Saturn Transit 2018 results for Aries Sign

Saturn Transit
Saturn is placed in your 9th house of fortune, luck, education, and divine worship. Saturn would remain in this position throughout the year 2018. Here, it is in Sagittarius, the lord of which is Jupiter that shares a neutral relationship with Saturn. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was placed in your 8th house in Scorpio which was not a favorable placement. Saturn transit in Sagittarius would prove to be a welcome change for you bringing many improvements and transformations in various aspects of life.

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Overall, you would focus a lot on self-improvement. The need for freedom would become stronger than ever. You might start questioning what is right and wrong. The tendency to spread and share the knowledge you have gained would be apparent. This year, travels and learning endeavors would increase. Your connections and circle would expand far and wide. While Saturn seems favorable for career, income matters demand a cautious approach. It would take serious efforts to attract financial gains. Your dreams would fulfill, but hard work is the prerequisite before you expect fulfillment. If you were in business, competition in the market would increase.
While destiny would favor, there would be challenges and hurdles throughout the year because Saturn is a planet of restrictions and discipline. At the same time, you would become more sincere and serious in terms of your religious disposition.

The major impact of Saturn in Sagittarius in 2018 would be felt on career and financial matters. The lord of career house is placed in the house of fortune and this forms a coveted Raj Yoga. This means that you would enjoy a prosperous life and progressive career without much effort. Despite low luck quotient, you would enjoy favors and gains, especially as a result of your professional endeavors. This combination would positively influence career matters causing some progressive trends.

At the same time, Saturn is also the lord of the house of income and gains from where it is transiting in 11th house. This placement suggests that you would enjoy good financial gains, possibly due to career advancement, promotion or job related transitions.

Transit Saturn in Sagittarius is not much favorable for siblings. Their health may go downhill and your relationship with them may also suffer to some extent. Saturn may also affect your bonding with colleagues. It would be better to maintain cordial relations to have a stress-free work environment. You may also face some issues with the neighbors during this year. It would be wise to be a bit more flexible and respect the residency laws. Saturn here may also decrease your travel prospects. Short distance trips this year may not prove much fruitful.
On the other hand, Saturn would instill the unique ability to overpower opponents and enemies in you. With self-efforts, you would win over your opponents. As it is aspecting the house of service, it would make you a lot industrious, disciplined, sincere, and productive. And these qualities would help you fight off challenges gracefully. Overall, Saturn transit in Sagittarius in the year 2018 would prove to be positive for you, Aries. However, year 2018 is the time to work harder and prove your metal. As long as you respect the restrictions imposed by Saturn and do not look for short-cuts, 2018 would fare well for you. Aries, you are an impulsive sign but Saturn commands caution and serious efforts. There are some temperamental modifications you need to make to have the most of the Saturn transit 2018. Once you align your temperament, especially in money matters, 2018 would become a lot positive for you.

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