Astrology and Diabetes Mellitus

Astrology and

This is a clear case of diabetes. The 5th house is aspected by all the malefics, though Jupiterian aspect counterpoises the effects to some extent. Also the lord of the 7th Mars is in the house of a malefic and aspected a malefic. (vide 18 above). Ketu is in the 6th. All these led to urinary diseases and diabetes.

5: Born: 13.10.1932 Star: Uttarashadha
Balance of the Sun's period: 1 - 9 - 10 

In this, there is mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn. The 8th is occupied by Ketu. Venus is afflicted. Lord of the 7th is in the house of a malefic and is aspected by a malefic (vide 18 above). These factors led to diabetes

6: Born: 6.8.1939 Star: Bharani
Balance of the period of Venus: 12 - 6 - 21

The lord of the 6th is conjoined with a malefic. Lord of the 7th is in the house of a malefic aspected by malefic (vide 18). Mars and Saturn aspect each other. Mars has navamsa in a watery sign. Finally, Venus is combust. All these indicate diabetes.

This is essentially a report of the analysis of three hundred cases of diabetes at the Mihira Astrological Centre, Thiruvananthapuram. It is hoped that the readers will examine new cases and come forward with useful results. It is hoped that this will be a stimulus to the readers when the World Diabetes Day is observed.