Sun Transits Taurus, 14 May till 15 June 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

Sun becomes more active & structured when it transits Taurus. It boosts your sense of determination & security. The auspicious placement of Sun in a horoscope blesses you with satisfied job, wealth & status.

Sun Transits Taurus, 14 May till 15 June 2024


According to Vedic astrology, Sun changes sign every month. The auspicious placement of Sun in the horoscope blesses you with satisfied job, wealth and status. On the other hand, if the placement of Sun is weak/ afflicted, you won’t get success, fame and good results in life.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. If you are not aware of your Moon Sign, find out instantly for free by filling the data below:


Sun becomes more structured, organized and active when it enters Taurus. It makes you more determined, well-disciplined and causes you confidence to resist the odds in life.

  • You will work with strong determination and strive harder to achieve your goals.
  • You may also have inclination for luxuries and will end up with more expenditures for your comfort.
  • Sun is the natural significator of soul, willpower, father, authority, status and individuality and Taurus is an earthy sign that causes stability, practicality and firmness to your nature. So, the transit of Sun in Taurus combines all these traits with purely materialistic pursuits that you will achieve with your hard work and balanced approach based on the placement of Sun in your horoscope.
  • The transit of Sun in the 3rd, 6th ,10th & 11th houses from Ascendant/Natal Moon, causes auspicious results, but produces less progressive result in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, & 12th houses from Moon.
  • When Sun enters a house, where natal Moon is located in the native chart, you need to be cautious of your health as problems related to heart, blood pressure & lack mental clarity might occur. You may also face issues related to work, financial stability & conflicts in relationships on the personal front.


How will this Transit affect You?



You need to work with utmost dedication and determination to achieve your professional or personal targets. You may have a great leadership skill and will lead your team very well at workplace, but this might affect your personal relationship due to authoritative tone. If you are a student, then you may get remarkable result in your higher academics, thanks to your quick learning skills.

You may experience ups and downs in your personal and professional life as Sun rules the 5th house of passion and transits your 2nd house of family, finance and speech.

Professionally, you will get lots of opportunities that will help in your promotion and salary increments. You will crack some great deals that will strengthen your financial status. You will take new initiative and work hard with good confidence for your career growth.

But personally, your dominating attitude might not be liked by your partner or family which will land you in conflict with them. So, it is wise to not allow your impulse to run the show and keep a tab on your dominating attitude.

Your optimism level may rise, and you will enjoy a great mental and physical health that will help you in recovering any previous ailment.


A commanding or dominating attitude will cause distance in your personal relationship. Your courage and determined approach will help in your career. Be patient and keep calm in any unfavorable situation to balance your physical and mental health.

There is a chance of mixed result as Sun rules 4th house of mother and domestic happiness and transits your 1st house of self, personality and mind.

You will enjoy a sweet bonding with your mother but take care of her health as she may suffer from health concerns during this transit. Maintain a distance from those you disagree as aggression may eclipse your practical nature.

On professional front, you will enjoy progress and will be capable of completing all your pending tasks without delay. You may tempt to luxuries due to which will increase your extravagance. It is wise to keep a tab on your expenses and enjoy financial stability.


Your health may be a matter of concern during this period due to weak immunity and less vitality. Due to bad heath, you may not give your best in personal or professional events, and this may create misunderstanding in your relationships. Your creative ideas may help you in finalizing a new foreign deal, but don’t trust anyone blindly on social media as they may lead to financial loss.

You may get mixed result during this period as Sun rules 3rd house of siblings, courage, and communication and transits your 12th house of loss, expenditure and foreign settlement.

With your strong efforts and hard work, your career will see a new growth. Concentrate on your pending work and try to complete them by putting honest effort. Delay in any work can affect your performance on professional front. You should avoid partnership work during this transit period.

Your personal life will stay well-tuned during this transit. You will spend quality time with your family, siblings & friends. You will enjoy your marital life and relationship, but be vigilant over your health during this transit and focus on healthy diet and exercise regime for good health.


With your hard work and efforts, you will enjoy a good bonding with your boss and get success in your professional life. This will cause you a great financial stability. In personal life too, you will enjoy get together will your friends and family and spend quality time with them. Don’t let your impulse to ruin harmony in your relationship. This is an excellent period to take new responsibilities on professional or personal front as you are likely to progress as per your expectations.

You will get favorable results during this period as Sun rules 2nd house of finance, family and speech and transit your 11th house of gains, earnings and fulfillment of desires.

Due to ego clashes and continuous disagreement, you may not enjoy a happy relationship in your personal life. You need to respect your partner or spouse as you may face challenges in maintaining compatibility with each other.

Many opportunities are on your way which will give you a new growth in your job and business and expand your professional network. Take care of your health during this transit by following good diet and exercise regime.


You will enjoy a cordial relationship with your parents and try to fulfill their expectations. In your personal life, you will enjoy a good reputation and recognition of your work. Promotion is indicated during this period. If you are an independent entrepreneur, then your great communication skill and polite nature will help you in maintaining a good relationship with clients.

You will get beneficial results during this transit as Sun is the lord of the ascendant or 1st house of self and personality and it transits your 10th house of career, profession and status.

You will feel full on energy and your confidence level may rise that will help in producing expected result in your professional ventures. The transit of Sun in Taurus will enhance your personality and cause stability in most aspects of life. You need to avoid using harsh word as it might hurt others. Your opponents may try to tarnish your image and create obstacles in your professional task, so you need to be attentive toward this.

You will enjoy romantic moments with your partner or spouse during this period. By spending quality time with your partner, you will strengthen your relationship. It is wise to not entertain any old acquaintances.


You may get inclined towards religion and spirituality and make charity for underprivileged. With your efforts, you may try to stabilize your relationship with your father. Your career may see a new rise during this period, especially if you have foreign connections. If you are a student, then your plan for study in foreign shores may become successful by clearing entrance exams.

You may get favorable results in foreign travel during this transit as Sun is the ruler of the 12th house of loss, hospitalization and abroad connections and it transits your 9th house of luck, fortune and long travels.

Your professional life will be progressive where your efforts and hard work will bring beneficial results for future prospects. Support of your luck will make you capable of accepting new challenges on your work front and grace you with success.

Your relationship with your family, friends, partner and siblings will be cordial and religious inclinations will force you to work progressively in your personal relationships.

Keep a tab on your extravagance and take care of your health during this transit by following a healthy diet and exercise regime.


You will show great trend of analyzing all aspects with unbiased and clear mind to conclude the challenges and opportunities coming your way. You need to be cautious about your health and finance. Avoid any speculative investment during this period as chances of loss are there during this period. Don’t exert yourself in any task as you may suffer low energy.

You will get mixed positive results during this transit as Sun is the lord of 11th house income, gains and entertainment and it transits your 8th house of uncertainties, sudden loss /gain and research work.

Your hard work and calculated effort will reward you with favorable results on professional front. Avoid imposing your views on others as this may have a negative impact on your professional image. Submit all your commitments on the scheduled time to be in the good books of your seniors.

You will enjoy a great understanding with your partner/family, but you need to keep a tab on your harsh speech. Try to have a healthy and open conversation with your partner to avoid any misunderstanding.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


You may not enjoy your professional or personal life due to your dominating nature. There will be a distance between you and your near & dear ones. Take care of your health as you are prone to anxiety and stress which will cause challenges in your personal and professional life.

You may not get beneficial result during this period as Sun is the ruler of 10th house of career and status, and it transits your 7th house of marriage and partnership.

On the professional front, you need to be cooperative and focus on teamwork regarding any project completion as working solo will cause you failure. Accept all your assigned tasks with positive approach and make a priority-based plan to work on them for on-time completion.

You need to be polite and cooperative in your personal relationship with your spouse or partner. In case of misunderstanding, you need to have a clear and healthy conversation with your spouse or partner.

Maintain a distance from those causing stress to enjoy happiness and mental peace.


You will submit your work at stipulated time frame and your working style and effort towards your work will be liked by your senior and boss. You will get rewards for your hard work. This transit might cause you aggressive tendency, but with your strong confidence, you will deal with your opponents and get success in your endeavours. Focus on healthy diet and exercise to stay fit.

You will get favorable result during this period as Sun is the ruler of 9th house of luck and fortune, and it transits your 6th house of rivals, debt and disease.

You will feel full on energy and your optimism level may rise through which you will complete all your tasks on professional front. Though there might be challenges and obstacles in your way, but you will finalize some new project by dealing with all issues. Avoid making any hasty decisions regarding your professional pursuits.

Your personal life will see a happy moment during this transit. With your positive and honest approach, you will deal with all controversial problems. Family or friends may try to overpower you with their opposing views, but it is wise to not let your impulse run the show as it might ruin your peace of mind.


Due to ego and misunderstandings, you may not enjoy your love or marital relationship. Take extra care of your health, especially if you are expecting. Any risky investment should be strictly avoided during this period. Your hard work towards a tough project will give you success. Maintain a humble and polite behavior with your colleagues, subordinates or seniors to get reputation at work.

You may get varied results during this transit as Sun is the ruler of the 8th house of obstacles, sudden loss or gains and it transits your 5th house of love, children and speculation.

If you are a student, then you will get a remarkable result in your academic pursuits. You are capable of pursuing for higher studies and get success, but you need to work hard to overcome challenges that may pave obstacles in your way to success.

Your deep investigation skills, creativity and habit of detailed studies, you will see a good progress on professional front. But there is a demand for you to work hard and put in more effort to reach your professional targets.

You need to maintain a cordial relationship with all on professional front. A control over your anger and hasty decisions will cause you happiness in your professional life.


You may not enjoy a good relationship with your mother. If you are married, then you need to respect each other and build a good understanding in your relationship. Avoid taking any financial decision during this transit and take better care of your health. You will gain good name and fame on professional front and finalize some profitable deal which will help in your financial growth.

You may get mixed results during this transit as Sun is the ruler of the 7th house of marriage/partnership, and it transits your 4th house of domestic peace, stability, mother, property and vehicle.

There will be lack harmony and happiness in personal relationship where your personal interests or hobbies will help you channelize your energies. Be patient while having any conversation with your mother or any family member. Avoid making investment in property during this transit.

Your professional life will be better, and you are advised to focus on your career. You will be capable of completing your professional tasks at the stipulated time frame.


You will enjoy a sweet and romantic bonding your partner or spouse and enjoy your family life. Be careful while having conversation at home as harsh tone might hurt your near and dear ones. There are opportunities on your way that will give success in your professional life. It is wise to put in a lot of effort and focus on teamwork. Avoid making any new change during this transit as it will demand more efforts with less fruitful results.

You will get satisfied result during this transit as Sun rules 6th house of debt, disease and rivals and transits your 3rd house of courage, initiative and siblings.

You will get beneficial results on professional front. You will lead an important professional project and your team will support you to get success. This mutual effort will cause you expected result and gain on professional front.

You will spend pleasant time with your family member and partner. On a professional trip, you may add your family or partner to spend some quality time while doing your official work as well. This effort will strengthen your personal relationship and they will support you in your work.

Take care of your health as there may feel tired and low in vitality due to workload and the desire to meet your commitments on time.

Remedies to mitigate challenges during this Transit

Irrespective of your Zodiac Sign, you can follow the practices mentioned below to mitigate the challenges of this transit.

  • Offer water to the Sun every morning after taking bath. Offering of water creates a prism of white light that works as a color therapy over your body to improve physical fitness.
  • Respect your father and take his blessing by touching his feet after waking up in the morning. It will help you progress in life.
  • Donate cash or help oldage homes, orphanages or the underprivileged for your overall progress.


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