previous position causing some very rare phenomena and effects on your life. Venus Retrogression is another significant event of this year that happens occurs only once in two years. We would have Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse during February & August 2017. There would also be a very rare 4 planet combination and further even a rarer 5 planet combination during September 2017. Adhi Yoga - the combination of Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in certain positions will occur during this year and the 4 planet combination will come back again in December. The results of these combinations is not completely covered here since we have to review this with a back drop of all 9 planets & not just your Moon sign along with an analysis of your birth chart. You should request the 2017 Comprehensive reading to receive further details about your upcoming year.

Career & Profession

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Gemini 2017 January Horoscope

Progress at work is on the horizon. You hard work would put you in a better position in career. Health would also come back on track eventually. However, your ego could create issues with spouse after 14th January 2016. You may have to travel for business reasons this month. You might also face opposition to your ideas and opinions as the month ends. Saturn transit is a landmark celestial event in January, especially for Gemini natives. This would bring harmony and happiness in domestic life and improve your relationship with parents.

Gemini 2017 February Horoscope

People in power might oppose you in the beginning of the month. Foreign associations would be quite profitable. It would be better to delay marriage plans this month as Jupiter, the significator of marriage will start its backward movement now. Married folks may observe issues dealing with spouse. Ego clashes may persist between you during the first half of the month. Problems in health matters are possible after 12th February 2017. You might face a lot of roadblocks this month. Luck quotient may also be low. We suggest you to not make any false promises or take too many responsibilities, especially in the 2nd half. Eclipsed Sun might increase over-confidence towards the end of the month. To ensure a smooth sail, you should employ a realistic and unbiased approach.

Gemini 2017 March Horoscope

Your stamina and energy level would be low as the month begins. There is no point overstressing yourself. You may get gains from unexpected sources, however there would be a lot of roadblocks in your way too. Any changes in terms of studies should be avoided in March. Love life also requires your attention this month. Issues from government departments and tax may persist but luck quotient would improve considerably after 14th March 2017. An unexpected journey may prove rewarding for you. During the end of the month, spiritual inclination may increase.

Gemini 2017 April Horoscope

Luck would favor you a lot this month. Pleasurable and profitable journeys might take place too. Indulgence in religious pursuits is likely to be rewarding in terms of mental growth and contentment. Rise in career would be there after 14th April 2017. Status would improve and you would find yourself in a powerful position at work. You should try to avoid any major decisions since many key planets are retrograde this month.

Gemini 2017 May Horoscope

This is a positive month for career growth. Work-life balance would be good and progress would be there. You may get a new assignment at work or work your way up the ranks. After 14th May 2017, income would increase. There would be gains as per your expectations as the month comes to a close. Company of friends would bring happiness.

Gemini 2017 June Horoscope

Income would be good as the month begins. You would be able to enjoy comforts and a good social life. A new source of earning could be there by this time. The period after 9th June would bring growth in business. You might also land a new project or position at work. Your financial position may suffer a minor setback after 15th June 2017 as expenses could shoot up. It would be better to plan your travels cautiously to avoid any monetary losses. Since Saturn is changing sign on 21st June, it would be better to defer any important decisions like health treatment or foreign visits for now.

Gemini 2017 July Horoscope

Stamina might be low in the beginning of the month. Financial problems may also crop up this month due to losses. You need to be vigilant in money matters. Things would get better after 16th July 2017 since key planets are coming together to improve your wealth prospects this month. Health would get better and you would be able to curtail expenses as well. Feeling of superiority and ego may invade your attitude by this point. You should start indulging in spirituality now.

Gemini 2017 August Horoscope

Ego and self-obsession could be high in the beginning of August. Your actions would be based on thoughts about yourself. Status and how others perceive you would become a priority this month. Travel plans may keep your schedule tight. You may also get positive news from foreign sources. Family and finance seem to be your focus of attention from 17th August 2017 onwards. You should focus on your father's health too. At the end of the month, luck would support you in managing finances. However, you should refrain from self-praise and domination. After 25th August, there might be an unexpected opportunity to go abroad.

Gemini 2017 September Horoscope

In the beginning of the month, your speech might have a tint of ego and domination. Your focus is strictly on finance this month. Jupiter transit would strengthen your conjugal bond and improve understanding with spouse. Strong chances of income rise exist as well. Your life would take a turn for the better after 17th September 2017. However, a problem related to mouth or face might occur. Foreign sources would bring profit and your networking abilities would also help you in this regard. Any business associations made away from native place, especially overseas would turn out profitable.

Gemini 2017 October Horoscope

Travel plans this month would prove fulfilling and rewarding. You might plan a short vacation. This month, your relationship with siblings might suffer. You might also face psychological distance from your near and dear ones after 17th October 2017. Luck would side you in property and domestic matters. You are likely to indulge a lot and may even purchase something valuable. With Saturn moving into Sagittarius again, it would be better to follow a steady and cautious approach when making key decisions. You should also take care of your spouse's health and avoid confrontation as much as possible.

Gemini 2017 November Horoscope

This is a key time for your mother or maternal figure. You might buy a property or conveyance too in the beginning. Possibility of change of location exists in your horoscope. Health issues may occur at times and after 16th November 2017, you may encounter children related problems too. Stomach seems to be a vulnerable area. You also need to work upon rising ego at the end of the month.

Gemini 2017 December Horoscope

Anger and self-obsessive nature might push people away from you in the beginning. You could discover some information from foreign sources and this would give you a head start. Problems related to face or stomach may trouble you often. After 16th December 2017, you would be in a better position concerning finance due to controlled spending and hard work. Career would progress through own efforts. However, you need to keep ego out of the equation when making key decisions this month.


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