Saturn Transit 2018 results for Capricorn

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your 12th house of expenses, bed pleasures, hospitalization, losses, imprisonment, isolation, charity, misfortunes, secret worries, emancipation etc. Saturn would remain in this position throughout 2018. Saturn is in Sagittarius now and shares a neutral bond with its lord Jupiter. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was transiting Scorpio in your 11th house. Since 12th house is a malefic house, this transit is not much favorable for you.

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However, the issues you were facing in terms of children and love life would now decrease. Students who were experiencing disappointments in terms of academic progress would also observe improvement. Parents who were facing issues in progeny would also see some respite, especially towards the end of the year after 11th October 2018.

Saturn is placed in a neutral sign in 2018 so the results would be moderate in nature. It would likely keep your expenses under control. However, some losses may still occur. Saturn may not allow much libidinous action this year but since its aspect over your love house has now culminated, you would see better mutual understanding and growth in the love relationship, especially towards the end of the year.

You might also visit an Islamic nation this year, especially as part of an official tour. Your contacts abroad would grow and you could expect gains from foreign sources. Tendency towards seclusion may also be seen. You would spend a lot of time and effort in probing your inner self, to find your identity. Efforts towards future development would increase. However, you should be careful as to not eliminate social involvement completely.  

You may feel tensed without reason and some unwanted and unknown fears and worries may keep you mentally disturbed. You may feel somewhat restless and depressed. You should also ensure to control your habit to offer honest criticism. Being too straightforward and harsh could hurt someone.

Saturn is the lord of ascendant from where it is placed 12th. You might incur expenses on personal health and wellbeing. There could be a need of hospitalization. You may also spend towards personality development and self-improvement. Your secret worries may also increase and you may be somewhat reserved in terms of sharing your feelings and intentions. Stay away from violence at all costs, otherwise, you may have to suffer imprisonment or isolation in some form.

Saturn is also the lord of 2nd house of wealth, immediate family, money matters, power, resources, material achievements, jewelry etc. Saturn is aspecting this house from 12th. Despite minor setbacks, you would enjoy a stable wealth profile. Savings would grow and you would spend judiciously. The more cautious you are, the better it is in terms of money matters. Your financial prowess would increase but still, you should not have a casual outlook towards finances. Caution and patience would pay off.

Saturn is apsects your 6th house of enemies, disputes, debt, competitions, health, service, mental anguish, daily routine etc. Your opponents and rivals would feel weaker against you and you would effortlessly overpower your competitors. Success in litigation (if applicable) is also on the cards. You would resolve disputes without much trouble using your patience, cool and maturity. Saturn would make you work harder than ever. You would be of service and industrious.  Your workforce would offer ample support too. You would manage your staff efficiently.

Saturn’s aspect over 9th house suggests that success won’t come easy. Saturn here may cause obstructions when it comes to spiritual travel. Even if opportunity of pilgrimages presents itself, you would not jump at it. This position is also a bit unfavorable for your father’s health. This is the time to rely on your own efforts than luck. Destiny may not offer much support this year so make sure to work hard enough to appease Saturn. Despite delay and rejections, you would ultimately fulfill your objectives, provided you maintain patience and work hard.

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