Rahu-Mars Conjunction: 27 June - 10 August 2022

Known as a ‘Lion and Monkey’ combination in Vedic Astrology, a Mars-Rahu conjunction can bring forth some very odd and unexpected events. Read this article to learn how it will affect your life.

Rahu-Mars Conjunction
We have stepped into one of the most testing times of 2022 with this conjunction. Mars and Rahu, two apparently unconnected planets, are known as a ‘Lion and Monkey’ combination in Vedic Astrology. Some very odd and unexpected events occur when they come together.

Mars moved into its own fiery sign of Aries on 27 June 2022, where Rahu is already posited since March 2022. Both Rahu and Mars are very unpredictable and aggressive planets, which is precisely why one has to practice caution during their conjunctions.

What will this Rahu-Mars conjunction deliver?

Mars is fiery and easily agitated, while Rahu’s energy is like a gust of wind that causes chaos. This means we should be prepared to deal with some unexpected situations ahead, both positive and negative, depending on the location of conjunction in your birth chart. In general, this conjunction brings forth:

  • Angarak Yoga: The results of this yoga are deeply simmering and volcanic. It is worrying when Mars and Rahu meet in Aries, which on its own is a very angry and aggressive sign.

  • Natural catastrophes, fear of a new Covid19 variant, etc.: There can be meltdowns, forest fires, natural disasters, rise of global markets, and the fear of a new Covid19 variant amongst a host of other things during this conjunction.

How would this conjunction affect you?


For Aries Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 1st house of self, which governs your mind, mental framework and self-confidence. You will display courage in a variety of fields, possess good leadership skills as well as the zeal and skills to command or lead people under you in the most proficient manner. You will possess the abilities to be assertive yet generous and polite while putting across your point and getting things done. Rahu’s position indicates karma bondage from your previous birth.


For Taurus Ascendant, this conjunction would occur in the 12th house of salvation and foreign land. You will be a natural leader with the required qualities and aura to lead people under you; and you will be able to take risks. You will be subtle and gentle, but firm and determined. You will be able to convince people with your ideas and have the power to motivate them to follow you. Rahu, which is regarded as a shadow planet, tends to incline you towards luxuries, worldly pleasures and the profound desire to achieve them. Wealth would come with ease and without many efforts, making you a rich person. Fame fascinates you and you will have the zeal for reaching the top in any field you pursue.


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For Gemini Ascendant, Mar-Rahu conjunction would occur in the 11th house of gains, income, social circle, and elder siblings. It will display effects on all-related areas. You will be courageous, possess the capabilities of a good leader and use your leadership qualities effectively. Your general nature will be very kind and humble, you would be selfless in your actions and help the needy. You may also have good administrative skills that would be of use in your career.  


For Cancer Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 10th house of career, which also signifies the honor and popularity that you may receive from your profession and the success that you may see in your career. You are blessed with immense courage and energy to face challenges in life and come out victorious; have the leadership qualities and inherent skills to lead your team proficiently. You will be equipped with the desired power to convince people and divert and guide them as per your intentions and directions. You would be able to put across your point boldly and hold the ground firmly once a stance is taken.  


For Leo Ascendant, this conjunction will occur in the 9th house of fortune, spiritual inclination, good karma, moral values, and higher learning. This conjunction can be malefic as well as violent. Your aggression and stress would be on the higher side; you will also be brave and have the qualities and aura of a leader. You will be able to draw people towards you and convince them about your directions and decisions. You will be firm and determined in your journey to achieve success. Rahu is quite capable to bless you with growth, prosperity, wealth, and luxuries when it is in a powerful and auspicious position in the chart.


For Virgo Ascendant, the conjunction will occur in the 8th house of suddenness, secretiveness, longevity, and chronic disease. It will bless you with valour and risk-taking abilities, which see you through in times of peril. You may display an inclination towards occult sciences and black magic, possess a kind heart and a never say die attitude towards accomplishing your goals. Rahu has the capability to bless you with great positivity and desired results. It may make you a famous and sought-after personality and bless you with immense wealth. You will have a craving for worldly pleasures and the zeal to achieve them. Rahu’s position also indicates karma bondage from previous birth.


For Libra Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 7th house of relationships. During this conjunction, there is a possibility that you may meet with an accident or suffer from blood related ailments or fire related problems. Your health and family status may face a testing period so be careful. The conjunction may give you heightened passion and bed pleasures, especially with your spouse/partner. You could develop strong friendships, in general, and can expect people to turn to you for help as you tend to become relatively more responsible. But any tendency to take too much responsibility should be avoided.


For Scorpio Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 6th house of self. During this period, you could be subjected to false charges, where your real involvement may be negligible. Family happiness will also be missing. Failure in attempts might bring depression. Take care of your health. If already suffering from chronic ailment, then preventive measures should be taken. Your opponents will try to tarnish your image and you must refrain from getting into arguments. This period is not good as far as worldly comforts are concerned but still you can get some relief by involving yourself in religious or spiritual deeds.


For Sagittarius Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 5th house of children, investments and thought processes. You can expect much energy for mental exercises and your children to become more active. You could develop a desire for some short-term connection with the opposite sex, in some cases, though you would still remain ethical in nature. Your passion and desire to test new things could be higher, so you may spend much energy on stocks and entertainment. This is a time for excess emotions and unexpected results on stocks. Keep an eye on your children as energies are high there.


For Capricorn Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 4th house of self. During this period, your actions will be commendable and you will command much respect. Your confidence will be par excellence. Your social circle will also widen. Short distance travels will be rewarding. You would also like to do something for the betterment of your family. If married, you will enjoy marital bliss. You will get on very well with your partners/associates. You might get the support of an elderly person. Minor health ailment could also be possible.


For Aquarius Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 3rd house, which relates to communication, journeys, brothers, sisters, creativity, mental intelligence, interests, habits, and inclinations. The third house is also about communication, creativity, your mind and its formations. It will influence how you exchange information and how you engage with people. It will affect how you communicate, in any form – oral, written or broadcasted. It will also affect the bond with your family members, relatives, friends, the larger community or even nature and ecological surroundings.


For Pisces Ascendant, this conjunction will take place in the 2nd house of family, wealth and status. During this period, there can be a mild impact on status, both positive and negative. This is a time for excess emotions and unexpected results from stocks. Keep an eye on your children, drive with care as some unexpected happenings may occur. This is the time to improve upon your emotions - which would be high strung. You can try out aerobics, Yoga or any other suitable form of physical fitness. Your karma will improve by your action.