Total Solar Eclipse: 8 April 2024

Where will the 8 April 2024 Solar Eclipse be visible?

A total solar eclipse will begin over the South Pacific Ocean on 8 April 2024, crossing over North America, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

  • Canada

    Type of Eclipse: Total

    Start: 10:40 PDT

    End: 18:18 NDT

    Duration: 34 min, 4 sec.

  • Mexico

    Type of Eclipse: Total

    Start: 9:30 PDT

    End: 14:56 EST

    Duration: 40 min, 43 sec.

  • US

    Type of Eclipse: Total

    Start: 6:27 HST

    End: 16:41 EDT

    Duration: 1 hr, 7 min, 58 sec.

As per India time, the eclipse will begin at 9:12 PM on 8th April and end at 1:25 AM on 9th April.

But the eclipse will not be visible from India.


Astronomical Facts

  • Eclipses are astronomical events where a celestial object partially or totally covers another celestial object
  • The term eclipse has its roots in ancient Greek; it has been derived from the word ékleipsis, which means to fail or to abandon.
  • Solar eclipses occur only during a New Moon, i.e., when the Moon moves between Earth and the Sun; and these three celestial objects form a straight line.
  • A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely covers the Sun, as observed from earth. The sky darkens along the path of the total solar eclipse as if it were dawn or dusk.
  • A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon partially covers the disk of the Sun.
  • An annular solar eclipse occurs when the New Moon covers the Sun's center, leaving a "ring of fire" or annulus on the outer edges.
  • A hybrid solar eclipse is rare and forms when the eclipse changes from an annular to a total solar eclipse, and vice versa, along its path.


Myths & Legends

  • In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Rahu, a cunning demon, wanted to drink the nectar of the gods to attain immortality. With this motive, he disguised as a woman and attempted to attend a banquet of the gods, only to be discovered by Lord Vishnu and beheaded. His severed head went flying across the sky, catching and swallowing the Sun during an eclipse. But since Rahu has no throat, the Sun appears again.
  • The Inca of South America thought of solar eclipses as the wrath of their otherwise all-powerful yet benevolent Sun God, Inti.
  • A Tahitian myth goes that the Sun and Moon are lovers who come together during a solar eclipse and get lost in the moment.
  • A Vietnamese legend positions solar eclipses as phenomena caused by a giant frog eating the Sun.
  • An ancient China belief conjures the image of a celestial dragon eating the Sun, causing a solar eclipse.
  • In Japan, it was once believed that poison drops from the sky during an eclipse. Hence, people covered their wells.
  • The Pomo of northwestern United States speak of solar eclipse as a condition where the Sun gets bit by a bear, who then meets the Moon later and takes a bite of the Moon as well – in a manner suggesting why a solar eclipse happens a little after or before a lunar eclipse.


Astrological facts

  • The Solar Eclipse on 8th April 2024 will occur in the twelfth zodiac sign – Pisces.
  • It will take place in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra (constellation).
  • This eclipse can cause transformation in thought, new responsibilities and even some loss.

What does Vedic Astrology Say About Solar Eclipses?

Vedic astrology associates Solar Eclipse with the two shadow planets – Rahu and Ketu, which are considered malefic planets. In that sense, it is an unfavourable episode. But the same branch of Vedic Astrology also believes that there is a less unfavourable side to Solar Eclipse, at it pushes us towards uncharted territories and stimulates our inner potential to find new boundaries.


How will this Solar Eclipse affect You?

These predictions are based on Vedic Astrology that uses Moon Sign for accuracy. If you don’t know your Moon Sign, find out instantly for FREE by filling the form below.


This eclipse will accentuate your spiritual side, offer you a deeper understanding of events and situations around you. This knowledge will give you the power to conquer uncharted territories and plan for the unforeseen. There will also be an increase in religious activities.

There can be health problems due to negligence and a careless attitude, be mindful. There can be sleep issues, meditation can help.

Focus on your savings as there can be sudden and unnecessary expenses in this period. You can handle this by controlling overindulgence.


Monetary gains will help strengthen your financial position. But be careful about your investment plans to avoid issues in the future.

Some good opportunities in this period will boost your income. There will be rise in wealth through professional gains; hard work and determination will pave the way for such gains.

You will socialize more and expand your friend circle in this period. Your friend circle will include unique personalities. Spouse/partner will be understanding; but be mindful of your temperament to avoid trivial arguments.

Sudden health issues may crop up, but they will not be serious.


Likelihood of complexities in workplace relationships; avoid arguments. Let go and keep your calm and composure intact.

Avoid situations where you may lose your temper quickly with your father. Be modest and respectful towards him; and keep differences in viewpoint at bay for the sake of the bond that you share with him.

Sudden change in job may pose new challenges in your professional life. At the same time, there will be accomplishments and recognition at the workplace, but only if you have the right amount of patience.


New avenues of growth, professionally. These will not be made available immediately, but you will be able to figure them out in some time. Breakthrough in business venture, just keep a low-profile and wait for the right time to make the big deal.

Take care of your health; avoid travel around this time as it can bother your health.

Tread carefully with seniors at the workplace and elders at home, especially your grandparents, as there can be arguments. It will help these relationships if are humble, modest and respectful towards them.


Things will seem to fall in place, professionally, but you may experience a lack of motivation to take on bigger and better paths of success. Keep patience when stuck with dilemmas.

There will be opportunities for you in adversity, you just need the knack to identify such possibilities. There can be gains from inheritance; but be vigilant in such transactions.

Your health can bother you somewhat and solace can be found in meditation and spiritual practices, which can also offer you a viable income prospect, if you wish.

Success in occult sciences and related fields is possible. Research is another area which can offer good professional prospects and income gains.


Tread carefully in love/marital life; try to spend more time together and focus on sharing moments of mutual respect and affection to pacify the effects of this eclipse.

Family relationships can go through some rough weather. Spouse/partner may be inclined towards religious activities.

Take care of your health in this period and also pay attention to details as far as documentation is concerned. Read the entire official document or deal agreements thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.

You will have to be patient with your work environment; also, practice wisdom and sanity. Stay away from office politics as this can affect your professional image.


Sudden opportunities to gain wealth and unexpected income prospects; but, at the same time, pay attention to the people you work with as relationship with co-workers and business associates will require scrutiny.

Best not to freely express your thoughts and emotions to others as they may try to take undue advantage of you.

There can be sudden and unnecessary expenses. Try and create a healthy balance between your income and expenses.

You will gain new insights into religious and spiritual matters, which will bring you a whole new set of intellectual perspectives and wisdom to see life from a different and much refined perspective.


Selection in interviews possible if you are seeking new job opportunities. But a fair deal of self-assessment is required to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, so that you are able to optimally utilize your strong points.

Problems in personal life can keep you on your toes. There can be a sudden break-up in a relationship. Relationship issues in love/marital life and family may lead to depression if not curtailed and handled effectively on time.

Be patient and calm to avoid unnecessary quarrels and disputes. Focus on maintaining the integrity and sanity of love/marital and family relationships.

A beam of sunshine will come through the feeling of happiness and contentment from children. They will excel in their respective domains and will make you proud.


There can be challenges in love/marital relationship; there can be a break-up if confrontational situations are not addressed with wisdom, calm and healthy communication. You will also have to bring understanding to the table.

Results at work will be delayed. Be patient and wait for the right time to deliver the outcomes.

You may have to pay attention to your and your mother’s health. Do not ignore even the minutest infection or health disorder that you may experience in this period.


Frequent unplanned short journeys will surface in this period. But take care of your health during these travels as they can be quite stressful.

There can be arguments with siblings and neighbors. Control your anger and approach such situations with a calmer disposition. In fact, protect your relationship with your siblings; be alert to foresee any unexpected event.

Ups and downs in finances; sudden gains but huge losses too, if proper vigilance is not exercised.

Keep away from bad company that can corrupt your soul and habits.


Appreciation and recognition at workplace, however, there can be some unexpected challenges as well. Tread the professional path with utmost sincerity and be aware and conscious of mistakes or falling into a wrong path.

Misunderstandings in family relationships; spouse/partner will be supportive and you will spend good time together; keep a check on your arrogance to avoid unnecessary quarrels.

Uncertainties in financial and professional aspects, protect yourself from indecisiveness and suspiciousness of situations and people. Analyze pros and cons thoroughly before making financial decisions.


There will be variations in your personality and character, due to the influence of the eclipse. You may initiate a new friendship or love affair. You may also drift away from some current or old relations.

Frequent problems in personal and professional life can cause stress. Staying away from arguments will help. Take care of your health by being mindful of what you eat.

Religious places and spiritual journeys can unfold the strength and positivity in your life; this will also help you in seeking the right path to success.

Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse 2024

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