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Saturn Transit 2018 results on Aquarius

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your 11th house of income, gains, prosperity, social circle, friends, social status, ambitions, desires, success in undertakings etc. Here, it is occupying Sagittarius, which is a neutral sign. In 2018, Saturn would remain in Sagittarius throughout. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was placed in Scorpio in your 10th house. Now that Saturn has moved out of your house of career, the delay and disappointments you were experiencing on the career front would subside. Your professional network would expand and work environment would become more cordial. Financial gains would also increase to some extent. Income prospects would improve especially if you are a private jobholder. Slight increase in prosperity may also be seen.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. Not sure if you are Gemini Moon Sign! Find it out instantly.

Saturn is placed in neutral sign this year. Your finances would somewhat improve and you will see moderate results of your efforts to increase earning. While you may experience delay in terms of income and gains, gradual financial success is indicated despite minor obstacles. Recovery of expected payments or money lent may get delayed or amount may be returned to you in parts.
Saturn is the lord of the ascendant and it is also aspecting ascendant. This will give you a serious, sincere, impartial, justice loving and disciplined temperament. You will become more responsible, capable and mature in your approach.  Your demeanor would be straightforward yet calm and collected. Patience would become your biggest virtue this year. You would expect the same uncomplicated temperament and honesty from others. No beating around the bush! Standing against injustice would become a habit now as you will not tolerate dishonesty and inequality.

Something that was getting delayed since long would finally get to completion. Interest towards community service would also increase this year. You would come forward to help those in need and while doing so, you will continue to accomplish personal goals as well. Business and work related matters would become smooth and transparent.

Saturn is also the lord of 12th house that relates to hospitalization, imprisonment, expenses but also salvation and higher learning. From here, Saturn is placed 12th from Capricorn. This position would eliminate expenses and make you a judicious spender. Losses would minimize now. You may also plan to go abroad this year to engage in a lucrative deal with a foreign client that will multiply your wealth. This position indicates towards high financial gains.

Saturn would aspect 5th house of love, children, creativity, artistic talents, progeny matters, higher education, entertainment, amusement, recreation etc. Saturn may not be much favorable and you may feel some restrictions and limitations in the above areas. Health of children may go downhill and progeny prospects are not much promising either. You may struggle to take out time for fun and entertainment. Work and karma may take precedence over personal life and play. You may also struggle to express yourself in creative measures. Such opportunities would remain limited. Students may also experience distractions and loss of concentration that could affect results. Success in competitive activities will not come so easily. Love affairs are also likely to suffer.

Saturn also has aspect over 8th house of transformations, longevity, death like experiences, sudden losses and gains, partner’s wealth, insurance, gratuity, research, accidents etc. Saturn might affect your health and trigger a serious illness. Research fellows may also experience some difficulties. Health could become a major area of concern for you this year so take care.

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