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Saturn Transit 2018 Results for Scorpio

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your 2nd house of horoscope. This house signifies and controls matters related with wealth, speech, immediate family, power and resources, material achievements, jewelry etc. Saturn would continue to occupy this house throughout 2018. Saturn here is placed in Sagittarius that is ruled by Jupiter, which is neutral towards Saturn. Transit Saturn moved into Sagittarius on 26th October 2017. Before that, it was placed in your own sign in ascendant. Saturn was affecting your personality and temperament to a great extent when it was in Scorpio. You may have observed a serious outlook towards life until then. It was also affecting your married life, career matters and some friction may have been felt with siblings as well. However, now that it has moved out of ascendant into your 2nd house, you would see respite in all these matters. You would feel more energetic and lively with improved health and wellbeing. The mental pressure you were experiencing would ease off now.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. Not sure if you are Gemini Moon Sign! Find it out instantly.

Saturn in 2nd house would make you a lot economical. You would start taking your money matters seriously and may also adopt saving habits which would help stabilize finances to some extent. While Saturn has moved from an enemy sign into a neutral sign, the results of this placement would be moderate and not exceptionally good. You need to be extra cautious when it comes to monetary transactions. This is the year to put some thought and effort into money management. Over-confidence should be avoided when it comes to making financial decisions. Make sure to analyze the pros and cons of available options so as to choose the best course of action.

Remember that financial success would not come without efforts. You would have to work hard to fulfill your monetary goals. It is also a possibility that you may depend upon others to complete your work. Nonetheless, your self-confidence would get a boost. You would face challenges fearlessly and learn from your mistakes. As long as you learn to control your speech and use it to your advantage, Saturn would have good influence in 2018. Using harsh speech could take away opportunities and hurt others’ feelings.

Saturn is the lord of 3rd house from where it is placed 12th. You might have to expend a lot on your siblings this year. Some undesired circumstances may develop causing friction in your relationship with neighbors as well. You should also try to maintain a cordial bond with colleagues. This is the time to act with patience and avoid disputes so as to maintain healthy relationships. You may also find it difficult to communicate your ideas across.

Saturn is also the lord of 4th house from where it is placed in 11th. This combination may improve your mother’s health to some extent. She would lead a simple and disciplined life and may work hard when it comes to daily errands. Domestic environment would remain peaceful and satisfactory. You may also acquire agriculture land this year or an ancestral property would benefit you. High school students would do well during 2018 due to the positive influence of Saturn aspecting its own sign.

Saturn is shadowing house of transformations, research, misfortunes, sudden gains and losses, sorrow, death like experiences, longevity etc. This means that you should exercise caution when it comes to health. A serious or life-threatening illness could get triggered this year. It would be important to be watchful and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This cosmic pattern might delay your pension, gratuity, insurance maturity payment, or other savings.

Saturn’s aspect on 11th house may wipe off some of your financial gains. It might take a lot of effort to grow and sustain your income. Overall prosperity may suffer and wealth may not come as quickly to you. A careful handling is required when it comes to income and money management. This is the time to take your earning potential up while still maintaining honesty. Do not indulge in unethical means or else, Saturn may punish. You may also observe that your social circle may shrink along with your image and social reputation. This year the Saturn Transit seems to bring average results for you overall and there’s a need to remain cautious.

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