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Cancer 2022 Horoscope

Moon Sign based

The horoscope for the year 2022 will bring many opportunities for Cancer natives to make up for the losses that you have incurred during the previous year. There will be a reversal in the trends from downfall to up trends during this year.

Therefore, it is crucial that you may align your efforts and endeavors to the most favorable and blessed periods that you will come across in 2022. It calls for a good and workable plan possibly on different facets – career, finance, or your family life etc. for Cancer natives in 2022.

The year 2022 will see good opportunities when Cancer natives will grow in career. This will come with your dedicated efforts. The financial conditions as see in Cancer horoscope will be on better notes in 2022.

Planetary Movements for Cancer horoscope in 2022:

There are important transits in the year 2022 when Rahu will change its position from Taurus to Aries. Ketu will transit from Scorpio to Libra on 12th April. The planetary movements in the Cancer sign shows constant transits taking place in 2022.

Saturn will change its house from Capricorn to Aquarius on 29th April. Jupiter will move from Aquarius to Pisces on 12th April and the rest of the planets will change their position throughout the year.

Saturn: For you, Saturn will be in the house of marriage and business till 29th April. It will bless you with good growth in your business or own work and make you happy in your married life.

This is the period which bestows you with leadership quality and taking responsibilities and perform them well. However, your hard efforts will still be required to achieve more favourable results.

From 14th January till 12th February, Sun accompanies Saturn in the house of marriage and business. This may bring some unpleasant atmosphere among the couple and give some arrogance to you.

Sudden events will happen in your life after 13th April when Saturn moves to house of suddenness in its own sign Pisces. This transit may bring some changes in your life related to professional or personal front.

It may also bring opportunities from foreign lands for you to grow in your career or to visit abroad.

Mars: This year will be a good start for the Cancer students. The lord of education, Mars will start its journey from the house of education only.

Mars will bless you with great stamina to do hard work and have passion towards your goal later from 16th January to 26th Feb.

It will move to the house of competition and bless you with favourable result during this transit. However, you need to channelize your energy in the right direction. This will be a good time for those who are doing higher studies or research.   

Mercury: Mercury will start its journey from the sixth house of competition, debt, diseases, and disputes. After that it will travel to the house of marriage and business and in a year, it will transit almost all houses of your horoscope.

Venus: Venus, lord of fourth house of happiness and second house gains, will transit in the house of competition and disease. This planet generally gives satisfactory results, but you need to be careful in your daily routine and diet.

You will excel in competitions during this journey of Venus. After 27th February, Venus will sit together with Saturn. This may give good love and relationship time with your partner.

After this it will move to the house of suddenness and then move on like this to all houses of your horoscope throughout the year and give results accordingly.

2022 Horoscope

2022 Horoscope prepared under the supervision of Pt. Punarvasu will offer you a 'complete & personal guide' to the events expected in your life in the year 2022. This report, as prepared on your date, place & time of birth will bring you the update on the events & occurrences...more

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Mysteries of Career Horoscope revealed for Cancer in 2022

Career for Cancer in the year 2022 will bring good results. Mars the lord of career will travel in its own sign in the fifth house. Mars is favorable in your chart and the initial journey will help you in accomplishing your goals and objectives.

But time will bring some challenges for your professional life. Subsequently, as the year 2022 progresses further, career opportunities will improve for the Cancer natives and will turn out to be favorable towards the end of the year.  

In between the year, you will lack opportunities which you can later make use of. Also in 2022, Cancer natives will have to be very cautious in identifying any false career opportunities, as that can harm you.

You need to keep your temperament under control and not speak any harsh word with your seniors or colleagues. This can be taken against you.

Cancer natives in business, time is favorable in 2022. However, from 14th January till 12th February, Sun will be with Saturn in house of business.

This may create ego issues with business partner or with your workers. You will have to restrict your investments after 29th April as this may go wasted. You will not yield any gains.

It will be advisable to be cautious about any contracts or paperwork during the year 2022. Cancer natives must keep calm and patient and stick to your hard work and dedication for career development.

Try not to lose your track. Wait for the right time to come and then you will excel.

Success in 2022 for Cancer Horoscope in matters of Love:

Cancer natives in the year 2022, will have good times in their love life. There will be love all around. You will spend good time with your partner.

Cancer natives may travel to romantic destination abroad or within the country. This is shown in the 2022 Cancer Love horoscope. It will bring you closer to each other.

Since the planetary positions are favorable for love and romance, you should make most out of this opportunity.

If Cancer natives are still single, then 2022 will be the most appropriate time for your love life. You will come across the person who will be your love partner.

The bonding between you and your partner may become deep that you may even plan to tie the nuptial knot. Only initial time till 26th of February will bring some disagreements with your love partner.

Surprises that Marriage Horoscope will reveal for Cancer in 2022

If you are a married Cancer native, then the year 2022 may not have much for you in store. There could be spells of misunderstandings and arguments between the two of you and may even end up in separation for some time.

Your relations with spouse may turn bitter after 29th April. This is when Saturn will move to the house of secrecy and chronic disease. It may also give ill-health to your spouse or some misunderstandings.
Keeping your egoistic behavior and temper under control will help you avoid such adverse situation. Therefore, marriage horoscope for 2022 Cancer natives shows love life can be quite tricky.

You need to be very polite and truthful towards your partner. Never leave any opportunity to come closer to your partner and develop the much need love and affection between you both.

Try to spend more time with your spouse. Take out time especially for this from your busy office schedules.

Married life of Cancer natives in 2022 will come to normal as the year passes by.

Secrets of 2022 Finance Horoscope for Cancer:

The Cancer Finance for the year 2022 will see some highs and lows. The year will see good amount of monetary flow coming in that will keep your financial state at a good and desirable level.

Initial part of the year 2022 will be good for getting gains through speculative activities. Rahu will be posited in the house of gains and Ketu in the house of shares and speculative activities.

Rahu-Ketu will change their position on 12th April and bring unexpected expenditures. It will be your financial concern for the year 2022 since unplanned and unnecessary expenditures in some unwanted situations may arise for Cancer natives.

Investments must be planned and then pursued. Finance horoscope for Cancer natives in 2022 advice that any unplanned investments done in haste may lead to losses.

This year will not be good for any lending or borrowing money. Hence, it is advisable to please stay away from loans; neither take it nor give it.

Property deals will have to be checked very thoroughly and participate in a deal only if you are very sure that it is genuine. Make sure all the related documents are correct and there is no foul play.

The year 2022 is also not favorable for making investments in the speculation market for the Cancer natives, especially in financial instruments like lottery or shares after 12th April. Time is not favorable, and you may end up making losses in such investments.

Money earned from your hard work and efforts will be the only life saver for you. Avoid any short cuts in earning money. Plan to increase your savings since good inflows are there.

Trend of 2022 health Horoscope for Cancer:

Cancer health during the year 2022 will be good. There are no major health issues visible in the year. Only minor health related problems and physical and mental stress may keep you occupied.

Mars will be in the sixth house of disease from 16th January to 26th February and from 7th April to 17th May. It is in the eighth house of accidents, during this period.

Cancer natives need to be cautious while driving or while doing any adventurous activities in 2022. There are chances that you may get injured and face health issues.

If there are plans for daring adventures, then it is better that such plans be postponed for the time being.

After 13th April, Jupiter will move to eighth house of chronic disease. It may give you some health issues related to liver or abdomen.

Also, those who are diabetic will need to take extra care and be regular in your walk and exercise to maintain your sugar level.

Health issues may cause the Cancer natives to keep any travel plans bay for some time in 2022. These may bring some plights for you. You may get infected with some minor infections related to weather changes. However, with proper treatment this can be cured easily.

People who are already suffering from some medical issues need to be very particular to have their medicines on time and do not miss any appointments for health checkups.

Maintain a good health through healthy nutritious diet, regular exercise, and meditation to keep away from ailments.

Therefore, health horoscope for Cancer natives in 2022 shows no major ups and downs.

2022 - A year of Education benefits for Cancer Horoscope:

Cancer students will see a good year in terms of education ahead in 2022. Lots of success will there for you in store. However, this will only come with dedicated and focused efforts.

Mars, the lord of the fifth house of education will start its journey from therein and from 16th January it will move to the house of competition.

This may demand more hard efforts and determination to get the desired results in education for the Cancer students. In 2022, halfhearted attempts may not bring the expected results. Deep concentration and focus are a must. It is advisable to avoid anything that can distract you from your sole aim of studying.

You can share any difficulties that you may face with your teachers or parents who are always there to help and support you. Cancer Students who are pursuing higher education or research in 2022 may also find this year to be on positive notes for them.

However, nothing will come without your dedicated efforts, determination, and hard work. Hence, you must work in this direction.
Foreign studies will become a reality in this year 2022 for the Cancer students, if you have been planning for it. Therefore, work on this opportunity to make the most of it and fulfill your dreams of studying at an elite world-renowned institution.

2022 Cancer Horoscope in terms of Family Life:

Cancer family life will be happy and there will be harmony among the family members in 2022. For better relations with them, keep your ego and arrogance aside. You will be fortunate enough to get blessings of your parents and their help.

They will support on all facets whenever you need it. Cancer natives who are married, in 2022 your spouse will also help you and provide supporting hand in your family matters.

However, you need to keep a check on what you speak and control your harsh words. Else, the cordial relations may take a different shape altogether. You need to take care that you keep your professional and family life separate.

Else, your professional commitments will eat up your personal time meant for your family and spouse. This may create unnecessary stress in your family life. You need to balance in between your professional and personal life for better sailing throughout the year.  


Cancer natives’ relations with their family members will be smooth in 2022.
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2022 Horoscope

2022 Horoscope prepared under the supervision of Pt. Punarvasu will offer you a 'complete & personal guide' to the events expected in your life in the year 2022. This report, as prepared on your date, place & time of birth will bring you the update on the events & occurrences...more

  • 1 horoscope USD 49 / Rs.2940
  • 2 horoscopes USD 89 / Rs.5340