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Divisional Charts

Divisional Charts

In Chart 5, Ascendant lord and 7th lord are in 2/12 position. Badhaka lord Mars, which also causes Kuja dosha, is in 8th from Ascendant, 7th lord and 7th from Ascendant lord and at Badhaka house from Venus. This gives certain clues for the difficulty in marriage affairs. In Navamsa, Ascendant is occupied with Rahu and aspected by Ketu. Ascendant lord Mercury is with Mandi. Mars is in the 2nd house and 7th lord is with 6th lord. These configurations denied marriage to the native.

In Chart 6 the Ascendant lord is with 7th lord Moon in 2/12 position, but under retrogression in the Rasi. When Venus is in 2nd ,6th ,8th or 12th position with Ascendant, unconventional marriage is indicated. Venus is in 8th Place. Three planets are in 7th from Ascendant lord. In Navamsa the Ascendant lord is with Mandi with Venus. Venus being the lord of the house caused him dual marriage. When Venus is in his own navamsa, duel spouses are indicated.

Dasamsa gives clue to the way of livelihood, power and authority. We have to see 10th house and 10th lord from Ascendant and the Moon sign also.