Leo 2018 Horoscope / Leo 2018 Astrology by Pt. Punarvasu

Leo (Simha)

2018 Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy. If you do not know your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

2018 Horoscope

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With so much spark and energy, you are anything but boring in 2018. 2018 Leo Horoscope indicates that this year will act as a refreshing wave wiping out the pressures of the previous year. You will feel a lot relaxed as the endless confusion and tensions finally fade away. But you need to honor these positive changes and make major moves for consistent growth, one of which is to keep your anger and ego chained. This will give you far better results this year than any other step you might take.

Victory is imminent, be a court case, winning over a competitor or a jealous folk in your circle. Your enemies and opponents dont seem to stand a chance against you. But that doesn't mean you should let this fact get to your head. They might try to harm you so being watchful is the best course to follow. Also, don't end up messing with people and making more enemies just out of your overconfidence.

This year is positive for business prospects as someone might help you in getting good proposals. You will strike some important deals this year that will really carve out a progressive path for you ahead.

From March to July you might have to travel repeatedly concerning both business and spiritual reasons. If you were looking to buy a home, you dream will come true during second half of the year. If single, you may also get married to a partner of your choice. And for married folks, happiness is indicated due to spouse getting promotion at work.

Rahu, dragon's head will be placed in your 12th house this year, indicating towards possibilities of foreign travel in 2018, provided other planets in your natal chart support. This is also a positive planetary placement if you were looking for permanent settlement abroad.

While you will follow positive trends most of the year, health could be in an alarming state. An old ailment may reemerge and give you a tough time. This hints towards the need to adopt a cautious approach. If symptoms show up, you should be quick in visiting the doctor for diagnosis. 2018 forecast suggests growth on the financial front for you but delay in incoming payments is possible. Some creaks might appear in your relationship with siblings but there is ray of hope through these creaks if you handle matters in a mature way.

Leo 2017 Horoscope / Leo 2017 Astrology by Pt. Punarvasu

You would have a positive and gainful year mostly. Financially, there would be a good amount of progress, growth and new opportunities. Broadly speaking, you might find yourself negatively inclined and might see some amount of setbacks in status or reputation towards the end of the year. Besides these aspects, progress would be good and you should make substantial gains and movement forward in your life. The movement of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius will see a movement in your house of children and investments. While investments and general status would be good, you might not be very happy with regards to matters connecting with children. Negativity in thought and some differences of opinion with children could come about creating unnecessary hassles. Further thinking could be pessimistic and negative and some difficult ideas could originate which create hassles for you. This is despite a very positive and a very good amount of phase running for you where your subconscious is clear and you will be rich in ideas and expression. You will find that despite the negative thinking you will be able to express yourself very well, meet with people in an excellent manner and impress everybody around you. There would be certain amount of a business like attitude, a certain amount of fixedness in your temperament and inability to be flexible or tolerate too much around you. This is not a good trend because the inflexible or accept others' ideas have an impact after September 2017 on finances and other related issues.

Going back to your phase about children and investments, you will find some rise in stress and worry after 6th April 2017 and some setbacks in domestic matters could be suffered after 20th June 2017. Broadly, this phase will improve after the 26th October 2017 and during this period it will be beneficial for you to make plans for the future, create a blue print for life but not actively pursue further expansion or major changes in life yet. The phase after September 2017 also signifies a sort of a loss of position at work. This could also come about mostly on account of fixed attitude and some new ideas which could be mostly negative in nature. Avoid controversy and try to be open to suggestions to avoid controversies. Further September 2017 onwards, expenses will rise and overheads could be wasteful. You should conserve finances as much as possible for best results during this year. You will find that the phase during January and April 2017 will see you high on desires and there could be possibility of a new relationship which could be not totally beneficial for you. Avoid jumping into situations and be cautious about the decisions you take in your love life. Further career will see major changes and some unexpected situations at work as well as in your network of people you know will come about between 4th March and 15th April 2017. You should avoid controversy or taking sudden decisions during this period. Period beyond 15th April 2017 should be clearer. Mostly, you will find career and personal life will be positive till September 2017 but as long as you are able to keep negativity at bay and remain more open to ideas, then your success will be much bigger than expected during this year.

The year would experience the the effects of Venus-Mars Conjunction bringing in rise in passion. Further, the Sun and Mercury would come together in Budh Aditya yoga many times during the 12 months. Saturn, would fall back into its previous position causing some very rare phenomena and effects on your life. Venus Retrogression is another significant event of this year that happens occurs only once in two years. We would have Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse during February & August 2017. There would also be a very rare 4 planet combination and further even a rarer 5 planet combination during September 2017. Adhi Yoga - the combination of Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in certain positions will occur during this year and the 4 planet combination will come back again in December. The results of these combinations is not completely covered here since we have to review this with a back drop of all 9 planets & not just your Moon sign along with an analysis of your birth chart. You should request the 2017 Comprehensive reading to receive further details about your upcoming year.

Career & Profession

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Leo 2017 January Horoscope

There would be a lot of activity on the domestic front. January is going to be an eventful time for your mother too. You might in fact purchase a new house or car. You might relocate to a new place this month. After 14th January 2017, instability in your relationship with children and personal health may persist. Excessive ego could land you into trouble in the latter part of January. However, your understanding with spouse would improve considerably after Saturn enters Sagittarius towards the end of the month. You may also encounter new sources of income thereafter.

Leo 2017 February Horoscope

Aggression and self-obsession may increase when the month begins. Positive news from abroad might give a new direction to your life. Some chronic health issues could crop up during this month, especially after 6th February when Jupiter is moving backwards. You might encounter issues relating to face and stomach. However, life would come under grip after 12th February 2017 and you would observe good progress due to your hard work and dynamic approach.

Leo 2017 March Horoscope

Career growth is likely. Things would be in your control at work and you are likely to work relentlessly to progress. You might have to travel frequently after 4th March as Venus retrogrades. Progress in health matters is also on the horizon this month. After 14th March 2017, ego could create trouble with partner so better keep it out of the equation. You might travel for business purposes too. Opposition to your ideas may increase towards the end of March.

Leo 2017 April Horoscope

Those in power may have opposing views as the month kicks off. Any overseas transactions would prove rewarding. Partner may be quite touchy and displaying ego would only fan the flames, especially in the beginning of the month. A little maturity and compassion would go a long way. Challenges would crop up after 14th April 2017, especially in health matters as fortune seems to a little indifferent. This is not a period to make irrational commitments. You should also avoid workaholic tendencies in the second half of the month. Some key planets are moving backwards this month, especially Saturn so it would be better to avoid borrowing or lending money this month.

Leo 2017 May Horoscope

You would observe a dip in your stamina as the month begins. However, you could expect profits from unpredictable sources. There might be a few challenges in life and issues related to government or tax sources could disturb you in between. You luck quotient would improve considerably after 14th May 2017. An unexpected trip might occur but it would wind up in your favor. Interest in spiritual inclination would increase at the end of the month.

Leo 2017 June Horoscope

Planets seem to bring good luck to you this month. Any travel plans would turn out to be lucrative. Virtuous activities would help you attain some peace of mind. With Jupiter moving direct from 9th June, you would feel more empowered financially. The gracious planet would also help those involved in research. After 15th June 2017, you would observe a great leap in your career. You might land a leadership role and elevate your status. It would be better to boost your involvement within family after 21st June when Saturn moves into Scorpio again as you might feel a bit lonely thereafter.

Leo 2017 July Horoscope

July is an active and productive period for career. There would be ample progress in both professional as well as personal life. You may indulge in a new project or get a better position at work now. Conjunction of key planets may also give a boost to your income after 16th July 2017, especially from foreign sources. Substantial gains would be there as the month concludes. You would enjoy indulging in your social circle this month.

Leo 2017 August Horoscope

The beginning of the month would see growth in income and a better social life. You would enjoy a comfortable lifestyle overall. In fact, new earning opportunities may also knock the door. However, being self-reliant and cautious this month would be better as colleagues might not be as supportive. Your financial position may waver after 17th August 2017 as there could be a misbalance between income and expenditure. You need to be cautious with where you spend your money, especially when it comes to travel plans. After 25th August, Saturn's return to direct motion would bring much-needed peace of mind in life and improvement in health matters too.

Leo 2017 September Horoscope

This month would be marked by laziness and lack of energy. You may also struggle financially. A monetary loss at the start of the month may cause some upheaval. But once Jupiter transits to Libra around the middle of the month, your own efforts would bring good returns and income. The period after 17th September 2017 is even better in terms of money matters. Thereafter, you would enjoy a better health and financial position. Ego issues might crop up this month. You should indulge in spiritual pursuits for a peaceful month.

Leo 2017 October Horoscope

Respect and importance is what you need this month. However, you are overly occupied in thinking about yourself. This is going to be busy month due to travels. You might get to hear positive news from abroad sources and associations. After 17th October 2017, your focus would shift to family and financial aspects especially those related to government and tax. Fortune would bless you with better financial position as the month progresses. You should however stay away from egotism and domination. Your love relationship would gain strength once Saturn moves back to Sagittarius towards the end of the month. You may also get an increment or better position at work by now.

Leo 2017 November Horoscope

You seem to be suffering from superiority complex and high ego this month. Finance tops the list of priorities. After 9th November, Jupiter would become more generous, bringing much improvement in married life and income prospects. The period after 16th November 2017 would also bring a positive change. However, issues related to mouth or face might persist. You are likely to earn profit from foreign associations this month. Your ability to network would assist you in all aspects of life. Any business deals that occur away from native place or abroad would be lucrative in the long run.

Leo 2017 December Horoscope

You may plan some fruitful journeys this month. A small distance trip is possible which you would enjoy a lot. On the downside, your relationship with siblings might suffer. You may not feel as close to your family members, especially after 16th December 2017. Being over-confident in money matters could backfire so caution is advised. You should also refrain from making any unrealistic financial commitments in the heat of the moment or out of ego. Fortune would bless you with good opportunities to invest in real estate. You may add something valuable to your possessions as the month comes to a close.


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