Aquarius 2018 Love Horoscope

Aquarius 2018
The year would bring mixed results in terms of love, Aquarius. The first half of the year seems positive for existing relationships. However, the situation may change from October 2018. On a positive note, the month of March will be pleasurable for love and romance. You will spend some time alone with your partner. You would invest your time in planning lavish dates, dinners and trips with them. You will indulge in drinks and frequent visits to bars.

This 2018 Love Horoscope is for the Aquarius Moon Sign. Unsure of your Moon Sign? Check here instantly.

Period from 2nd May until 6th November 2018 seems wonderful in terms of bed pleasures. You would feel passionate and intense during this period. You will be satisfied in every way. This is the period when you will spend quality time with your love partner making them happy, peaceful & satisfied. As per 2018 Love Horoscope, foreign trips with partner are also on the cards.

Period from 16th August until a month will be suitable for strengthening the love bond between you and partner. This period is good for engaging in new love affairs too. Your bonding with partner would be much cordial & healthy. Period until 11th October 2018 will see passionate love life. However, the time doesn’t look to be smooth and much satisfactory in terms of sexual relationship. After some time, you may have to suffer some mental agony and fights. Arguments and difference of opinion are likely to prevail.

On a positive side, the chances of a break up or separation are very slim as per 2018 Love Horoscope. The period after October 2018, there could be a fall in passion among lovers and as a result the relationship could suffer and may end as well. You might take much time to get out of it and erase the memories, if it does happen. However, you will succeed in overcoming your sadness soon.

If you are waiting to get into a new relationship, period before October is suitable. There might be some hurdles and obstacles in your way initially. However, the situation will be under control. You are likely to attract a person who is brave, fearless, and courageous. They will be daring and firm in their opinion. On the other hand, if you are ready to tie the wedding knot, you might have to wait and let this year pass.

Beware as the end of the year may bring someone else in your life. You need to exercise caution and stay loyal to your partner. Control your attraction and the damage predicted from the possible outcomes. Overall, period after 11th October is quite sensitive when it comes to dealing with your partner. If you want to sustain your love life, start showing some care and emotions to partner. Learn to adjust according to circumstances. Give her gifts and plan getaways together.

The year will conclude with mixed results, Aquarius. On one hand, lovers may have a bumpy ride in love relationships. Married ones on the other will see some improvement in their relationship.

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