Jupiter transit in Sagittarius: How will it impact Taurus moon sign?

Jupiter transit in Sagittarius: How will it impact Taurus moon sign?


Jupiter is the most generous of all the planets and is thus associated with luck. When it transits in Sagittarius, it brings its luck along to spread across all Moon signs, and Taurus is no exception. A Taurus ascendant will sense increased levels of faith, religiousness and self-belief during this transit period. It will overall be an auspicious phase, with expansion across the key areas of life.

The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will begin on 5th November 2019 and will end on 20th November 2020. This transit of Jupiter in the 8th house for Taurus natives will give moderate to good results. It will instill strength and a sense of self-assurance in you. You will feel satisfied with your work professionally and will also make financial gains. You need to keep a check on your health, though, there will not be any major complications.

Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius calls for the unexpected!

A Taurus ascendant need to be prepared for the unexpected (though in a positive way), as Jupiter transits in the 8th house, which signifies sudden gains.

It takes Jupiter around 13 months to transit a moon sign – which is a good enough period to leave a lasting impression. Being the biggest and the second slowest planet in the cosmos, its impact on an individual’s life will be immense and long-term. So, thank god for its generous nature that most of these effects are largely positive.

When Jupiter transits in Sagittarius for a Taurus moon sign, it transits in the 8th house. This house in your birth chart relates to sudden gains. Be prepared for a good news that might come from any corner of the world and from any sphere of life, during this transit period. On a larger scale, it will also make you spiritual and rational.

Since, 8th house is essentially a malefic house, it is ought to bring some adversities. There could be some negative influences on the life of a Taurus ascendant during this transit period, but they will be nullified as Jupiter is transiting in its own house. And, nobody ruins their own house. While, there is a likelihood of falling ill, catching diseases, it will not be a matter of serious concern.

Overall it will be an auspicious period and with progression in the following areas:

  • Jupiter’s transit in the 8th house and its aspect on the 12th house signifies ‘success far from home-land’. Simply put, you have brighter chances of getting success on a foreign land.
  • If you were waiting for an opportunity to settle abroad, it will come knocking on your door, in this transit period.
  • Influence of Jupiter on the 12th house also favors your spiritual inclinations.
  • Since, in this transit, Jupiter aspects the 2nd and 4th house also, you will be able to fulfill your dream of buying a new house or vehicle.
  • Professionals in research based roles, coding, ethical hacking, microbiology, security system development (antivirus) will taste success, in this transit period. If you are looking to make a career in any of these areas, you will get reasonably good opportunities to begin your journey.
  • Family life will be good, there will be happiness in home and family wealth will also enhance, during this period. You will get your family’s support in all your endeavors.

What does Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius mean to each one of you?

For each of the Taurus ascendant, Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius will bring good fortunate, but the areas of life that will be impacted will vary. Let us take them one-by-one.

  • For a Taurus ascendant who is a student, the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius period will be beneficial, but only if you are disciplined.
    Whether you are pursuing elementary education or higher education this transit period will be beneficial for you. There could be certain distractions, but if you will work on your time management skills and spend less time with your friends, you will be able to excel in your academics.

During its transit in the 8th house, Jupiter aspects the 4th house, which signifies domestic harmony. For a student it indicates a favorable home environment for studies. However, you need to watch out for your health. Between May to September, Jupiter will be in retrogression, this is the time for self-reflection and review. If you have any pending work or if you want to rectify any mistake- this is the time do it.

  • For a Taurus ascendant who is a working professional, the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius period will bring success and contentment.

In you are born under the Taurus moon sign, Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius will spell success in your work life. No matter if you are into service or business – this period will bring luck to you. You will achieve success far from the home-land, which also points to a successful foreign work trip or even settlement. If you are a business professional, you will benefit from overseas associations and clients.

  • For those who are working independently, as a freelancer or consultant, things will be favorable.
  • If you are into wholesale business, you will earn good profit during this period.
  • For those who are looking to revive an old family business - this is a great time to take charge.
  • It will also be an auspicious period for those who are thinking to turn entrepreneur for long.

There could be some struggle caused by the sudden change in environment or circumstances, but Jupiter will give you strength to sail through the tough times. Taking advice from elders, seniors or experienced professionals will prove beneficial.

  • For a Taurus ascendant who is a housewife, the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius period will help in realization of longstanding dreams.

There will be love, luck and happiness for you, during this transit period, if you are born in Taurus moon sign. Jupiter’s presence will encourage you to step ahead to take charge of your life. If you are looking to start a business or turn entrepreneur, this is just the right time to start. For those eaten by the internet bug, there would be exciting online work opportunities to explore.

If you are somebody who has taken a break from your career to take care of your family, you can think of starting your work life again. The period favors your plans to go abroad, but that would be quite unplanned and sudden.

Only thing that you need to keep a check on, is your ‘speech’. The conjunction of Ketu with Jupiter, during the transit period may make you aggressive – so think before you speak and don’t be harsh, as it can affect your relationship with your family members.

Love and romance will blossom for all the Taurus ascendants during this transit period.

You will have a happy love life during the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Taurus ascendant will get into serious, committed relationships in this phase. If you are hiding your affair for long, you will not be able to do it anymore. It will be discovered by your family members, but don’t worry, they will be supportive of your decision. Thus, It would be better that you tell your family if you like somebody and they will be more than happy to assist you.

As Jupiter’s transit will influence your 8th house and 12th house, your sex life will be quite better off than last year. Abroad travel with your beloved is on the cards.

The only thing that you need to wary about, is your urge to get into secret relationships. You will feel a pull to get into the world of secret love affairs, as Jupiter transits into Sagittarius. But it must be avoided under all circumstances, as there are high chances of you being caught.

A Taurus ascendant will feel an inclination towards spirituality and religiousness in this transit period.

For the Taurus moon sign, the period of Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will influence the 8th house of spirituality, meditation and deep secrets. You will, thus, be inclined to follow the path of enlightenment.

With Ketu representing the world of mystic and Jupiter signifying wisdom, this is going to be a favorable period for astrologers, tarot card readers and occult science practitioners. There are chances of you going abroad to pursue any of these mediums or somebody from the foreign land will help you gain knowledge of these areas.

Overall, Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will be favorable period for people born in the Taurus moon sign. However, you need to be careful when Jupiter will retrograde (during 14th May 2020 to 13th September 2020), as it will test your self-belief. So, if you will go by your instinct and believe in yourself you will emerge a winner. But if your faith in yourself dwindle, and you fall prey to other’s advices, you are likely to incur losses.