Libra Marriage Horoscope 2019

Libra Marriage

Libra 2019 Marriage Horoscope: 2019 augurs well for relationship

The new year would greet Libra Moon Sign people with love & romance. Singles would get blessed with great marriage proposals. As per the 2019 Libra marriage horoscope, it is an amazing time to plan foreign tours and trips with your beloved to strengthen the relationship. Curious to know how 2019 would affect your married life or when you would be exchanging vows in the coming year then read through the Libra marriage horoscope 2019.

This 2019 horoscope analysis is for Libra Moon Sign, the zodiac where Moon was placed in your birth chart. If you are not sure of your Moon Sign, you can find it out easily.

Saturn will be transiting Sagittarius sign in your horoscope throughout the year. It is the house of making new approaches and taking initiatives. Such a position of Saturn increases the chances of marriage proposals from online sources. In 2019, the online matrimonial portals would be of much help and preferable for you to find love of your life. Close relatives and friends could bring in some fine proposals too. There seems to be high chances of one of such proposals  materializing for you  into a loving marriage.

Libra 2019 Marriage Predictions: Unlimited demands would be upsetting!

In the marriage related matter, problems and delays could happen due to dowry demands. Libra, you  should avoid marriage proposals in which the status and financial condition of the groom’s family is much higher than the bride’s as in such cases the demands can ruin the relationship & affect the mental health of the people involved and could lead to stress, anxiety, gloominess, etc.

Aries is the 7th house of the Libra. Lord of Aries is Mars, an  aggressive planet by nature. So, for the Libra natives who are married or looking forward to getting married, it is suggested to stay calm and patient. The 2019 marriage prediction for Libra suggests the detailed study of the horoscope of potential partner and matching of  aspects like nature, temperament & personality traits. This would ensure a smooth and happy married life.  You may like to get a compatibility check done for the potential life partners.

Libra 2019 Marriage Horoscope: Effects of major planets on marriage matters.

Don’t rush for decisions; pay ample attention to details before finalizing things as Ketu, the dragon’s tail will remain in association with Saturn in the 3rd house after 24th March 2019. This conjunction, promotes an individual to make hasty decisions which could be harmful in your case. It’s best to avoid marriage proposals which require hasty decisions as per the placement of planets in your birth chart.
Jupiter will also join Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius between 30th March 2019 and 24th April 2019. This combination would though bring lots of favorable marriage prospects, but  But the  longevity of relations formed during this period is generally low. Thus a caution is needed to be exercised during the said period.
Libra Marriage Horoscope 2019: Avoid confrontations The position of the Jupiter could create some disturbances among married couples due to work related travelling. Frequent work related disputes would be common during 2019. It is best to spend the time with love instead of cribbing to keep the relationships healthy. In your birth chart, Ketu will aspect the 7th house of marriage from 23rd March 2019. This position is not good for married people. It can become cause of indifferences & conflicts. In worst case, there could be a  separation due to bitterness and misunderstandings in relationships as seen in the 2019 Libra marriage horoscope.

Libra Marriage Predictions 2019: Romantic trips & Progeny prospects

Saturn will continue to transit in your  3rd house  in the Venus nakshatra from where it would aspect the 5th house of romance & 12th house of pleasure and foreign trips. Venus your ascendant lord and the significator of marriage would promote the theme of marriages, love relationships in 2019 for Libra Moon Sign.

As per Libra marriage horoscope 2019, it is advised  to take care of your expenses while traveling. Also, you  need to be careful of the Rahu-Ketu axis which is changing on the 24th March 2019. This would warrant you to t stay alert and  away from rumors, lest  some unpleasant rumor ruins the peace of your mind.
It is not a favorable time  to remarry as the probability of a stable and long-lasting relationship seems bleak according to the position of planets in your horoscope . Jupiter is a benefic planet for marriage and children. For married couples, it will favor the progeny prospects. Saturn would also support people who are thinking to have a family  in 2019.


1st January 2019 to 29th January 2019 – According to your birth chart, you will get great number of marriage proposals from  good status  families during this period.
29th January 2019 to 24th February 2019 – Your 2019 Marriage horoscope predicts the great probability of getting engaged in this period. Marriage relations finalized in this period should be handled carefully without any delay by people with moon in Libra in their birth charts.

23rd March 2019 to 16th April 2019 – Good period for love birds to enjoy. This period is favorable for love matters and romance. You can plan foreign trips and romantic ventures in this period. It is advisable to Libra natives to be little patient and understanding in this period to avoid unnecessary disputes.

17th April 2019 to 10th May 2019 – There are chances of squabble between love birds and married couples with Libra moon, on silly day-to-day topics. If not taken care, things might get out of hands and couldlead to separation.

11th May 2019 to 4th June 2019 - This period is good for Libra to send out marriage proposals. As per Libra 2019 marriage predications, this period is positive to invite parents/ elders of your love interest to meet your family.
17th August 2019 to 10th September 2019 – Love will be in the air for Libra during this period. You would feel lighthearted and tranquil. Married relations would be loving and fulfilling. It is a good period to send marriage proposals.

5th October 2019 to 28th October 2019 –
This is a prosperous period for Libra natives for the marriage related matters. You can meet your potential partner during this time. Small disagreements can happen between couples concerning money matters, if married.