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Annular Solar Eclipse on 10th June 2021

Solar eclipse occurs when the earth cast a shadow on the sun, partially or completely. The annular Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021 will have varied impacts on the different zodiac signs. Check out the effect of this eclipse on all spheres of your life – personal and professional.

Annular Solar Eclipse on 10th June 2021

What Is Solar Eclipse?

Solar Eclipse will be visible on 10th June 2021. The first solar eclipse of the year 2021 will take place after around 14 days of the lunar eclipse which took place on 26th May 2021. Solar Eclipse is often an awe-inspiring event, creating mysteries and trepidation.

During a solar eclipse, we observe some internal changes within ourselves which varies from every individual to the other. Sun is the centre point of our physical existence and personal desires, personality, self expression and variant ways with which we interact with the world.

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The solar eclipse phase will be visible in certain parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada and if weather is clear enough, countries in Northern Asia, Europe, and the United States will see a partial eclipse. This solar eclipse will not be fully visible in India, just like the lunar eclipse.

Astrological Significance of Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and the earth are in close vicinity and the earth casts a shadow on the sun. Astrologically speaking, eclipses cause sudden changes where new opportunities take place of the old opportunities by replacing them rather than making dual space with them. Lunar eclipse affects the mind and soul whereas the solar eclipse affects the physical body and all the other outer surroundings.



Aries’ self assessment of health along with their family will require vigilance. Professional ventures will be fruitful with gains and short trips related to work will be beneficial. Check over expenses and family relationships will be necessary for maintaining cordial relationship and wealth quotient.


Health will be your first priority and vigilance over physical and emotional health is necessary. This eclipse is favorable for your professional pursuits and people in job may get good hike in salary but there will be increase in workload. There may be some disagreement in marital relations but it is a good period in terms of children’s education.


The solar eclipse will initiate overall good health of the Gemini which will be progressive but you will have to be vigilant over your parent’s health. This may be an average time in relation to your profession and you should be alert to check its progress. Children will demand your attention and patience. This will be an average time for marital and love relationships.

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The solar eclipse indicates a good time in terms of wealth and progress but vigilance is advised over your family relationship. Marital and love relationships will be average. Health and professional prospects will be moderate with concern over children’s academics progress. Keep patience in all aspects of life.


Health issues of Leo natives may aggravate due to the solar eclipse where they may face excessive stress and anger due to family disharmony. Try to patch all your personal and professional relationship as this eclipse is less progressive in terms of personal and professional prospects for you. Take care of your health, and also that of your father.


Virgo natives will experience stress, anxiety and restlessness as this solar eclipse will have less positive effects in relation to your family matters and minor disagreement with your spouse in marital relations or with partner in love relationship will be visible. Time is supportive in terms of your profession and job and you will handle your finances sensibly. Take care of your spouse or partner’s health.


Solar eclipse for Libra natives will be with moderate strength and it is the time to be vigilant over health issues related to stomach. Relationship with family, siblings, partner/spouse, and children will be good. Professional aspirations will be less progressive and you may lose motivation to work but you are advised to take things easy as this is a transitory phase.

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Scorpio natives will experience this solar eclipse moderately in terms of health for themselves and their family. You are advised to be cautious and thoughtful before signing any business document and matters related to your profession. It will be challenging for you in terms of your children’s career or academic progress. You might have to work for the prosperity of your marital relations. You may also lose the close proximity of a female friend.

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The Solar eclipse will give you the strength to win over your enemy and there will be progress in your happiness quotient. It is a supportive time related to health but you will have to take care of your parent’s health. Natives seeking life partners may get success and those who are already married may experience next level of intimacy in a married relationship. Job professionals may experience an increase in workload and a chance of progress in new ventures is possible.


The Solar eclipse indicates that you may be worried about your child’s educational prospects. Your relationship with your friends, family and siblings will be with mediocre strength. Be cautious while signing any professional or legal document. Your professional and financial basket will be fruitful and this is a favorable time for any job and business.


This solar eclipse rewards you with overall good health prospects and healing from any ailment is also visible. You will have to be vigilant over your expenses as it may not exceed your income. Your marital relationship, love relationship, relationship with your siblings and family will be prosperous. Career prospects will be rewarding with increase in work load.


Pisces natives have an increased chance of wealth gain and success due to the effects of this solar eclipse. Addition of property assets is also possible and gain yielding investment will be beneficial. Take care of yours and your family’s health as there may be stress related to your parent’s health. Your professional ventures and gains will be with mixed strength but vigilance is advised before signing any legal document.

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FAQ about Solar Eclipse

It is very beneficial for all individuals to keep all your activities on a normal routine a few days before the Solar Eclipse and a day or two after the Solar Eclipse by keeping the pace of your life on a mediocre tone in all aspects to avoid the strong screening of the eclipse effects.