Donald Trump Can He Repeat The Dramatic Win in 2020?

Not many must have expected him to reach to white house in 2016 but contrary to the general belief he made it dramatically possible. Was it his luck ---- if yes can he repeat the same again. Lets look at his horoscope and compare between planetary positions in November 2016 and now in November 2020 and find out ourself.

Donald Trump

Raj yogas for Trump

Lagna lord Sun is in 10th house from lagna and from moon it is 10th lord and is digbali too and hence gives a very strong rajyog. 4th and 9th lord mars placed in lagna which is 10th from moon sign scorpio is again a very high quality rajyog.

Sun and exalted Rahu conjunct at close degree in 10th house gave trump a burning desire to achieve the impossible and gave him the strength for his mission. Moon although debilitated as 12th lord its dispositor mars aspect cancels its debilitation and gives a neechbhang rajyog just like in PM Narendra Modi’s horoscope.

9th lord from moon sign scorpio is moon itself and 10th lord is sun and their mutual aspect in kandra on a poornima birth makes it even more strong. Strong mars in lagna, Strong moon in 4th house and strong sun conjuct with exalted rahu , all in Kendra gave him a unique leadership style with bizarre emotional drama in it. Venus the 10th lord being vargottam and conjunct with Saturn another vargottam planet in 12th house gave him different outlook in foreign policies too along with being strong against enemies and made him more courageous in it as venus is 3rd house lord too. Mercury being the 2nd and 11th lord and placed in 11th house and Jupiter as 5th lord placed in 2nd house aspecting 6th ,8th and 10th house gave him ancestral wealth as well as various mysterious sources of wealth generation.  Jupiter being 5th and 8th lord sitting in 2nd house also gave him money related to speculation and hidden secret sudden gains.

Analysis of his last election

Dasha in November 2016 and presidential win

Jupiter being 8th and 5th lord gave him sudden rise in career too as it aspects  6th 8th and 10th house and Saturn the 6th and 7th lord  which is vargottam too  and karaka for general public is also aspecting Jupiter from 12th house  This is what helped him get the presidential post. Sun in 10th house is also aspected by Jupiter from 2nd house which is 5th and 8th lord. Jupiter helped him get the sudden rise in Jupiter -jupiter-jupiter dasha.

During 2016 elections the transit position was as below;

Planet Rashi Placement in D1 Placement in D9 Placement in D10
Sun Libra 3rd house 5th house 1st house
moon Aquarius 7th house 9th house 5th house
mars Capricorn 6th house 8th house 4th house
mercury Libra 3rd house 5th house 1st house
jupiter Virgo 2nd house 4th house 12th house
venus Sagittarius 5th house 7th house 3rd house
saturn Scorpio 4th house 6th house 2nd house
rahu Leo 1st house 3rd house 11th house
ketu Aquarius 7th house 9th house 5th house


Jupiter being in virgo was aspecting 10th house in D1 and also in D9  and Saturn lord of 7th house which is 10th from 10th was in 4th house of D1 and was aspecting 10th house and lagna . Saturn the 7th lord  in transit was also aspecting its own sign capricorn where exalted transit mars was placed which is yogkarak and lord of 9th house the house of luck.

hence double transit of Saturn and Jupiter in Jupiter –jupiter –jupiter dasha gave the professional rise suddenly as Jupiter is 8th lord also and thus he won his presidential election in November 2016.

Upcoming elections in November 2020 and role of transit in Mr Donald Trump horoscope

Transit of planets in upcoming elections in November 2020

Planet Rashi Placement in D1 Placement in D9 Placement in D10
Sun Libra 3rd house 5th house 1st house
moon Taurus 10th  house 12th  house 8th  house
mars Pisces 8th  house 10th  house 6th  house
mercury Libra 3rd house 5th house 1st house
jupiter Sagittarius 5th  house 7th  house 3rd  house
venus Virgo 2nd house  4th house 12th  house
saturn Capricorn 6th  house 8th  house 4th  house
rahu Taurus 10th  house 12th   house 8th  house
ketu Scorpio 4th  house 6th  house 2nd  house

During coming elections in november 2020 , the dasha will be of  jupiter-saturn-rahu

Jupiter  in transit

In the coming dasha jupiter as already discussed will give rise to his luck again as in transit jupiter will be in its own mooltrikon sign and in 5th house in his rashi chart. It will aspect its 9th house the house of luck and also lagna. In Navamsha kundli jupiter will be in his 7th house of public support and social status and will aspect lagna ,11th house the house of gains and 3rd house the house of courage where natal jupiter is placed in D9.  Also in dashaamsha D10 chart the jupiter in transit will be placed in his 3rd house and will aspect 7th, 9th and 11th house all three being house of mass support, luck, and gains respectively.

Saturn in transit

Saturn as lord of 7th house, 9th house, and 5th house in D1, D9, and D10 respectively and a vargottam planet will be transiting in its own sign in 6th house of D1 the house of competition aspecting transit mars in 8th house and natal Saturn in 12th with natal venus the lord of 10th house which is again vargottam. Saturn will also aspect 3rd house in rashi chart giving courage to fight enemies.

In navamsha kundli, Saturn will be transiting 8th house of sudden and unexpected gain and in its own house aspecting 10th house of profession, also 2nd house where Saturn and venus are natally placed as vargottam in d9 and then 5th house poorva punye phal which is given by Saturn.

In dashamsha D10, Saturn as yogkaraka  will be transiting 4th house of happiness and overall fulfillment. It will aspect 6th house of competition where natal Saturn and venus the exalted ascendant lord of D10 are placed. Saturn will also aspect 10th house of profession and lagna of D10 thus giving a very powerful thrust to his career.

Rahu in transit

Rahu which is exalted in Trump’s horoscope is at its natal position in 10th house of rashi chart in current transit giving all the powers to 10th house

In rashi chart rahu in transit in 10th house aspects 4th house of comfort happiness , 2nd house of speech , wealth, food, and 6th house of enemy competition. Thus will give positive unbelievable impact on his career and will make him strong to fight with enemies using his wealth and speech. He will be successful in his competition.

In navamsha chart rahu will be in 12th house of foreign connections, expenses and spirituality. It will aspect 4th house , 6th house and 8th house again indicating that by using his foreign connections and hidden abilities he may portray himself  to be a spiritual person and he may use his expenses on foreign origins to woo them in his favour  to win the fight against enemies or he may take some strict action regarding foreign policy to deal with enemy countries which may help him win over his enemies

In Dashamsha Chart, rahu will transit in 8th house whose lord venus is exalted in 6th house making a vipreet rajyog in D10 giving him an ultimate edge over his enemies or competitors. Rahu in 8th will aspect 12th house, 2nd house and 4th house whose significations have already been discussed.

Moon the lord of 10th house in D10 is also interestingly exalted on the day of election 3rd November 2020.

A favorable transit of jupiter Saturn and rahu and their respective dasha antardasha and prtyantra dasha will definitely give gains to Donald Trump in coming elections despite lots of tough competitions

The above mentioned strong  planetary combinations in transit on the day of elections show that Mr Trump is most likely to win the presidential election again

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