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Saturn Transit 2018 results for Sagittarius

Saturn Transit
Saturn is transiting your first house of temperament, personality, health, vigor, vitality, honor, dignity, energy level etc. It would occupy your own sign throughout the year 2018. Jupiter, your ruling planet shares a neutral relationship with Saturn. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was in your 12th house in an enemy sign. Saturn has now moved out to your ascendant and from an enemy sign into neutral. This change is thus somewhat positive for you. Destiny was not in favor earlier but now, strokes of luck would be common.  If your father was experiencing issues in terms of health, he would feel some respite. Long distance journeys would become more rewarding now. However, do not expect to get immediate results of your efforts in career this year. You may also look for help to expand your professional success.

This forecast is based on Moon Sign. Not sure if you are Gemini Moon Sign! Find it out instantly.

Saturn in ascendant would make you a lot disciplined, sincere, serious, hard working and patient. You would develop a philosophical outlook towards life. Health prospects however look average. Your personality would have streaks of maturity and you may look a little older than you actually are. You will have good problem solving skills and may apply these effectively without any trace of impatience and haste. But you would become somewhat reserved and introvert.

With this quiet persona, you would also bring a sense of loyalty and trust in your relationships. You would take your responsibilities seriously now. However, you may develop tendency towards intoxication. Saturn would make you very determined and you would expect the same level of sincerity from others too. Your outlook may come off as conservative and close-minded. You may not be as flexible and accommodating in your approach and ideas.

Saturn is the lord of 2nd house from where it is placed in 12th. This forms a potent Dhan yoga, which promises success in money matters. Wealth would grow and your power and resources would increase. You would get material achievements and multiply your assets. This also indicates towards interest in buying jewelry, shares etc.
Saturn is also the lord of 3rd house from where it is transiting in 11th. This placement is good in the sense that you would feel more courageous and bold now. Your mental capabilities would grow and expand. You would have success in completing whatever tasks you undertake. Siblings would also benefit from this placement. You would have a close-knit social circle who would mostly offer support. Here, Saturn is aspecting its own sign so it’s likely to bring positive results.

Saturn is also aspecting 7th house of marriage, business partnerships, influence in foreign countries etc. This may affect your married life to quite an extent. Delay in fulfillment of desires may cause friction and mental anguish. Difference of opinion may also persist. If you are looking to tie the knot, expect some obstacles, especially towards the end of the year. Nevertheless, Jupiter’s blessings would help you fructify your wedding plans, especially until 11th October. Your prospective partner may be younger than you. 2018 is not much positive for business partnerships. Your opinions and work interests may clash with each other, which could cause issues.

Saturn’s aspect over 10th house that relates to career and karma suggests a disturbed work environment. You may have to toil hard to meet your career objectives and deadlines. Work pressure would increase and you may not feel satisfied with the work conditions and terms. Seniors may levy too many responsibilities and restrictions on you, which may keep your work life a bit hectic and dissatisfactory. However, these are temporary situations imposed by Saturn to test your patience. Deal with such obstacles in a calm and cautious way. Success would come eventually.

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