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Taurus 2021 Horoscope

Moon Sign based

As per Taurus 2021 Horoscope, this appears to be a lucky year for the Taurus natives. You are likely to make decent growth and progress during this year. You would be very innovative, creative,and original in your work and thinking. You may get demotivated at some point of time but you will conquer any negativity and barrier shortly.

You will be fortunate in regards to your career. You will get clarity and confidence, and it will help you in making the right decisionsat the right time. This year Saturn is transiting in your Horoscope, which is likely to bring favorable   results in your life. You will succeed in your efforts and there are possibilities to go abroad in relation to your work. This very transit of Saturn will help you build a successful career. However, on a separate note, the transit of Jupiter may create some obstacles in your career, from April to September 2021. Nonetheless, the period is considered good for changing jobs.

2021 Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy. If you do not know your Moon Sign, find it out instantly.

In Taurus Horoscope, Rahu is posited in the First House of Personality, which is likely to create contention among colleagues and friends. Your friends and colleagues may be secretly jealous of you. So, don’t share your dreams, hopes and work plans with them. Initially, the trouble maker-Rahu may create some hurdles in your path but after some time, it will reinforce your happiness and other positive emotions. Business people are going to get long term benefits by this transit of Rahu-Ketu.

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2021 will be a good financial year for the Taurus natives. You will incur gains and profits throughout this year, and your monetary position would be fine. There may be some sudden unexpected expenses but the good inflow of money will balance it out and won’t let this affect your financial status.

During this year, you would be working hard to make gains and achieve great financial stability. Lord Jupiter will further strengthen your financial position.

2021 may not be a great year as far as your personal life is concerned. You will have to invest your time and energy in your partner. You need to be committed to each other, and express your love throughactions and small gestures. Forgiveness is one of the main ingredients of a successful marriage. Along with this, tolerance, patience, openness and honesty will carry you both considerably closer to each other, and also help in resolving the issues without creating a lot of mess.

Until February 2021, the transit of Mars and Ketu can affect your partner’s health or create problems between you and your spouse. You will need to keep a control over your anger and speech else you may fall in verbal battles with your better half.

2021 may be a great year for the students and children. You will be able to make good progress academically. The hard work you’re doing right now will pay you off in future. You will focus well on your studies, without getting distracted here and there. You are likely to receive a lot of opportunities this year, but ensure that you make the best use of these golden opportunities.

Talking about love relations, this year will be favorable for the lover Jupiter aspect will help single natives in finding their ideal match, this year. Nevertheless, it will give mixed outcomes in your love life.

The 2021 career horoscope of Taurus says Taurus natives will excel in 2021

Predictions based on Taurus 2021 career horoscope reveal the year will come with great changes. Taurus moon sign natives will get huge opportunities and open doors during this period because Saturn will be posited in the House of Fortune. The planetary positioning in 2021 will help you attain professional success. Moreover, this placement of Saturn indicates a bright and successful year for you. However, you would need to be more careful between 23 May and 11 October 2021 due to the ill placement of planets.

Taurus, your 2021 career Horoscope states that Jupiter will enter the House of Fortune on 1 January and be in the same position until 6 April 2021. This position will bless you with plentiful opportunities and multiple sources of income.

The natives working in law firms will get fruitful results in 2021 due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the house of fortune. The planetary positions will remain supportive of your professional life from 4 February to 21 February 2021, bestowing you with immense opportunities and happiness. However, this seems an incorrect time for starting a new business partnership.

Taurus finance horoscope 2021 states Taurus natives will grow financially in 2021

2021 Taurus Finance Horoscope states that Taurus moon sign natives may have a good financial year. Mercury will govern your financial matters at this time and Jupiter will rule your house of gains. Both Mercury and Jupiter will help you grow financially.
Predictions based on the annual financial Horoscope reveal that Saturn will have the lordship of your fortune house and will remain in the ninth house throughout the year. This planetary placement will bestow you with monetary benefits and it remains unlikely that you are going to face a financial crisis in 2021.
According to the yearly finance horoscope predictions, Jupiter will remain posited in your horoscope throughout the year. Taurus moon sign natives will receive numerous opportunities that will be financially beneficial. The placement of Jupiter in the ninth house will take your financial status to a new height. Besides that, Jupiter will aspect your house of property and wealth in 2021. The middle part of 2021 will be a good time for long-term investments, as per the 2021 finance horoscope predictions of the Taurus moon sign.

Taurus sign, your 2021 Love & Marriage horoscope shows good positive vibrations

According to the 2021 Love & Marriage horoscope of the Taurus moon sign, the year promises to be favorable with some challenges. The yearly Love & relationship horoscope states that Jupiter will aspect your love house in the initial and the last parts of the year, particularly from 1 January 2021 to 6 April 2021 and from 14 September 2021 to 20 November 2021. This planetary positioning will create some blissful moments with a partner and create marriage possibilities for the single Taurus natives. However, on a separate note, the placement of Ketu in your house of marriage may create minor differences between you and your partner and cause misunderstandings between you both. However, this is just a temporary phase. As the year progresses, these problems will be resolved.

The aspect of Mars on your marriage house till 14th April from the beginning of the year may cause stress and problems in your relationship whether it's a love or married relationship. The love and marriage horoscope of the Taurus moon sign suggests you be more careful and tactful in your speech during this period. Besides that, you will have to be mature and realistic in marriage matters to ensure happiness in married life.

The 2021 relationship horoscope of the Taurus moon sign advises you to be calm and patient in your conversation for smooth sailing throughout the year.

The annual health horoscope of Taurus says health problems are likely to affect your performance

According to the 2021 Taurus health horoscope, the transit of Rahu and Ketu will leave a negative impact on your health. The placement of these 2 shadowy planets in the first and third house will make you prone to infections and diseases. You may record a fall in your health levels during this period. Also, the transit of Mars in the 12th house will not prove to be good from the health point of view. The initial period will be slightly challenging with respect to health and wellbeing.

Taurus' annual health horoscope says Mercury will conjunct Sun in your 8th house which signifies sudden events. As a result, there are thick possibilities of you facing abdominal issues between 17 December 2021 and 16 January 2021. Besides that, the planetary positions are also creating chances of eye problems for the Taurus moon sign natives.

During the mid of the year, Taurus people will find themselves pretty produce as the planetary positions are not showing any major health problems at this time. Your health will be superb during this period. Even though you will see progress in your health conditions, yet you should not be careful about your health and take all necessary precautions to avoid any future health complications.

Taurus Monthly horoscope 2021

Taurus January 2021 horoscope promises to be favorable for matters related to career and family. There are strong chances that you will feel attracted to the opposite gender. January 2021 will be slightly challenging with respect to health and marriage.
Taurus February 2021 horoscope states that this is a favorable to get hold of new opportunities. Taurus natives will feel energetic and confident in the last parts of February 2021. You are advised to be mature and realistic in the marriage matters to ensure happiness in your married life.
Taurus, your March 2021 horoscope says the month will come with mixed results. The planetary positions will create blissful moments in your love life in the last parts of the month. The chances of traveling to a foreign country for work purpose are likely.

Taurus April 2021 horoscope advises you to keep a tab on your expenses, as there are chances that some unwanted expenses may destroy your budget. However, on a separate note, the natives of Taurus sign will spend quality time with their family and friends during this month.
Taurus May 2021 horoscope says Taurus natives will become very ambitious in life and will always shrive to reach a goal. You may chase material possessions for a luxurious life. The horoscope shows that there will be growth in your finances. Besides that, sudden unexpected money gain is also on the cards.

Taurus June 2021 horoscope shows chances of hike in salary. Some of you may even get promoted at work. The chances of traveling to foreign lands for work purpose are likable. Some new opportunity might come your way, which will be beneficial for you.

Taurus July 2021 horoscope says that the month will come with good results. The planetary movements seem to be in your favor so there is nothing to be worried about. The stars will bring in luck in professional life. This time your bonding with colleagues will be strong.
Taurus August 2021 horoscope indicates that planetary movements will create some celebrations and blissful moments with your lover and create marriage possibilities for you. You will get to spend time with your friends and family too. However, Taurus natives may feel totally lost and confused at times.
Taurus September 2021 horoscope advises you to keep your cool throughout the month, especially while interacting with your partner or children. The planetary transits in September 2021 may make you act in an aggressive manner or make you short tempered causing stress and confusions in your relationship. However, you will be very fortune in the matters of profession and wealth.

Taurus October 2021 horoscope says the planetary positions will create happy moments in your married life. You are likely to spend quality time with your partner. You will get numerous opportunities on the professional front which will improve your professional image at work.  

Taurus November 2021 horoscope states that Taurus natives will have multiple sources of income through which they could earn passive income. Those in a married relationship may face differences with spouse. However, the month will be excellent for your professional life.

Taurus December 2021 horoscope says there are thick possibilities of getting monetary benefits from in-laws. You will get a chance to enhance your professional image. You will be very mature and realistic in professional matters, which is a good thing for you. Taurus natives are advised to be careful and tactful in their speech for a smooth functioning throughout the month.


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