Saturn Transit 2018 Results on Pisces

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your 10th house of career, professional matters, honor, dignity, public esteem, rank, success, status, promotion etc. Saturn would remain in this position throughout the year. Since Saturn is in Sagittarius which is a neutral sign, Saturn would largely give moderate to good results. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was in Scorpio in your 9th house. If your luck factor was not working to its full potential, destiny would start favoring you now. Luck quotient would improve, especially when Jupiter moves in to your house of fortune after 11th October. Father would also experience less challenges now. If a spiritual travel was getting postponed often, it would finally fructify towards the end of 2018.

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Saturn is transiting your 10th house in a neutral sign. 10th house strongly relates to Saturn as it is the house of karma and Saturn also governs your karma and work ethics. You would now become a lot more disciplined and sincere towards work. Deadlines would be taken seriously and you would raise your hand for all opportunities and challenges enthusiastically. However, make sure that you do not adopt any unethical means of career progress. Hard work would take you far this year. Impatience, indiscipline, and procrastination are a few tendencies that you need to stay away from.

You would get recognition and appreciation for the work you do. Efforts to gain more name and fame would fructify. The ‘big picture’ would be a lot clearer now and you would know what you want to achieve in life. Your respect in the social circle would also increase this year. You will connect with a variety of people and expand your network. Financial blockages would also clear to some extent. You may also get work proposals from foreign countries or simply travel abroad this year.

Saturn is the lord of 11th house from where it is placed 12th. You might spend on upgrading your skills or for business expansion/career betterment. Expenses towards improving your social status may increase as well. Don’t worry though as expenses would mostly remain under control. As an employer, you might recruit new staff this year. An official trip to complete a project or finalize a deal may be undertaken as well.

Saturn would also be aspecting its own sign in 12th house, which indicates that you would spend judiciously most of the year. This year however is not much promising in terms of bed pleasures. Efforts towards social welfare would increase this year. During the period until 11th October 2018, you may also indulge in charitable activities and donation if you can more about saturn read more at

Saturn’s aspect over 4th house of domestic comforts indicates some health issues to your mother. You might want to adopt a cautious approach in this regard. A disciplined lifestyle would help you sail through this period gracefully on the domestic front. Saturn may also create some family issues that could plague domestic environment. You might struggle to acquire and enjoy material comforts and assets. Difficulties may be experienced while purchasing vehicle, property or during real estate transactions. You should avoid making impulsive decisions in these matters.

Saturn would be aspecting 7th house of marital life, which is not a positive influence. Spouse may also feel low on the health front. Avoid a rigid approach in relationships and be more open about your feelings and desires. You might also experience differences with business partner this year. It might be a good idea to be more accommodating.

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