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Venus Transit in Cancer (7 Aug - 31 Aug 2022)

Venus transits Cancer on 7 Aug – 31 Aug 2022, impacting most our emotions and personal relationships. Read this article to learn how this transit will affect your love life.

Venus Transit in Cancer (7 Aug - 31 Aug 2022)


As Venus transits the water sign of Cancer, it will make your relationships deeply emotional and allow you to give and receive much more love since Cancer is the Zodiac sign with deep maternal & domestic instincts.

This transit would lead to a period of high emotions, some tearful and sensitive moments in relationships followed by a change in attitude that would bring in the spirit of giving and sharing between the lovers and partners.

General Effects of the Transit on a few Moon Signs

  • Cancer, Pisces & Capricorn could have some high octave relationship moments.
  • Taurus & Virgo will have some gratifying time as well as sexual magnetism.
  • Libra & Aquarius could find relationships challenging during this period.

Effects of the Transit on All Signs

  1. Aries

Venus, the lord of the 2nd house of family and 7th house of personal partnership, transiting the 4th house of comforts will bring new grandeur of love and conflict in your life. You will have a good time as far as your love life is concerned since sweet Venus will bless you and your partner with the feeling of contentment and refreshing deep emotions of romance. If you are single, you will have the blessing to get into a new relationship as you will have several opportunities for socializing, be it at the personal or professional level.

Marital relations will have a sparkle in the emotional realm which will compel you to nest and spend a cozy time with your spouse/partner. You will receive unconditional support and love from your spouse/partner and family to manifest your financial pursuits with strength and successfully.

Avoid any kind of emotional stress by being over-possessive, which will also hinder the progress of the love relationship in addition to causing stress.

  1. Taurus

Venus, the lord of the 1st house of self and 6th house of fights, transiting the 3rd house of initiative will bring a new shimmer of attitude that will make you leave your comfort zone for your love life. You will feel motivated to get off the couch in the living room and travel to any place nearby with your partner to enhance your quality time together. You will also undertake new initiatives to be more social with your mutual friends.

If you are single, you will try to change your basic nature of relaxing at home and seek to associate with a well-defined social person with whom you would like to spend your time as a friend or a partner.

The marital arena for you will be blessed with happiness if both you and your partner try to remain balanced with each other, practice mutual understanding and respect – which will also bring excitement in your personal life.

Maintain control over your speech when with your partner or loved ones, this will bring the sweetness of love in your relationship.

  1. Gemini

Venus, the lord of the 12th house of loss and 5th house of love, transiting the 2nd house of family will bring abundance of happiness and harmony in your love life. You will experience a strong physical attraction with your partner that will add another dimension to the depth of your bonding. Keep a check on your expenditures though as you may overspend to impress your partner with lavish generosity.

If single, you will be full of charisma with the eloquence of wit and communication that will render you very attractive to woo the opposite gender.

Marital relations will have the bliss of good relations with personal peace and harmony in the family. You are likely to be tempted to replenish your home surroundings with luxuries or surprise your partner with luxury gifts.

Avoid speculation with respect to your expenditure, so you can maintain a balance in your financial front.

  1. Cancer

Venus, the lord of the 11th house of gains and 4th house of stability, transiting the 1st house of self will bring personal interest and alliance in your love life. You and your partner will experience the magnetic attraction of romance, sensuality and pleasure; but it will also harness the restraint of respecting each other’s personal space to bring sweetness, but also a firmness, into your relationship.

If you are single, you will have the blessing of Venus, the Goddess of Love, as this period talks about new love and the sweetness of new-found love expressions for each other.

Your marital arena will be marked by harmony and love if you can avoid ongoing differences through self-restraint in speech and wisdom that will strengthen the marital relationship. Spending quality time with each other will reduce or lessen any accumulating stress in the marital relationship.

Avoid any speculative move with respect to your love relationship.

  1. Leo

Venus, the lord of the 10th house of career and status and 3rd house of initiative, transiting the 12th house of bed pleasures and foreign travel indicates that you need to keep a balanced profile and recharge the energies in your love life. You will share a good understanding with strong mutual coordination with your partner, but the basic Leo instinct of pride will surface at times. Try to keep this trait at bay as much as possible. It will be best to stay low profile and balanced.

If single, you will try to avoid any kind of socializing and will stick to the old contacts, well-known friends and loved ones. You would wish to spend some time alone with yourself to rejuvenate emotionally, but will cater to healthy physical pleasures.

Marital relations will be affected if you speculate with any kind of negative attitude towards your spouse or family. There may be some issues that may be seen in your personal and family relations.

Maintain a low profile, rest and recharge yourself.

  1. Virgo

Venus, the lord of the 9th house of luck and 2nd house of initiative, transiting the 11th house of gains indicates that for you, fame and stress will go hand in hand as far as your love life is concerned. You and your partner will be in love with each other and this transit will make you both crave for a deeper and stronger bonding. You will strive towards energizing your love moments together, will enjoy your social parties together with a lot of enthusiasm, but do take care to rest as well.

If you are single, you will attend social outings with your friends and acquaintances, ready to mingle with new partners as you would be looking for dating opportunities and romance.

This transit will support your married life with peace and harmony. There will be marital bliss along with a good spark of romance and mutual understanding. You will get opportunities to spend a lot of time with each other by partying out all night.

Remember though, rest is equally important along with the excitement of love relations.

  1. Libra

Venus, the lord of the 8th house of hurdle and 1st house of self, transiting the 10th house of career and status will give you glimpses of success in both your love and professional life. You will find great moments of love and your professional profile will be awarded with perks and promotions. So this is the right time to create a good balance of enjoyment in both these worlds.

If you are single, you will have the sudden opportunity to pitch your professional gains in any random social outing that may give way to a new friendship that has lots of chances of developing new bonds in love.

Marital relations may see some differences because of time-consuming efforts on professional grounds, but the unity in family relations will be strong. Marital relations will require greater focus for better understanding and a fulfilling love relationship.

Take care of your relationships with your feelings, not your mind.

  1. Scorpio

Venus, the lord of the 7th house of partnership and 12th house of loss, transiting the 9th house of luck will make you expand your love horizon. You and your partner will have an impulsive and intense way of sharing your love expressions, but be careful in how you display your love – take a positive approach rather than catering to dominance in love.

If single, you will have the chance to venture into new seas for exploring new love relationships and dating opportunities. You may even plan long drives with your new-found partner and this will help you to successfully form a new love commitment.

Marital relations will be impulsive and strong. You will act with force and take all steps to satisfy your partner with emotional and physical gratification, taking care of all their cravings. You will strongly feel the urge to protect your loved ones from negative impacts. Avoid getting possessive about your spouse and treading into their space unconsciously.

Possessiveness in relationship will not be fruitful.

  1. Sagittarius

Venus, the lord of the 6th house of fight and 11th house of gains, transiting the 8th house of hurdle will bring you high physical passion along with a high emotional quotient and increase in financial expenses. You and your partner will experience a beautiful phase of physical intimacy and emotional connection. There will be love and mutual understanding. Your bonding will also improve because of your deep feeling to impress your partner with fine and luxurious gifts, that may, however, hinder your financial progress.

If single, you will have a fulfilling time with your newly found friendship that may be discovered in your social circle. You will be able to grab the attention of this friend from whom you want a commitment of love.

Your marital relationship will have an overflowing cup of intimacy, excitement and enthusiasm when Venus plays its love flute in your personal relations. So it’s the time to get close to each other, but take care of your expenses so that you don’t run into financial troubles while in the race to shower your partner with expensive gifts.

Avoid financial speculation during the high tide of emotions.

  1. Capricorn

Venus, the lord of the 5th house of love and 10th house of career and status, transiting the 7th house of partnership reflects strong partnerships in personal relationships. You and your partner will feel the glow of a blessed partnership, where you will both take care of each other and will be affectionate towards each other. You may not be in the habit of expressing your love in words, but you have a unique style of making your partner feel special. The transit of Venus in Cancer will make your love partnership stronger and smoother, taking it to the next level of bonding.

If single, you will be able to add some spice to your routine life if you are in search of a partner. Move forward with innovative ways of expressing your love and you will surely be successful.

In marital relationship, you will experience the zeal and enthusiasm for a good bonding even if you have any ongoing conflict with your partner. This is a good time to revive the warmth and spark of love in your relationship by leaving your ego behind, to strengthen your equation as a couple.

Avoid ego issues to keep your partnership healthy.

  1. Aquarius

Venus, the lord of the 4th house of stability and 9th house of luck, transiting the 6th house of fights and rivals reflects a great time to form collaborations in relationships. You will experience a fine balance in your personal life, but the strength and depth of bonding in your love relationship will be based on the mutual efforts that you and your partner will bring to the table. Good understanding and respecting the wishes of your partner will help your love life to proceed smoothly.

If single, you will have the opportunity to get into a new relationship. It will be better to look for abilities in your partner rather than good looks alone as collaboration will be present in only those relationships that possess the jewel of adjustment with each other.

In marital relationships, there will be conflicts, but you can introduce a bright vibe of fine balance through mutual collaboration and compromise.

Collaboration will be the key to success in your love relationship.

  1. Pisces

Venus, the lord of the 3rd house of initiative and 8th house of hurdle, transiting the 5th house of love brings you passion with restriction. For you and your partner, there will be showers of blessings as you will experience strong affection for each other and romance. However, do keep in mind that love will be your sweetest nectar only if both partners know the lesson of respecting the other with patience and partnership.

If single, you may come across your soulmate or true love. Try to spend quality time with your friends as it may be the path that may lead you to your future partner.

Marital relations will be good, there will be peace and harmony, and mutual understanding. The transit of Venus in the house of hurdles may bring forth long-lost conflicts if efforts are not made to maintain harmony in the relationship.

Maintain decorum in behaviour for success in relationship.

How can you mitigate the challenges during this transit?

Remedies constitute a medium in astrology that assists healing to carry us through our tough times. A few general remedies for all Zodiac signs are mentioned below:

  • Respecting the female members in your family will be very beneficial for your personal relationships.
  • Donating any food item or helping old age homes and orphanages with cash donations, according to your financial strength, will be beneficial.