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As per Cancer 2021 Horoscope, your personal and professional life may take a rough this year, and you’re likely to face many challenges and obstacles during this period. For Cancer natives, Mars will transit in your Horoscope, which is going to make you a successful professional, despite the normal career ups and downs. Jupiter and Saturn will form a conjunction in your Horoscope. This combination is favorable for your marriage as well as business. Your hard work and relentless drive will help you make progress in these fields. You should be strong enough to overcome the life’s challenges. Cash flow may improve during this year and there would also be an increase in your income. However, when Jupiter moves to Aquarius sign, it may cause financial disturbance. This period is also unfavorable for your health as there are odds of some health problems. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of yourself during this time.

In 2021, Career of Cancer native will be stable in 2020 and you’ll be free from job worries. However, this wouldn’t be possible without hard work and consistent efforts. You may need to prove your worth to your boss or seniors. Lord Saturn is posited in its sign and having an aspect on your ascendant/lagan. Saturn’s effect will create a slow ripening in the career but success is assured. You may have a general feeling of fear and worry but don’t worry, your professional issues will be resolved and your work life will get back to normal.

Finance of Cancer 2021 native brings many ups and downs throughout the year. Initial part will come with challenges, second quarter will bring little stability with growth in  income and the last phase of the year when Jupiter transit over Aquarius again time demands extra hard work and planning to maintain economic balance in your life.

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2021 Vedic Horoscope
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Love and married life Of Cancer may be off-track in 2021. Saturn will move to your House of Partner and aspect your Personality House, which will result in obstacles in your love life and marriage. Furthermore, there are chances of disputes and conflicts, which would come from misunderstandings and disappointed expectations. Therefore, you will need to work on your relationship. You should practice open communication. This is the best way to resolve issues and end fights.

2021 may not be a great year for the students. Despite all the hard work and efforts, you may fail to get desired outcomes on the academic front. You will have to redouble your efforts and devote a lot of your time to your studies, without being distracted here and there. This would help you improve your academic progress. As Ketu in situated in your Education House, it will generate your interest in learning foreign languages. Because of this planetary positioning, you may be inclined towards research and occult science.

Cancer natives may face some significant health problems in 2021. You’re likely to suffer from abdominal pain and gastric issues. Taking medicine can relieve the uncomfortable bloating and gastric pain. Nevertheless, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle pattern, which includes a healthy diet. You also need to maintain your weight and avoid eating junk food on regular basis because it can lead to an increase risk of obesity and chronic diseases.

2021 Comprehensive Horoscope

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