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Divisional Charts

Divisional Charts

In Chart 3, 4th lord, kendra lord, is posited in trikona. 4th house is aspected by Sun, Moon and Mars. Sun and Moon are the lords of kendra and kona caused the enhancement of 4th house. In Chaturamsa, 4th lord Sun is in his own house, ascendant occupied by exalted Moon. Mars being debilitated, denied a vehicle. But Sun in the 4th assured assets, a house and other properties.

Saptamsa represents children. Before analyzing we have to see the 5th house and 5th lord in the Rasi chart.

In Chart 4, in Rasi, 5th lord with 7th lord and 10th lord (conjoining the kendra and kona) in respect of 5th house, confers children. In Saptamsa, Ascendant lord Mars is in his own house and 5th lord with 10th lord and 4th lord, which enhanced the property of Saptamsa and she is blessed with 4 children. Ascendant lord Mars and 5th lord Sun are in 4/10 position, which indicates reciprocity with children till now.

Navamsa stands for the spouse. The strength of planets in the Rasi is complemented by the planets in the Navamsa. We have to consider the 7th house and 7th lord in Rasi also.