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Divisional Charts

Divisional Charts

Hora lord Sun is in Sun's Hora while Moon is in Moon’s Hora. Female planet Rahu is in Moon's Hora with Moon. Eunuch planets Saturn and Ketu act according to their occupation and conjunction. They are with Moon in Moon's Hora and enhance Moon's Hora. The second house lord, Saturn is with Moon in Moon's Hora.

Kalyanavarma describes certain qualities on the basis of Drekkana, the main concept being the co-borns and their equations and reciprocity between them.

Before analyzing the Drekkana chart, we have to consider the Rasi chart, of 3rd 5th 7th 9th and 11th houses. 11th house stands for elder brother/sister while 3rd house represents younger born. When there are more younger brothers, we have to see 3rd to 3rd house ( 5Th house ) and 3rd to 5th house (7th house) and so on. For elder brothers, we have to see 11th to 11th house ( 9th house) and so on. In this chart 3rd,5th,7th, 9th and 11th houses are occupied by planets. She had an elder sister, 3 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. In the D3 (Drekkana), 3rd, 5th, 7th ,9th and 11th houses are occupied by planets. Ascendant lord Jupiter is hemmed by Sun and waning Moon and conjoined with Rahu and aspected by Ketu. She had no help from the siblings and lived under the mercy of her in-laws.

Houses, vehicles, deposits, investments and property will have to be judged from Chaturamsa. Before analyzing the Chaturmsa, we have to see the 4th house and 4th lord of Rasi chart. Also in the Chaturamsa