Divisional Charts

Chart 9 is of a lady met who met with a road accident and had her shoulder affected. 4th lord Jupiter is in retrogression. 6th lord Saturn is in the 4th house. Mars aspects 4th lord and the 4th house in Rasi chart. In Shodasamsa, Mandi is in Ascendant, 4th house is blemished with Rahu and Ketu. 4th lord Venus in Ascendant with Mandi and maraka lord Saturn. Moon is aspected by the Mars. 12th lord Mercury is in 4th house. The accident occurred in Moon Dasa and Mercury Bukthi.

Vimsamsa indicates spiritual and philosophical improvement of an individual.

Chart 10 is of Sri Aurobindo, ant example of great spiritual and philosophical growth. Ketu is 12th from Moon is an indication of this in Rasi chart. Also exalted Jupiter in Ascendant made him lead masses in the spiritual path. Combination of 5th lord and 9th lord in the Ascendant gave him much spiritual strength. From Moon sign 4th lord and 5th lord conjoining is also a complementary point. Arudha Pada of 12th house lies in Libra, and Ketu in the second from him made Sri Aurobindo a saint. From Vimsamsa, though Ascendant lord is debilitated, it is nullified by Jupiter, the dispositor of Mercury in Ascendant kendra. Chamara Yoga is present with benefics in 7th, 9th and 10th houses.

Saravali details the placement of Trimsamsa with particular reference to women in its 46th chapter. Brihat Jataka tells us that when Mars is in his own trimsamsa, the native will have wife, strength, ornaments, generosity, personal attraction and an enterprising spirit. When Saturn is in his own trimsamsa, the person becomes sickly, loses his wife, possesses double heart, is sorrowful, possessed of houses, clothes, servants, etc. and will be unclean. When Jupiter is in his own trimsamsa, the person will have wealth, happiness, intelligence, attraction, respect, health, hope and enjoyment. When Mercury is in his own trimsamsa, he gives the man intelligence, education, poetic ability, eloquence, skill in arts, philosophic acumen, enterprise and much respect.When Venus is in his own trimsamsa, the man will be blessed with many sons, much happiness, health, popularity, wealth, beauty, vindictiveness, handsome body and enjoyment with many women. When Sun and Moon are in the trimsamsa of Mars, etc., the person will be warlike and slothful, cruel and killing, virtuous and wealthy, happy and learned, handsome and popular respectively

Arishta and misfortune can be found by Trimsamsa.

Chart 11 has Ascendant and Ascendant lord (also 8th lord) caught in papakartari yoga. In Trimsamsa Ascendant is occupied by 7th lord. Ascendant lord is in 12th house. Born with Rahu Dasa, Venus Bukthi, Rahu in 6th in Rasi and 8th in Trimsamsa, Venus in the marakasthana in Trimsamsa, he had a major surgery of spinal cord soon after birth. This caused him a permanent disability. Venus with Moon and Mars in Trimsamsa caused trouble in his kidney.

Khavedamsa, Akshvedamsa and Shashitamsa charts indicate general favorable or unfavorable effects.