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2023 Aquarius Horoscope
Based on your Moon Sign


Saturn’s movement in the first half of 2023 will see you move ahead in your career despite hurdles. But its retrogression from the middle of the year till the end may mislead you at times, drawing you to all that shine and glaze. But you need to be careful while taking decisions whenever attractive offers come your way as they might not be fruitful in the long run. This period may also put you through delayed results, wrong decisions, setbacks, and even job loss. Remember to be sincere, dedicated and avoid short cuts to mitigate the ill-effects of Saturn’s transit. The 2nd quarter of 2023 will make you seek knowledge and wisdom as Jupiter conjuncts Rahu, and this state will persist till the last quarter of the year. You will be keen to learn new things and try to achieve a better place in your social and professional life during this phase. However, this will also be a time when you will go through lack of clarity or confusion. The planetary movements suggest that you will have a satisfying love life throughout 2023; but Mercury’s retrogression during different parts of the year might make you face the recurrence of some old ailment.

Aquarius 2022 Horoscope

The horoscope for the year 2022 will bring many opportunities for Aquarius to make up for the losses that you have incurred during the previous year. There will be a reversal in the trends from downfall to up trends during this year.

Therefore, it is crucial that you align your efforts and endeavors in the most favorable and blessed periods of 2022. This calls for a good and workable plan possibly on facets like career or finance or even your family life for Aquarius in 2022.

The year 2022 will see good opportunities when Aquarius will grow in career. This will come with your dedicated efforts. The financial conditions as see in Aquarius horoscope will be on better notes in 2022.

Planetary Movements for Aquarius horoscope in 2022:

There are important transits in the year 2022 when Rahu will change its position from Taurus to Aries. Ketu will transit from Scorpio to Libra on 12th April. The planetary movements in the Aquarius sign shows constant transits taking place in 2022.

Saturn will change its house from Capricorn to Aquarius on the 29th of April. Jupiter will move from Aquarius to Pisces on 12th April. Rest of the planets will change their position throughout the year.


Saturn: Saturn in your horoscope will be the lord of Ascendant and 12th house in your horoscope and posited in 12th house of expenditure, hospital, foreign land, and spiritualism. This may give you a depressive feeling of mental stress due to loss of wealth or property.

Here, Saturn may give you hidden enemies from very close ones. After 29th April, Saturn will move to the 1st house of self, confidence, and personality. You may cherish your independence. There may be lack of clarity in mind and at times decision making would be weak.

Sun: Sun will start its journey from the house of gains. From 14th January, it will move to house of expense or foreign land and will be capable to give benefits from abroad.

Sun is the lord of the 7th house of business. From 14th January, it will move to the house of foreign land and spiritualism which makes you strongly spiritual. It will also bring you profit and opportunities from abroad to expand your work.

From 13th February, the Sun moves to the house of self, confidence and personality which will bless you with strong will and determination. It also endorses positivity and self-confidence. Here, Sun will give authoritative nature and benefits from government or authorities.

Likewise, it will travel through the balance of 12 houses of the zodiac throughout the year.   

Jupiter: Jupiter will travel in the house of self, confidence, and personality in initial period of 2022. It will bless you with kind and compassionate nature and makes you optimistic and give you good intention. It will bless you with good luck.

After 13th April, it will move to the house of wealth and speech. Here, it will increase your wealth and bless you with impressive/influential speech. It may give you gain, power, authority, and leadership quality.

Also, Jupiter here will reduce power of your enemies and they will not be able to harm you.

Mercury: Mercury will transit in your house of foreign land, hospital, and spiritualism. This position of Mercury will make you intelligent and good at communication. Mercury will also bless you with good analytical and logical bent in personal as well as professional front.

On 6th March, it will move to the 1st house of self. It will bestow upon you enthusiasm about things which are hidden. It represents brilliant communication skills and expressions.

After 24th March, it will move to the house of speech and family. It will make you intelligent and give you an analytical thought process. You will bring happiness to your parents and to your family.

Likewise, Mercury will travel the whole zodiac in the year 2022.

Venus: Venus will start its journey from the house of gains. Venus is the planet of wealth and gains of material wealth. Therefore, you will be blessed with easy gains in all spheres during this transit.

From 27th February, Venus will be in the house of bed pleasure and foreign land. It will give you enjoyment and opportunities to expand your wings in abroad. It will give you opportunities to mingle with your partner and will spend sensual and romantic moments as well.

Venus will transit in the 1st house of self on 31st March. This will build your confidence and give you a sweet and gentle nature. This will also be blessed with a magnetic charm and strong personality.

You will love to enjoy all pleasures in life. Likewise, Venus will cover all 12 houses of zodiac throughout 2022.

2022 Horoscope

2022 Horoscope prepared under the supervision of Pt. Punarvasu will offer you a 'complete & personal guide' to the events expected in your life in the year 2022. This report, as prepared on your date, place & time of birth will bring you the update on the events & occurrences...more

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Mysteries of Career Horoscope revealed for Aquarius in 2022

Career for Aquarius in the year 2022 will bring a lot of success and prosperity in their profession. The year will see many opportunities coming your way that will take you on the path of growth in your career.

You will be entrusted with responsible portfolios and responsibilities that will further enhance your credibility in the job. As a result, you may be blessed with an out of turn promotion.

Rahu posited in house of career till 12th April 2022. Therefore, it might bring Click Here

Success in 2022 for Aquarius Horoscope in matters of Love:

Love horoscope of Aquarius in the year 2022 shows lots of promise for smooth and stable love relationship. Mercury is the lord of love. You will share good understanding with your love partner. Aquarius couples will find this year 2022 to fulfill all their dreams related to love relationships.

You will have adequate time for you partner to plan outings at romantic destinations frequently during the year which will strengthen your bond further.

For Aquarius natives in love, there could be some moments Click Here

Surprises that Marriage Horoscope will reveal for Aquarius in 2022

Married life for Aquarius natives you will be smooth in 2022. There will be no visible impediments. There will be faith and understanding among the couple. Together, in a love or married relationship, the Aquarius natives will live a harmonious life during the year 2022.

However, there can be ego and arrogance visible in your attitude as Sun will be the lord of house of marriage or spouse. Therefore, it is advisable Click Here

Secrets of 2022 Finance Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius finance horoscope for 2022 will bring enormous growth in your wealth. Your financial status will see a boom in this year with inflows from all around. Jupiter, the lord of wealth in your horoscope will transit in house of self, till 13th April and bless you with good wealth from your own efforts.

Jupiter will move to the house of wealth after mid of April. Any investments made in the past will bring good profits in this year. In case your money is held up somewhere, or some investment Click Here

Trend of 2022 health Horoscope for Aquarius:

Health of Aquarius in the year 2022 will bring some medical challenges during the year. There is a likelihood that you may get infected with some disease. It could affect your kidney or liver, which may pose some issues.

Health for Aquarius natives could be fragile, especially during the initial part of the year 2022. Proper consultation with the doctor and taking treatment seriously would see you through. Therefore, you should not take your illness lightly and pay due attention.

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Hence, you must follow Click Here

2022 - A year of Education benefits for Aquarius Horoscope:

For the Aquarius students, year 2022 would bring average results in terms of education. However, nothing adverse will happen. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

One thing that you must remember is that your hard work and dedication are the best tools that will help you sail through even in the high tides. If the planetary positions are in your favor, then these will help you to have better than normal results. As a result, you must always stick to hard work.

Mercury, the lord of house of education will travel in the house of abroad till 6th March. 2022 will bring opportunities for the Aquarius natives to pursue their education abroad. So, if you are looking for this chance, Click Here

2022 Aquarius Horoscope in terms of Family Life:

Aquarius family horoscope in the year 2022 will bring good and happy family time throughout the entire year. Jupiter, the lord of house of family will travel in house of self-till April. After that, it will move to the house of family.

This will bring the Aquarius natives close to their family members in 2021. You will enjoy lots of happy moments of family get together and bonding. During this time, Click Here

2022 Horoscope

2022 Horoscope prepared under the supervision of Pt. Punarvasu will offer you a 'complete & personal guide' to the events expected in your life in the year 2022. This report, as prepared on your date, place & time of birth will bring you the update on the events & occurrences...more

  • 1 horoscope USD 49 / Rs.2940
  • 2 horoscopes USD 89 / Rs.5340