Pisces Career Horoscope for the year 2020

Pisces Career

Year 2020 looks promising for the Pisces moon sign natives. The placement of your ruling lord Jupiter would be crucial in identifying your professional productivity, during the year 2020.

Pisces 2020 Career horoscope, shows that Jupiter is going to be placed in your 10th house of career, for the larger part of the year, before making a move into your 11th house of income gains. As a result, you will witness favorable opportunities both in terms of career growth and financial gains. However, there would be some challenges also, in the way to evolvement.

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Your luck will favor your hard work and persistent approach and your career will gain momentum, during the New Year. The beginning of the year will be relatively more favorable for the professional growth of Pisces moon sign, and they will be able to stay ahead of their competition by embracing right attitude and firmness, in this period.

This year is going to be extra special for business professionals, as they are going to witness the expansion and growth of their venture. Some of you may also get to realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur or you may get the opportunity to start a new business, this year.

The big game changers for the Pisces moon sign Career in the year 2020 will be:

  • Rule of Jupiter: The movement and position of the lord of your moon sign Jupiter would be very crucial this year, as it will be placed in the 10th house of career of Pisces moon sign until 20th November 2020. This will be a mixed period with opportunities to earn well and change career, but at the same challenges will also be there.
  • Verdict of Saturn: The placement of Saturn in the Pisces horoscope sets out the rules for the natives to perform in a righteous manner to get the desired results. Sitting in your 11th house, Saturn is going to aid in fostering your business plans and entrepreneurial desires.

Planetary positions that will redefine Career prospects of Pisces moon sign in the year 2020

Pisces 2020 Career horoscope shows that placement of Jupiter and Saturn would be the biggest highlights and matters of consideration for professional prospects in the year 2020.

Incidentally, Jupiter which is the lord of Pisces moon sign also rules the 10th house of career for them. Here, opportunities for growth will be immense but will also have a dash of trials and tribulations thrown in between to make the ride a bit edgy.

This will be the case till 20th November 2020, and once it moves ahead in your 11th house post this period, rise in income could be made possible.

The mighty Saturn is going to occupy your 11th house for the large part of the year, starting 24th January 2020. This is going to bring along the support of friends and colleagues in tracing the path to professional success. You may get to start your own venture and explore possibilities of business partnerships with known acquaintances, at this point in time.

This placement is also going to prove beneficial for those Pisces moon sign natives who are inclined to get government job. Success in competitive examinations for such exams, interview calls, and selection in job interviews will be made for Pisces ascendants in the year 2020, through the blessings of Saturn.

However, none of this will come to you served in a platter. You will have to work hard with utmost dedication and honesty if you aspire to be on the road to success.

Your efforts will be directly aligned with your outcomes, in the year 2020 and thus, you will get as much as you deserve and not what you desire.

The movement of Sun will be crucial, especially the career-defining phases of Full Moon and New Moon. During its movement through your 12 houses, in the year 2020, it is going to outline the character of your work environment, the scenario of workplace relationship and also the competitor standing.

For Pisces moon sign born business professionals, tracking the transit of Mercury will be highly critical, as it is the lord of their house of business. So, while it is going to enhance your logical and calculative capabilities to strike a fruitful deal, the period of Mercury’s retrogression and debilitation may prove a certain roadblock in your career.

So, you need to careful with your investments and business deals during 17th February to 10th March 2020, when Mercury is going to retrograde and also during its debilitated from 7th April to 25th May 2020. The period of Mercury’s debilitation is further going to weaken your communication abilities and you could land in trouble for an unintentional error of written or verbal communication.

Similarly periods of Venus’s exaltation, combustion and debilitation would be critical in identifying growth periods for Pisces moon sigh natives.

Venus represents independent professional, consultant and freelancer for Pisces moon sign and during its exaltation from 3rd to 29th February 2020, is going to offer the natives a suitable time to make informed investment decisions and business deals.

The debilitation of Venus from 23rd October to 17th November 2020 demands caution on investment plans and new business proposals.

When Venus will get combust during 27th February to 20th March 2020 you are advised to keep your expectation levels low, else you will be highly disappointed with the results.

Pisces Career 2020: The best phase

According to Pisces 2020 Career horoscope the superior periods of professional growth and business success will come when Sun will get exalted from 13th April to 14th May 2020.

This will be a promising period for students who are appearing in completive examinations. Also, professionals who are working for the government or are part of the legal domain will witnessing success knocking at their door. Overall, all Pisces moon sign professionals will be blessed with a work environment, during this period, regardless of which profession they represent. You will also get the strength and courage to win over your rivals in the field of work.

With Sun transiting in Leo from 16th August to 16th September 2020 Pisces natives can expect support from colleagues at their workplace in meeting their workplace targets. This period will also offer numerous opportunities for freelancers and consultants to get more work, build contacts, and create a market for themselves and to increase their income prospects.

The exaltation of Mercury from 2nd to 22nd September 2020 will also be a prolific period, especially for those who plan to start a new venture or contemplating making a huge investment.

The month of August could favor change in place of work, by way of transfers or promotions. November, is going to be an ideal month for job change. Your planets will be perfectly aligned with the positive energies to let you prosper on both financial and emotional grounds.

Pisces Career 2020: The period of caution

For the entire year until 23rd September 2020, Jupiter is going to co-exist with Ketu in the same house of Pisces. According to Pisces 2020 Career horoscope this will give an illusion of your work not getting the due appreciation, inspite of your efforts.

You will be under some stress, due to this thought process, but, you must keep your calm and stay patient as things will even out post the aforementioned date. Until this time, work patiently, keeping aside all tangible and non-tangible expectations from work and workplace.

For business person, this conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu signals caution in dealing with business partners. You must not put blind faith in your business associates, during this period, no matter how well you them. Believe in your intuitive capabilities to make critical decisions and assess all the pros and cons while contemplating signing a major business deal.

Pisces professionals who earn their bread and butter through the skills of eloquence are going to have a tough time during this period, as their communication abilities will be compromised and this could create confusions in their work dealings.

Between March and June 2020, Jupiter’s movement in Capricorn is going to make it weak and this could have an adverse impact on your career growth prospects, so the Pisces natives are advised to exercise necessary caution in financial matters and professional dealings.

From 17th October to 16th November, the debilitation of Sun is not going to give out favorable results in career – be it service or business. Therefore, you are advised to postpone critical professional decisions and business dealings for some other favorable period during the year 2020.

Pisces 2020 Career horoscope: Workplace relations

Pisces moon sign natives would need to specifically guard their workplace relationships during 14th May to 13th September 2020, when Jupiter will be in retrograde motion, creating problems with bosses and seniors at workplace.

You are also advised to avoid making any new business connections or associations, during the period of Jupiter’s retrogression.

A word of advice for the beginners

The year 2020 is an excellent year for those Pisces moon sign natives who will be taking their first steps into the work world. Your ruling planet Jupiter will offer you healthy growth in your chosen work area. You will be motivated to work hard and perform well according to your capabilities. Keep on putting in your honest efforts and never let the pessimistic thoughts set in your mind, to maintain the pace of growth in the year 2020.

Trust your intuitive competences and also regard the opinions of your seniors and elders, to achieve greater success in your professional endeavors, in the year 2020.

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