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Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse 2023

Solar Eclipse & Lunar Eclipse 2023


Eclipses are huge bundles of energy that cause a black hole type of gravitational pull. The zodiac house location of the eclipse determines that part of your life which will experience a depression & slowdown.

The greatest difference between a Solar & Lunar Eclipse is that a Solar Eclipse effects your physical & real-world matters while a Lunar Eclipse imbalances your psychology and disturbs your perception of wellness or happiness in life.


Solar Eclipse

20th April 2023

1.34 AM-7.04 AM Universal Time / GMT (7.04 AM-2.34 PM in India)


Lunar Eclipse

5th May 2023

3.14 PM-7.31 PM Universal Time / GMT (8.44 PM-1.01 AM in India)

What is special about 20th April Solar Eclipse?

  • This is a very important event because hybrid solar eclipses occur only 5-24 times in a century.
  • The Solar Eclipse is also unique because it forms in the company of 5 planets, i.e., Sun, Moon & Rahu - that are the usual players in an eclipse formation - Mercury & Uranus.


How will the Solar & Lunar Eclipses affect You?

  • Eclipses usually have an impact on your profession, finance, health, relationships & well-being depending upon the house they take place in.
  • They will impact your state of mind, anxiousness and general well-being, besides the actual area they would touch in your horoscope.
  • With Covid working on the side-lines, there is a small risk of a significant mutation during the Solar Eclipse.
  • The Lunar Eclipse is relatively simple as it forms in the company of Ketu and will carry out expected results.
  • The eclipses will project their effects on you over the next 4-6 months.

Benefits of the Solar & Lunar Eclipse Analysis

  • It will help you define the challenges & hurdles the eclipses are likely to cause in your life.
  • It will highlight the opportunities that the huge bundle of energy will bring your way.
  • Suggest remedies to mitigate challenges duirng the period.
  • Address any question that you might have concerning your destiny linked with these eclipses.


Helpful Tips:

  • Effects of the Eclipses on you.
  • Opportunities that the eclipses will bring to you.
  • Challenges & hurdles that the eclipses will bing your way.
  • Remedies to mitigate challenges during the next 4-6 months.

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12 Pages