Leo 2020 Horoscope

Leo 2020 Horoscope

The Leo 2020 Horoscope predicts that you would be faced with different prospects this 2020 over various facets of your life. Now that you know, are you curious to know how 2020 would fare for you, and what it has in store? Now that you have waded through 2019, be ready to sail through 2020 with a newer zeal and let your inner light shine bright!

The year, the Leo 2020 Horoscope predicts that this year would be lucky for the Leos, and any unfulfilled desire or dream of 2019, would be fulfilled in this year. Overall, this year looks pretty good and would present you with abundant opportunities to help you realize your inner desires and succeed in accomplishing your incomplete tasks, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

What can the Leo's hope to look out for in 2020 as per forecast?

For all the professionals, 2020 would bring with it high work pressure, which would put you under a lot of mental tension due to work related stress, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. Until 16 February 2020, there would be no change in situations, and you would have to work hard and go through a struggling period, as per the 2020 Leo Horoscope. With Saturn’s transit in its own sign in the 6th House on the 24th of January, you will get golden opportunities to prove your worth, although you might have to struggle a lot and work hard to accomplish your tasks, predicts the Leo 2020 Horoscope. 

Until 16 February 2020, you would have to work hard in all spheres of your life and it might be a struggling period for you, and present you with trying times. However, with perseverance and hard work, you can surely ace past the challenges, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

Be careful to not entwine yourself in matters of the court this year, and stay away from situations that might make you deal with legal and court matters, as per the 2020 Leo Horoscope.

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Do you have a question about your destiny in 2020?

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From 14 April 2020, your ruling planet Sun would transit in its exalted sign, and thus would present you with achievements in life. It is advisable that you try to curb your anger between the days of 22 March 2020 to 4 May of 2020, and control your urge to react in an aggressive way. This is because, during this period, Mars gets exalted in the sixth house from your zodiac sign Leo, with Saturn, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. Due to this transit of Saturn in its own sixth house, your struggles would increase but you would also get many golden opportunities to prove your worth, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope. However, there is an odd-chance that you might be tangles in a court case, which might put you through trying situations, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope. Therefore, the Leo 2020 Horoscope suggests that you should also try to always keep a check on your anger, and maintain a humble and gentle profile at all times.

Where is the career of Leo headed in the year 2020?

This year 2020 promises good prospects in terms of your career and profession. Even if you are planning to start something new, or experiment with your career this year, it would prove to be fulfilling and rewarding, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. Saturn would transit into the sixth house from 23 January, and during its period, you would have to work really hard and try to find a new identity for yourself, says the 2020 Leo Horoscope.

Though it is advisable to not start with any new work until the month of March, however, you would be rewarded with good results in your job because of your consistent and persistent efforts, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

Between the times of May 2020 to September 2020, avoid changing of jobs or leaving your current job, as it does not seem to be the right time for such steps, as per the 2020 Leo Horoscope. Also, avoid investing a huge amount of money into your business or profession as your profits might be at stake, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. Yet, you have good chances of promotion from the month of August 2020 to December 2020, so take care to be prepared beforehand for the added responsibilities that would be bestowed upon you, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

Saturn would be in its retrograde phase from 11 May 2020 to 29 September 2020 in your sixth house of the birth house, and during this phase avoid any changes in jobs or investing a huge amount of wealth in your business, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. There are good chances of you getting offers of promotion in your job from August 2020 to December 2020, if you are a working professional. There is scope for travelling to a foreign land either for a business trip or fixing a business deal, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. The Company you work for might even send you there. The results of this foreign trip seem to give positive results, and so stay optimistic about it, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

What are the love and romance predictions for Leo in 2020?

When it comes to love and romantic affairs, the first couple of months in 2020 seem to be challenging, predicts the 2020 Leo Horoscope. Around mid-year, there are chances of your ex or old lover trying to get back with you in 2020.

However, after the month of September 2020, there is a huge chance of meeting your new partner, the one with whom you might have a valuable relationship, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope. Even those who are already in a relationship would find an increase in expressing love and live a romantic life in harmony after the month of September 2020.

Do not let confusion enter your current relationship, as it would let to deceiving each other, and not being entirely truthful to each other, as per the 2020 Leo Horoscope. This would further add cracks to the relationship, and not let you have a smooth and fulfilling love relationship. However, the chances of meeting a new love interest or your would-be partner seems high after September 2020. 

You might even want to spend some time with your partner by visiting a religious place of interest, and might try to connect on a spiritual level as well, from September 2020, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. This would help you bond and make your relationship deeper and stronger and more romantic. You might even be under the ideation of starting any kind of research with him/her, and would want to broaden your horizons along with your partner as company, suggests the Leo 2020 Horoscope. The more you try to explore things together, the more connected and together you would feel for each other, as per the Horoscope for Leo for 2020.

What is the 2020 marriage forecast of Leo indicates?

For all the married couples out there, 2020 would kick start in all its beauty by showering you both with immense harmony and with love. You would enjoy the initial months of this year and be at the peak of your romantic life, enjoying every moment together, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

Take care and be cautious from mid-year, from around May 2020 to September 2020, as your married life go through tough situations, which would be very challenging to you both as a couple, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. However, after September 2020, there would be some relief, and your married would be back on track with its usual pace. Also, remember to take utmost care of your spouse’s health during this period, as ignorance might lead to careless health issues, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. It is advised that you try to keep yourself away from any kind of distraction from your married life in 2020. Avoid any feeling of attraction that you might have someone from the opposite sex, as it might convert into an extra marital affair, which would disturb your marital life in 2020. Stay away from any such hindrance that might come in between you and your spouse’s happy married life, suggests the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

How 2020 is going to be for family relations of Leo?

The year 2020 would have an abundance of spiritual programs taking place at your home, as there would be influence of spiritual connection due to the transits, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope. There would be plans more for small trips with your family, which would increase the family bonding and strengthen the relationship between you and your family, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. 

During the period from July 2020 to September of 2020, try to maintain your cool and speak sensibly in front of your family members, so that you do not end up fighting with them and damaging your relationship with them, suggests the Leo 200 Horoscope. Any disputes over your family heritage related to your ancestral property or others might see the light of the day during this year, and be resolved. Therefore, it seems to be a good time for gains related to such matters. As per the predictions for Leo 2020 Horoscope, your Father would be rewarded heftily in his office or place of work, by getting a promotion and wider opportunities to climb up and prosper, as per the Leo 2020 horoscope. If he is not a working professional, then his business might get good gains and he might find newer areas to explore in 2020.       

What will be the financial standing of Leo in 2020?

In this year 2020, the finances seem to look on the brighter side for you as you would be blessed with an increased income from multiple sources, as per the Leo 2020 horoscope. You would spend with a free mind, owing to your increased finances, but take care to not overspend and face difficulty in 2020. If you do not spend cautiously, you might even have to take a loan during mid-year, which is not advisable as per your earnings, as per the Le 2020 Horoscope.

Investment in speculation and property is advisable during this year, as there is lesser chances of loss, as per Leo 2020 Horoscope forecast. You might even get access to a heritage property, which would be an added asset to your present worth, says the Leo 2020 Horoscope prediction. You would be spending money by buying your own home this year 2020, and would also get luxury items for your home, which would add to your expense. You might even invest in speculative investments, or for land and property in 2020.

After the month of September of 2020,  you would be rewarded with huge profits from the various investments that you made in the past. Rahu would transit in the eleventh house of income, from 23 September 2020, and tis would give you earnings from multiple sources, as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope. Therefore, overall, this year seems to give good returns in terms of finance for you, as per the Leo 2020 forecast.

What is the travel diary of Leo looks like in the year 2020?

The Leo 2020 Horoscope predicts that Travel prospects for you in the year 2020 might not give good and sufficient results, and you might face hurdles while you plan for travels. There would be delays or unpredicted obstacles when you think of travelling, be it for work or personal, suggests the Leo 2020 Horoscope. However, small family trips would be successfully completed, and those trips would give you peace of mind and let you feel fresh. Take care to avoid excessive expenses while on the trip or for travels, as it might cause you unnecessary losses in the near future as per the Leo 2020 Horoscope.

Crucial planetary transit for Leo in the year 2020

During 2020, Saturn would be transiting in the 6th house of its own sign, Capricorn. Saturn will then be in retrograde motion from 11th of May, to 29th of September in the 6th house.

Jupiter would also transit in the 6th house along with Saturn, in the Capricorn Sign, from 30th March to 30th June, and would again be back in Sagittarius from 30th June to 20th November. Jupiter will enter its retrograde phase from 14th May and would be there until 13th September.

Rahu will transit in the 11th house, which is the House of gains, from the starting of the year until 23rd September. After that, it will transit in the 10th house of the Taurus sign.

Leo 2020 January Horoscope: The month of January will offer the Leo moon sign natives, favorable possibilities of job change. This can also make them take on some unexpected but beneficial travel. A check on health is required as you will try to adjust in a new work environment among new people. Important decisions related to marriage, investment, new business plan should be put on hold, in this month. Efforts will be required in smooth functioning of professional turf, as chances of disputes with co-workers are high.

Leo 2020 February Horoscope: Keep your suitcase packed in this month, as you will get to travel extensively for work and business needs. Some of these will be long distance journeys, where support of your parents will be essential in keeping the things at home in check. Guidance of seniors at workplace will be critical in handing complex work situations. Business professional will need to be a little more polite and humble while dealing with their partners and employees.

Leo 2020 March Horoscope: Your health will require attention, since you will be reeling under the effects of extensive travelling undertaken in the previous month. You will be highly vulnerable to infections, in this month, thus, it would be good to stay away from stressful situations and keep an eye on what you consume. Caution over legal and fiscal matters are advised, as chances of getting into trouble are high, during the month. Your analytical and inspective skills will be helpful in charting new and fruitful career avenues.

Leo 2020 April Horoscope: This will be a highly favorable month for those who are looking to upskill and learn new technologies and tools for career advancement.  Success in higher education is guaranteed, in the month of April for Leo moon sign natives. Support from your father will help you make the right choices in personal and professional life. Look up to your seniors at workplace when stuck with difficult situations, which need immediate solution.

Leo 2020 May Horoscope: The month of May will favor career change for most of the Leo ascendants who are looking for better professional opportunities. You will be faced with certain challenges at the new workplace, but with your efforts you will be able to get due recognition, sooner than later. For those who will stay put at their current organizations and role, it will be the time to duck sensitive discussion which can lead to arguments with seniors and colleagues.

Leo 2020 June Horoscope: A check on attitudinal changes which will give you a bad-temper is still required as you step into June. If these outbursts are well taken care of, you will stand a greater chance of gaining the acceptance and acknowledgement of your boss, at the workplace. Gains through elder siblings are also anticipated, in this month. You will also witness expansion of your friend circle as you will add new connects to it. Sense and sensibilities will be essential in making effective investment decisions for superior results.

Leo 2020 July Horoscope: You will have a spiritual disposition in this month, which will help you get hold of your wayward thoughts and actions. Meditation and yoga will play an essential role in bringing about positive changes in health and well-being. Check for your dietary habits also to avoid any major health complications, during the month. Sudden expenditure will be incurred on unexpected things, which will be a waste of your hard-earned money.

Leo 2020 August Horoscope: You will start feeling better, as far as the physical and mental state of health is concerned, as soon as you enter the month of August. Differences in opinion can ignite disputes with spouse, so, you are advised to keep a modest disposition, to avoid occurrence of an unfavorable event in the marital life. Those employed in government services will have a pretty promising period. Support and guidance of your father will hold you through thick and thin.

Leo 2020 September Horoscope: Focus on health will be required for better functioning. Leo moon sign natives should consider involving themselves into religious activities, it will help them destress and rejuvenate. Humility in conversations will be imperative in leading you to the path of progression. Your extravagance may cause undue pressure on your finances, hence, exercise control over it is advisable, in the month of September.

Leo 2020 October Horoscope: You will be inventive, ingenious and dedicated in your work. This attitude will benefit you in evolving as a professional – be it in the realm of service or business. Domestic travels will be there, to offer you opportunities to expand your trade. Some you might take on short vacation with siblings and friends. This will help you unwind while making your bond stronger. Check on verbal communication is require to maintain peace and harmony in personal and professional life.

Leo 2020 November Horoscope: Your own and health and that of your mother’s will be an area of concern in the month of November. Change in work environment could be one of the reason for health deterioration. Stress of a new work life will be quite evident on your physical and mental well-being. Family relationships will require attention and expressions of affection. Avoid making any important decision during the month of November, as they will not give desired results.

Leo 2020 December Horoscope: For those who are looking for a job change, the month of December will be fruitful in getting selection calls from job interviews. Recognition and appreciation at workplace will be inevitable and will help you in gaining status and fame at work. Love life will require focus and care. Embracing humble and modest disposition will help in strengthening the bond of love and taking your relationship to the new level.

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