Pisces 2018 Horoscope / Pisces 2018 Astrology

by Pt. Punarvasu
Pisces (Meena)

2018 Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy. If you do not know your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

2018 Horoscope

Know your level of luck in 2018 for Love, Marriage, Career, Income, Money, Wealth, Health & good

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You will do what you do best - inspire and spread goodness wherever you go as indicated by 2018 Pisces Horoscope. It's likely that you may feel more in touch with others' emotions this year and this will not go against you this time. With the kind of spiritual inclination you have, your sensitivity and intuition will help you heal yourself and others. This is a wonderful time to increase involvement in a research project or study occult sciences too.

Financially, you will do well and have a satisfactory income throughout. You might also inherit a property this year, which will further strengthen your position. Planets will give a boost to your desires and you will have a lot of passion and focus to realize your dreams too. If you had lost something, you are likely to retrieve it this year. In terms of married life, expect 2018 to be a positive year but you need to be a bit more cautious towards the beginning of the year.

On the career front, you may feel some perplexities and tensions this year. Things might not happen as intended and whether you want or not, transfer is also possible this year. From March to July, you should not venture into a new business or trust someone concerning your expansion ideas. Things will be much better in the last quarter of the year. After October, you will observe a lot of betterment and relief in career matters. The pressure you were feeling would lighten now.

The step-by-step approach will be best suited for 2018. If you try to skip the rungs to reach the top of the ladder, it's likely that you may fall. This is particularly true for the period during April to September. Remember during this time, you should embrace the pace and timing of events and not look for shortcuts in life. Take a step back, reassess and then move forward.

Mars will afford you with plenty of luck and fortune. You will be flooded with willpower and strength along with the ability to take risks. However, make sure that you use as much wisdom as you use your energy when taking crucial decisions. If you happen to learn this trick, sky will be the limit in 2018 for you.

January Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

This is the month that promises many financial gains. Government job or father's business is likely to give good results. Professional front promises some prosperity. You can expect some favours from government authorities. Your work and efforts would get credit & recognition. Your dream and aspirations of getting a permanent job may become true. Though wealth and cash looks promising, domestic harmony remains an area of concern for you.

February Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

February appears to be a balanced month for you. This month demands a bit of caution from you. The financial wealth and stability appear to be little less this month. You may have to travel abroad for some government related work. Minor losses would be there but overall prosperity during this period should keep you happy. Try doing some charity, it will be beneficial for you. Maintain a cordial relationship with people as isolation is indicated in this month. Try not to get too involved in things as threat of scandals is there.

March Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

This is the month that requires you to keep your best foot forward. You may experience less financial gains. Health is also a major area of concern. Watch out for infections, fever, skin and stomach ailments. Manage your wealth, money and assets well this month. Your name and fame would remain moderate. However your charm and personal magnetism remain low.

April Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

You are likely to make slowly and steadily progress in April. Wealth would be slow to accumulate. This is a fortunate month for you as money spent in earlier months is likely to come home. Prosperity looks to be on the cards as your personality and magnetism appears to be rising. Liquid money is likely to increase giving you a chance to possess expensive things. Owing to better health, financial status and sources of income should rise.

May Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

You are likely to be quite bold & fearless in the month of May. For you and your siblings, wealth looks to be on the rise. You would gain much fame and prosperity would also be there. You may end up taking a pilgrimage due to inclination towards religion. Financial status looks to remain strong and your wise and enthusiastic decisions would be appreciated. You would have ample power to make material achievements while your source of livelihood remains promising.

June Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

You would go through the month of June 2018 with fearlessness. Your brothers and sisters might make a name for themselves during this period. A short pilgrimage might take place due to your spiritual inclination. Due to your wisdom & enthusiasm, your decisions are likely to earn you appreciation. Your dignity, honor & respect at office might increase. Your leadership qualities might land you in ego clashes with colleagues, which should be avoided.

July Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

You are likely to remain an authority at work. Reputation looks to be rising. To avoid mental pressure, try not getting into any ego clashes at work. The period promises good time for respect & fame. Government institutions look like a promising option for students seeking higher education. Financial gains are indicated for job doers. New undertakings should have some success. Your social arena may expand this month. The prospects of progeny denoted are not very high. July would be an overall positive and prosperous month.

August Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

Looking at the horoscope for August 2018, the month appears to be a bright spot for career. Job doers can expect monetary gains and professional gains. New projects may bring good news and expand your network. You might face hurdles due to some jealous people around you. Health is appears to be an area of concern for you. Avoid getting into unnecessary disputes as litigation could prove to be expensive.

September Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

With colleagues taking note of your skills & abilities, September Horoscope 2018 points towards a rise in competition for you. People at office would try to create conflicts for you. It is advised that you try to avoid any clashes as much as possible. Rest your body as over work may lead to health issues. There is a possibility that your spouse might experience arrogance & self esteem issues. Financial gains are expected via business partners. This appears to be a good month for trade and business expansion as foreign trips might prove advantageous.

October Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

The horoscope for October 2018 denotes a progressive period for your spouse. He/ she might experience some unmatched growth. But there is also the possibility of him/her becoming temporarily egotistic. Financial profits may increase as travel related to business will give favourable outcomes. In your field of work, partners would be a good source of profits. You should manage your savings carefully else a possibility of monetary losses might rise.

November Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

The month of November 2018 is marked by an up rise in your fortunes. Though there might be some restrictions, luck seems to be in your favour. Cash flow is expected to remain satisfactory during this period. Religion would be an area of focus and you might even go on a pilgrimage in order to fulfill your desire of spiritual learning. You appear to be full of audacity, character, & intellect with an eye to initiate new things during this month.

December Pisces 2018 Horoscope:

Your fortune appears to be favouring in December 2018. With inclination towards religion, your professional front should hold strongly. You have robust energy levels to do new things. For government employees, staying at the job promises credit & recognition. You would be enjoying public esteem but a little disharmony at home is also predicted. Assets and education need more focus while those hoping for permanent jobs may expect good news.

Pisces 2017 Horoscope / Pisces 2017 Astrology

by Pt. Punarvasu

2017 promises to be a positive year and this positive phase is available to you after quite a few years. You will find that current year will be very beneficial and gainful for you and would give you nearly all the things that you have been aspiring for over the last 2-3 years. The year is positive to begin with as there would be good amount of confidence and self-assurance in you despite various issues in the past. Broadly speaking, lots of changes have occurred over the last few years and your mindset and thinking has now evolved to be a different one compared to what it was in the past. This will help you to take the next steps forward and make the progress and decisions that you have been waiting for. The year would begin with the major change of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius. In your case, there has been an intense change as Saturn has been sitting in a relatively easy and blessed situation. You have been recipient of various gains and progress but level of activity must have been soft and subtle. The movement or Saturn is going to change the scenario in life. Career will get activated. You will end up working harder and more affects would be experienced in connection with overseas sources. Some new channel of work could also develop because of foreign connections at work.

You will find yourself more in control of things, higher power than usual but some amount of setbacks would also come in because of the work of secret enemies or competition against you. Pressures or your own temperament could change after the 6th April 2017 when Saturn will turn retrograde. Saturn will get pushed back into Scorpio in your 9th house from the 20th June 2017 and will act as a sort of a relief against the pressures that you have experienced. This phase will continue till the 26th October 2017 and thereafter life will change once again. You need to work hard and take some hard decisions and activate yourself to make things happen to utilize transit of Saturn to your advantage. Further this year will see you confident and reaching out to others and would see you as a knowledgeable and a more helpful person compared to the past. The year is excellent for marriage matters also. If you are not married, then very good chances of marriage exists during this year. The period between 6th February 2017 and 9th June 2017 would be excellent in this regard. Beyond 11thSeptember 2017 you will find some changes in your thinking. Some amount of negativity could be felt and at the same time you might find hurdles in life will go up to some extent.

Mostly you will find that your thinking also would be a bit negative and pessimistic. This period is good for spouse of partner as they would do tremendously well. Gains would increase and there should be a good amount of progress due to spouse for you during this year. If you are working as a professional then this is a good time and all the hard work that you put in will give you some very good results after September 2017. This year before September 2017 would see you work hard and you would be very charming and able to negotiate some very good deals. Beyond September 2017, your thinking could be pessimistic and negative. Avoid feeling bad or negative about things and ensure that you work hard and give it your best that would be the best way of progressing well during this year.

Mars and Venus will remain in close conjunction and that would have its own impact on your thinking. Desires will be high, passions would be high also. The months of February, March and April 2017 could be very active. You could be in the middle of very high speed romance. Love life would be excellent and there could be total disregard to social matters also. Avoid taking sudden decisions in love or relationships during this time. However it is an excellent time, enjoy yourself, have some great time socializing and you will make some amazing progress for your personal self during this period. Looking at all the positive trends you need to utilize your positive energy before September 2017 to make the maximum gains possible. All the progress and area that you can cover before September 2017 should be done as that will give you very good results as the years go by in the future. Negative thinking should be avoided as that is one thing that could work against you.

The year would experience the the effects of Venus-Mars Conjunction bringing in rise in passion. Further, the Sun and Mercury would come together in Budh Aditya yoga many times during the 12 months. Saturn, would fall back into its previous position causing some very rare phenomena and effects on your life. Venus Retrogression is another significant event of this year that happens occurs only once in two years. We would have Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse during February & August 2017. There would also be a very rare 4 planet combination and further even a rarer 5 planet combination during September 2017. Adhi Yoga - the combination of Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in certain positions will occur during this year and the 4 planet combination will come back again in December. The results of these combinations is not completely covered here since we have to review this with a back drop of all 9 planets & not just your Moon sign along with an analysis of your birth chart. You should request the 2017 Comprehensive reading to receive further details about your upcoming year.

Pisces 2017 January Horoscope

You seem to be riding your luck in January. Some lucrative travels could happen this month. Getting involved in religious pursuits would afford you with a lot of serenity and calm. A progressive phase in career awaits you after 14th January 2017. Growth in career and position is possible too, which may eventually boost status and reputation. Towards the end of the month, you may have to manage your time efficiently as workload could increase.

Pisces 2017 February Horoscope

Career progression seems to be speeding up by now. There would be lot of positive developments in career as well as family life. And you need to be cautious and polite with your spouse. Better opportunities, projects and position would come your way at work. All you need to do is jump on the bandwagon. Hike in income is also possible after 12th February 2017. You would make satisfactory progress and gains this month and would have a good time with friends too.

Pisces 2017 March Horoscope

Increase in income would be there at the beginning of the month. Moreover, your social life would also be quite active and enriching. You might encounter new sources of earning this month. However, care should be taken after 14th March 2017 as there could be recurrent financial hiccups. Income may drop down while expenses could go sky-high. Travels this month could go in vain, thus it would be better to be prudent. You could experience some hurdles at work. There is no need to take stress; you should rather delay any major projects or initiations for now.

Pisces 2017 April Horoscope

Your energy level may drop as the second quarter of the year begins. Moreover, some financial pressure would be there as well, probably due to losses thus care should be taken. A positive period would come about after 14th April 2017 when you would see improvement in health and money matters. You might develop a tendency to treat others with contempt due to superiority complex. This should be avoided. You could tread towards spirituality to ease off your soul. It would be better to avoid any new investments and changes in business for now.

Pisces 2017 May Horoscope

Ego and self-interest have taken hold of your thoughts now. You seem to be too affected by what others think of you. May would also be marked by a lot of travel plans. You might get to hear inspiring news from sources abroad. By 14th May 2017, your priority would shift from self to family, finance, government and tax. By the end of the month, you would begin riding your luck in money matters. You should avoid being bossy and boastful though.

Pisces 2017 June Horoscope

Ego may contaminate your speech. In fact, during the beginning of the month, you might develop a tendency to step on others to reach success. Money matters have become of greater importance to you than before. You would experience a new enthusiasm in your life after 15th June 2017. However, occasional issues like mouth and face related problems may not let you make the most of this energy. There would be a lot of gains throughout this month, especially due to foreign associations and networking skills. Dont be afraid of meeting and conferencing at locations far from your place as results would be favorable. You would experience more peace of mind this month from 9th June onwards.

Pisces 2017 July Horoscope

You are likely to make some fruitful travels this month. A short holiday is in store too. Your relationship with siblings may get soured due to some reason. You may also encounter stiffness in your relationship with other members of the family after 16th July 2017. Your focus would shift to income sources thereafter. Planet seems to be more supportive in terms of real estate matters. You could purchase something valuable and are likely to have an indulgent lifestyle.

Pisces 2017 August Horoscope

This would be an active period on the home front, especially concerning your mother. In fact, you could also buy your dream home or car this month. You might shift to the new place in the beginning of the month itself. Some issues related to health or children may keep you troubled after 17th August 2017. You may also suffer from abdominal problems this month. By the end of August, ego would increase in your temperament. But at the same time, you would feel more confident towards the end of the month.

Pisces 2017 September Horoscope

Aggressive instincts and ego may affect your thinking process in the beginning of the month. However, a new development from overseas may trigger a positive change in life as Jupiter transits on 12th September. Health complications could arise especially related to face or stomach area. Progress would come about after 17th September 2017. Thereafter, you would observe good elevation at work as well due to hard work and good energy level.

Pisces 2017 October Horoscope

Career would elevate during this month. You would find yourself in a better situation on the professional front due to your industrious approach. Health also seems to be back on track eventfully. However, you need to work upon your ego or there could be clashes with spouse after 17th October 2017. A business trip may also come up. You should control your over-confidence in the second half of the month. In general, your ideas may be disagreed to towards the end of the month. Chances of travel to a foreign land for business purposes exist.

Pisces 2017 November Horoscope

People in authority might be inimical towards you as the month begins. However, you are likely to make good profits from any international associations. Issues with spouse are possible due to their stubbornness and your egocentric nature, especially in the beginning of November. After 16th November 2017, you might come down due to bad health and other challenges. Luck may not be as merciful either. During the latter half of the month, you should avoid making any commitments or take up more work than you can handle.

Pisces 2017 December Horoscope

You might not start the month as lively due to lack of stamina. Too much workload might take a toll on your health this month. On a positive note, December would bring lots of unexpected gains, although along with a few hurdles. You might face troubles due to government or tax sources. After 16th December 2017, fortune would begin blessing you again. You may have to go for an unexpected trip this month. Nevertheless, it would be a rewarding experience. Towards the end of December, your religious inclination may increase. To conclude the year positively, you should not pick up arguments at home and maintain a peaceful domestic life.


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