Leo 2018 Love Horoscope

Leo 2018
Love life in 2018 seems to be a bumpy ride, Leo. There will be peaks and lows in your life. While some amount of disinterest and even dissatisfaction in love life would prevail throughout the year, Jupiter will likely bless you with compatibility and expression of love. You may adopt a serious approach towards life. Your focus towards career and money will result in absence of fun and love in life.

This 2018 Vedic love horoscope is for Leo Moon Sign. Not sure if you are a Leo Moon Sign? Find it out instantly here.
There might be some disturbance in love affairs as both the malefic planets - Saturn and Sun are transiting in the house of love affairs. Period from 13th January may bring ego clashes. There could be not much great results in terms of both sexuality and compatibility. Some differences in opinions and choices are likely. This may lead to disharmony in your personal matters. However, the period from March until May 2018 should add spice to your otherwise dull love life in the year. You will find magic and love in the air. You would feel passionate, sensual, and intense during this time. The cosmic energy behind this trend looks to be Mars which will start transiting in your 5th house.

Desires are likely to fulfill in the month of June 2018. In fact, from August to September 2018, you will have lavish dinners and dates with your partner. You will become more expressive and open regarding your feelings. This will help you in the matters of heart. The level of understanding between you and your partner will increase now.

Be cautious as there are chances of break up as per 2018 love horoscope, Leo. In spite of the setback, you would be able to move on and let it go from your memories easily. It would really help you if you start considering and appreciating the qualities in your partner rather focusing on the negative side.  You will have to make some compromise and put in efforts to save your relation.

If you are single and on the lookout for love, you are likely to attract wise, knowledgeable, educated, and logical partner. They will be loving and caring. However, it will be a good idea if you postpone entering into new relationships. It might prove problematic for you. Those who are already in love might also have to face hardships in sustaining their relation. However, until 11th October, the period is suitable for ringing the wedding bells.

The year will conclude with mixed thoughts and results. You need to respect your partner and control ego clashes. In order to have harmony and peace in love life, try to control your anger as well. Show some respect towards your partner and stay away from jealousy at the same time.

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