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Divisional Charts

Divisional Charts

Chart 7 belongs to a person who climbed the ladder of success very high in a span of 25 years. He is now the CEO of his company, having multiple projects in his hands. Conjunction of 7th lord and 9th lord in a trikona house and 10th lord, Mars aspecting 2nd shows that his income lies with his karma lord. 2nd lord aspects 2nd house. In Dasamsa, 5th lord and 9th lord in samasaptama assures power and authority. 10th lord of Rasi, Mars is well placed in 10th in the Dasamsa. 9th lord and 10th lord from Moon sign well placed in another trikona (5th).

From Dwadasamsa, we get information about parents. The 4th, 9th and 10th housesfrom Rasi are to be considered too.

In Chart 8, in Rasi, 10th lord Is exalted along with 4th lord. 9th lord is with exalted 10th lord fr andom Moon sign and gives clue to the betterment of parents. In the Dwadasamsa, Ascendant lord, other wise 8th lord Mars with longevity lord Saturn is in 8th. 9th lord Jupiter is in his own amsa and 4th lord is with another longevity lord, 3rd lord Mercury. We can infer the betterment of both father and mother, both of whom are living well and comfortably.

Accidents can be predicted from the Shodasamsa. Comfort and discomfort from the vehicles are found from this chart. We also have to consider 4th lord, 4th house and position of Mars with them.