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As per Leo 2021 Horoscope, this year has ebb and flow on the way. This year is going to be about self-learning and improving your decision-making skills, which in turn would help you in making better decisions in your life. However, you will need to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to unfamiliar places, doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. Saturn and Jupiter are sitting together in the House of Enemy and Diseases. This planetary combination appears to be unfavorable for the Leo natives. There are chances that your colleagues would be secretly jealous of you. They could also try to ruin your reputation at work place. So, be very cautious and do not share your plans with them.  

The transit of Mars is likely to bring some health problems  for the Leo natives and their parents However, on a positive note, you may be inclined towards charity and religion.

In 2021, Leo Career Horoscope ensures a bright career to the Leo people. The transit of Rahu in the Profession House will become the cause of sudden growth and development. Moreover, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the Service House will help in finding the right job for you or help in building a good reputation at work.

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2020 Vedic Horoscope
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The transit of Jupiter will bring excellent opportunities related to business and finance. Your personal and professional relations will also improve in the second half of 2021.
During this year, Leo natives will get a chance to improve their financial status. Despite the fact that there would be some financial disturbance at the starting of the month, people born under Leo moon sign will find a way to come out of these problems. You willbe able to make good money during this period and the inflow of wealth will increase at the same time.In addition to this, you will receive financial support from your life partner throughout this period. However, you will need to track your expenses to identify and eliminate wasteful spending habits in your financial life. Mars is Yog Karaka in your Horoscope and it is transiting in the House of Fortune. This planetary positioning will help you achieve success in life.

Single Leo natives may find the love of their life this year. There may be some difficulties in your love and Married life during the first half of the year. A lot of adjustment will be required for a successful marriage. You will need to set aside your ego, and learn to appreciate your partner’s romantic gestures. Your hectic workload may take a toll of on your married life. This is the reason why you will need to maintain a work-life balance.

2021 appears to be a challenging year for the students and children. The planetary positions in your Horoscope are not so great. Jupiter (Lord of Education House) is situated in the House of Obstacles. You may not get desired results in your academics in spite of doing hard work. This is the reason why you will have to redouble your efforts during this period if you really want to make good progress in your studies.

As per 2021 Leo Health Horoscope, Saturn, and Jupiter are transiting in the House of Disease. This is the astrological reason why you are likely to suffer from health problems during this year. Sugar patients need extra consideration and care. Some of you may face digestive problems, which may later cause abdominal pains and gastric issues to the Leo natives. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle schedule to remain physically fit and healthy.

2021 Comprehensive Horoscope

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